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Bored? Go Mental!

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(I'm doing this like a cheesy radio ad because it amuses me.  :tongue: )



Are you bored? Do you have a little bit of free time that you just can't seem to fill? Why not check into some free college courses?

MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, offers 100% free open courseware. There are several courses available, and while

you're not going to earn a degree in any of them, you do gain priceless knowledge in whatever it is that you choose to take.


This is part of an Open Course Project that MIT, and several other schools are beginning to offer. Schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton,

and UCLA Berkely are offering up a few courses that are free to the public, and they expect many  more schools to follow. 


There is another site, EdX, that offers courses from all of these schools and it is also free. You register on EdX as you would a normal

college course, and from there you have the option to simply audit a class or fully participate and gain a certificate. 


You can take these courses simply because you have a love of knowledge, or to prepare you for future classes that you may have to take, 

or for any reason. 


Why not? They're free, right? 


Another site that has proven useful is Lumosity (and I will post links to all of these places at the end of this post). If you haven't heard of it:

Lumosity is a "brain training" site, that is based on neuroscience to improve core cognitive functions. They have a series of games that you 

play, and each one is focused towards a certain area. They have math games, word games, memory games, attention span games, and so on...

I personally love this site and since using it, I've noticed a huge difference in how my mind works. 


Lumosity is only partly free, though. You can do a free trial of it, but after so long it wants you to pay. They also have a mobile app that is set up the same

way. I won't lie, Lumosity isn't cheap. It is, however, SO very worth it. It really does work. 



So here are the links to these places that I've talked about. I've sent a few people to them already and they seem to love them as much as I do. I hope 

everyone finds them helpful. :)


http://www.lumosity.com/      Lumosity Brain Trainer


https://www.edx.org/               EdX


http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm      MIT 


http://www.extension.harvard.edu/open-learning-initiative     Harvard


http://oyc.yale.edu/courses      Yale


http://www.virtualprofessors.com/courses   Princeton


And this one is just a site that offers free science books.....my nerdy side loves this! Just click the 'Free Books' link near the top left. 


http://physicsdatabase.com/      Free Science Books

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