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Struggling for ideas for Star Wars RPG campaign

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Been going on for a few weeks. Basically its a dual Republic and Sith Empire campaign where we change between characters. With them unknowingly working for the same GM character who is a disguised Jedi Knight undercover as a Sith Lord. However, I don't want to spill the bacon on that one yet and they're already suspicious. So I guess with the Sith characters I am struggling to think of missions which lead them to stop coming to that conclusion (even though shes not the same species using an illusion). Since last week focused quite a lot on the war with the republic characters I want this one to be different. 


Does anyone have any suggestions? The republic team is mixed with scoundrals, jedi and mandalorians. The Sith is all, well, Sith.  



BTW, since they haven't read the books I was tongue in cheek coz the Jedi Knight is called Moiraine and her Sith alias is Darth Semihurge. :D



edit- Its set during the Old Republic era but during the First Great War before the treaty of Coruscant and the events of the MMO game. One of the player characters is actually an acolyte to Malgus.

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