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Future WoT Stories


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Inquiring about concepts for a continuation of the wheel of time series.


will it start years apst the whole character line we got to know, with new dilemma past the dark on ehimself, 


or maybe internal corruption of man?


I dont know, so wide range of ideas.. just looking for direction to any feedback on the matter?


Or is it completely finalized?

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Your post is in the "ask a simple question" thread on the General board. Think some people were not all that clear on what you are asking however.


If you were wondering if there will be more books the answer is no. We do have a short story about Demandred coming called "River of Souls" and the Encyclopedia but no more books in the series. Team Jordan has ruled that out.

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i thought i had posted a new post after i read the confusion post. But it had relayed information that had existed in the series.


so i thought maybe it got deleted, and well.... if it required me to divulge information that would only be deelted again, i came here for it.



dun dun dunnnnn


thank you. bye wheel of time.


as i fell in love with the weapon depiction of diablo 1, for my first RPG, as I fell i nlove with dark age of camelot for its hibernian scaled armor presentation....


i say to you lan al mandragoran... as your knightly gear... had drawn me in to the expanse of the pattern and its weaving.


good bye. and may the movie... start with a chase of wolves against matrim cauthon taking a pup for a pet.


and tam al thor shooting with supreme accuracy ...


into bel tine you lot... into egwenes arms you rand al thor...


into your existence to be... THE DRAGON REBORN

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Well the things about "River of Souls" is it was written for AMoL and then cut. Per RJ's wishes they will not be creating anymore new material.

Yeah, I know it's a pipe dream, but there was probably a lot more that got cut out. But they don't have an author. I'm sure BS wants to get back to his own books.

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