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BATE: Worst/Least Favorite Vacation?

KassidyRose DaiShan

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Hmmmm. Bad vacations, as a whole, I'm not sure I can think of any offhand.


Vacations with bad happenings on the other hand, those have sadly been a lot more common ... probably the most recent particular bad of these being 2007 Dragon*Con, whose highlights included me managing to lose my digital camera in the food court. It never turned up, I hope someone enjoyed their free camera :(


I also remember once around 1985 going to Cape Cod and managing to almost drown in the pool ... young Amar decided to wander into deeper water, and, well ... instead of swimming, I was walking on the bottom of the water, and apparently silly me forgot humans require air to breathe ... :ohmy:


Then there's the illness curse (which thankfully I seem to have mostly thrown off, though I did get sick on my last vacation ... that was just a bad cold or maybe the flu, though, while when I was a kid I seemed to end up throwing up at least once by the end of the vacation almost no matter where we went ...) and the rain curse (this one still happens to me, it seems like no matter when or where I go on vacation, even if it's just a weekend trip, it will find time to rain sometime during it ... LOL).

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When I met up with Amar at D*Con in 2012 everything was going good a lot of walking and meeting authors and going to see the tracks but then we went to the D*Con store and I was standing there and some guy sneezed in my face I am sorry but YUCK !! I got sick by the end of that night I missed the Cruxshadow  concert and Amar stayed with me and he had to run out to get me diabetic cold medicine in the middle of the night .  He took care of me . :biggrin:  



Our next vacation Amar flew out to me and we drove down to Fenton, Michigan with one of my Sister~in~Laws  and spent the weekend there in March 2013  where he propose !! Our drive home  he got sick for the rest of the trip so I took care of him .  so those have ups and down moments for me .



Thank you for visiting & sharing your stories in  this thread during the BATE week !  I believe today is our last day . 


See you all next year ! :biggrin:

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