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Head's up for Warriors


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Two of the PSW's ancient veterans have/are worked/ing on the setup of the system to reach WS 11 and 12.


For now the Knife Hands are done, the Stone Dogs are being worked on.


The idea is to get a system for all Societies. To avoid me putting my style/idea on all of them I'm holding off of doing them myself and instead am holding out for people with a certain level of PSW experience to help out in this. This way there should be a nice variety of styles, ideas and input from a wide variety of people. Obviously the need will dictate the action and if the need is there for a system for one of the societies that I don't have anyone to help out with for, I will do them myself.


These veterans are tough cookies, folks. They learned the hard way what it means to be Aiel and they're not about to let anyone shimmy their way through the training :wink: When your character reaches full Society Warrior status, they will have earned the rank twice and twice over.

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