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Disney Month: W3- The History of Mickey Mouse


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I've been doing some digging, thinking surely someone who jumped on the Epic Mickey bandwagon had done a "history of Mickey" that included those images, but alas, I haven't found much outside of this article: The History of Mickey Mouse


I have to admit that the Mouse is not my favorite part of the Disney franchise. Perhaps I worked at Universal-run Six Flags FAR too much in my youth, but I prefer a rabbit and a duck fighting with a hunter over which season it is, honestly. Mickey Mouse never really appealed to me outside of my singing Mickey Mouse watch from the early 90's. However, you have to be impressed with his legacy. He's the Energizer Bunny of the film industry and I don't think anything can stop his popularity.


While I was doing my searching, I did find these other references: 


A pictorial History of Mickey Mouse


A Brief History from TIME


Mickey Mouse Biography




And, because sometimes you just need to watch the videos...





Let's discuss! 



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They include a micky head and ears motif in every disney film


also i feel this is the vest place, what are your thoughts on disneys anti sematism and racism (i soelt that horribly)


straight off id like to say its wrong and i disagree, but does it stop you enjoying the films? Is it noticable? And do you boycott any films cos of it?


This came up at uni yesterfay and someone was really upset that i still liked disney films even though there was this history attatched. I feel like you dont hsve to agree with.properganda to appriciate good cinema

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I don't see where they're being racist or anti-semetic, honestly. They're telling stories that people are familiar with. There were plenty of people ticked off that the Princess and the Frog was African American, because that's not true to the original story. I thought it added a bit of a different twist to the story and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And even if they were, you have to remember that most of their classic cartoons were done in the 40's, 50's and 60's, where, like it or not, racism was just part of the culture. No, it doesn't make it right, but are you going to stop watching Cinderella? I'm not. Ignoring history doesn't change it... 



I'll be truthful, I don't really give a rat's behind about the "history" as long as the movie is done well. I don't watch a movie or shop in a store based on the company, the same way I don't vote for politicians based on their party affiliation. I judge a movie based on it's merit. I may have standards I expect of a certain movie company, but those standards are based on what I've seen from that company, not how they are handling cultural issues. 


*shrugs* That's just how I feel about it, I guess. I have enough going on in my life, I don't have the time or energy to really give a hoot about what a company feels about things that don't have anything to do with the movie I'm watching. 


And yes, I still shop at Walmart if their price is cheaper. I don't have the luxury of being picky and choosing to spend more than I have to. I'm a teacher and I get a teacher's paycheck. How I spend that paycheck is up to me and if anyone has anything to say about my choices, I really couldn't care less. 


/end soapbox rant

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