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Breaking the seals: the wrong time

Guest cimics

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Guest cimics

There is an ideal time for the seals to be broken for the light and there is an ideal time for the DO.  So what happens if the seals are broken at a time that is ideal for neither side.  Or in other words, why didn't agents of the shadow break the seals immediately when they obtained possession?  I have an idea.  The DO wants to remake the world in his own image.  To do that, he must break the wheel, but he cannot break the wheel so long as the pattern exists.  The pattern acts as a buffer to protect the wheel.  If the DO breaks free and the pattern still exists, then the DO will be in direct contact with the pattern and the pattern will ensnare him.  The wheel will start using the DO's essence to shore up the pattern.  This will be very bad for the world.  The DO will be directly influencing what occurs, and the more of his essence is in the pattern, the worse things will get.  But, eventually the DO will be trapped in the pattern, and the pattern will recreate his prison.  A long horrible process for the world as the DO's triumph appears to be complete for awhile, but eventually, the DO is back where he started.  The DO has a longer term view of things.  He wants to win permanently.


To do that, he must destroy the pattern, which would then allow him to break the wheel.  That's why he wants balefire to be used.  It is also why he wants Rand to be free.  If Rand is turned or chained to an A'dam then his Ta'veren status disappears.  And the DO needs Rand as Ta'veren to help him destroy the pattern.  He needs a Rand that has free will but has lost all hope.  That's why Rand was saved from Mashadar and why the DO allowed his power to be used to break Rand free of the A'dam.  And that's why the DO does not want the seals broken prematurely.  He doesn't want a temporary victory.


What do you think

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