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Black Tower Sightseeing Tour


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(This tour starts in the Farmhouse. Please go there if you wish to join.) 


You are already familiar with this place. Here is were we chat, spam, discuss and play games. Everyone on Dragonmount can see this board and are welcome to join us in our madness. On the top of the board you can see links to all of the BT boards that you have access to. As you earn points and get promoted you will get access to one or two other boards.




Here is where the Roll Call Thread is located. Be sure to sign in there every month. If you don´t sign in for three months you will be considered a deserter and be hanged on the Deserter´s Tree (ie you will loose your access to the BT boards).


You have a lot of opportunities to earn points here. If you start a thread that gets 50, 100 or 150 replies you will get Hot Thread Points. You will also get points for participating in games and discussions. Everyone who is Asha´man or of a higher rank can give out points for things they think are extra amusing, evil or crazy. 


Let´s move on.


*weaves another gateway*

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