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Has anyone else read the Wars of Light and Shadow series?

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I am looking forward to the next one coming out. I especially like how Lysaer seems to (sort of) be redeeming himself since Stormed Fortress and is playing a bigger role with a new woman in his life. I really like how its Sulfin Evands descendant and reminds him of Talith.


It was definetly the first "gray" book series I read and I was quite taken by them. I'd read dark books like the Crucible-Wounded Hawk but not a book which makes a point of being morally ambiguous. I also appreciate that its a lot more mature and serious in its message unlike ASOIAF which can't decide whether it wants to glorify the violence as a spectacle of badassery or convey the horror of it. Theres a singular purpose thats quite admirable. I also think Lysaer is a really compelling character and its just a shame there isn't more of him as the books do focus on the authors dark haired love fantasy a little too much. :)


Although I do wish that the alliance could actually win for once. It does get a little repetitive with the whole over whelming force defeated by crafty or clever clansmen or magic. More than just a bit of stormtrooper syndrome. There are some fights where clansmen wipe out whole armies of alliance soldiers in mail without any trouble. 

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