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Approved BT Bio for Tyr Gerryn - CC'ed by the Band

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DM Handle: Maurelle

Character Count: None. First attempt


Character Name:Tyr Gerryn

Nationality: Taraboner


Physical Characteristics

Hair color: Ash Blonde

Eye color: Chestnut brown

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 125 lbs (lean like a runner)


Physical Description: Tyr keeps his hair cropped close to his head after seeing the long hair of his sister used against them in the riots in Maracru, and he is oddly clean shaven for a Taraboner. He still wears a half veil made of a sheer black linen and held in back with a chain made of copper and small copper pennies-his sister’s favorite veil on him. He never seems to smile more than the lifting of the corner of his lips. His voice is deep and is never raised in anger. Instead it gets softer-almost to the point of whispering. His hands are slightly calloused from working just enough in the olive oil extraction mills to have an understanding of the process. He keeps his appearance immaculate and is polite to everyone because his mother believed that there was never an excuse to not be either. He has a series of thick, mostly healed burn scars on his back he never talks about. When seen thinking or staring off into space, his left hand disappears into his pocket to rub his thumb over the surface of a gold locket.


Personal History: Tyr is the son of a fourth generation olive oil mill owner and seller in the town of Meler a two day trip outside the city of Maracru. He had one younger sibling-a sixteen year old sister named Lilin who was adored by everyone in the family. He had a normal happy childhood spent learning the ins and outs of the olive oil business, until his father died during a hunt by being gored by a boar. He was then forced to take over the business with the help of his mother at the age of fourteen, proving to be both level headed and good at reading people.


He and his sister were in the process of finding transport for the year’s crop of oil when the riots broke out. Enraged, the mob set about showing its displeasure but setting fires and looting. Realizing what was going on as the mob approached, Tyr grabbed Lilin and tried to shelter in a an alley between a chandler and a lamp maker’s shop. A majority of the mob passed the two by except for a gang of thugs more intent on seeing what they could get away with than actually expressing displeasure.

A brief fight ensued, during which Tyr, who was no trained fighter, took a hit to the head. His memory of the next few events fade in and out. Mostly, he remembers hearing his sister screaming and an intense almost frantic need to protect her. He remembers touching something cold, burning that had him vomiting and flinging it out. He remembers blood, flames and a pair of familiar eyes looking at him in horror.


He woke up three days later in a makeshift clinic, back a mess of burns. In intense agony, he asked about his sister getting no response other than more herbs to ease the pain. It wasn’t until some time later that he heard the healers whispering about how he had been the only survivor of an explosion of a lamp makers shop during the riots. Fearing the worst-that he had not only channeled but killed his sister-he left the clinic that day, stole a horse, and rode for all he was worth towards the one place that might be able to help him.

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