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Talisman Of Growing


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Loial sometimes mentions that the Talisman of Growing is necessary in order to grow a new Waygate. Being that the ToG is almost certainly a ter'angreal of some sort, and being that there were many Ogier "tribes" after the breaking, it makes sense that the AS who created the Ways made several, if not dozens, of these ToG's.


In KoD, Chapter 15 (thanks to an entry in the wot wiki) Elayne describes Avihiendas feelings about a very unusual ter'angreal: 

A stone carving the size of her hand, all deep blue curves - it felt like stone, at least, though it did not really look carved - was for growing something. Not plants. It made her think of holes, only they were not exactly holes. And she did not believe anyone had to channel to make it work. Only sing the right song! Some ter'angreal did not require channeling, but really! Singing?


Ogier cannot channel, but they do sing. And holes that are not exactly holes sounds almost like gateways. 



What purposes or devices have been described in the books (no AMOL spoilers!) - ter'angreals, machines, etc. that the reader would recognize but have not been explicitly named in the books? (Steamwagon sounds awfully like a locomotive, for example, and the Sea Follk "lenses" worn over a persons eyes are clearly eye glasses, but lets see if we can name some of the more obscure ones?)

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