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Quick and Easy RP: Who wants in?


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Part of Seheria's background is setting up herb using healers in rural areas which didn't have one in the community as she passed through. 


I was thinking of doing an RP where one of the girls she taught sends word to her that an outbreak of an illness has hit the town and she's not able to handle it. Seheria meet with the Ajah Head (so I can get her active too) and Seheria will go back to the town to heal those she can and to figure out what's going on to be sure it's not an epidemic that might spread across more lands.


If you want in on this rp let me know. She's just as likely to go on her own and try to be a solo hero, but if you wanna rp I'll take you with me. 


This could be as simple as the girl not using the right herb or not preparing it right, for the problem, there being an immunity built up to the herb  in the community.


Or it could be a bigger thing like it was a new illness that the yellows had to figure out how to stop from spreading and quarantine off the area while they experiment with out to destroy it. 


If you have any ideas on where to go with this let me know and we'll get it started. If I don't hear any info back I'll go this rp solo, but I prefer rping with others.

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I'm going to start this in in the next few days. I'm probably going to have it so that Seheria tells the head and she goes off solo, saying she'll assess the situation and if it needs more sisters she'll send for them. 


So if this is already started and you want in just post here and we'll work you guys coming in no problem.

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Start time took longer than anticipated, but I got the first post up today.


I am totally open (even hoping) to make this an Ajah RP. I HATE solos! But I will do it myself if I have to. Totally rather do it with some of you guys though!


I still have to have Seheria bring the idea to the Head and set out to look into the situation. So there would be at least two more PoVs from me before I could bring you in at the earliest, but there are loads of times later on to bring you in too..so please if you see this and want in, let me know at any point!

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