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  1. This is why Aes Sedai rarely marry, and even seem to be withdrawn from the rest of society.
  2. He was a bard. Like Thom, he listens to stories. He undoubtedly heard the story of the Aiel during the breaking and deduced their cargo and purpose. The other Forsaken were looking for stores of ter'angreal, but it seems no others thought to look in Rhuidean.
  3. I believe she may be Eldrene reborn (or a descendant), and they might even have used the same weave. I also believe that the Emonds Fielders are all bound to the Wheel like Rand and the Heroes of the Horn are. I think Mat is usually a commander, or even the Hornsounder when it's blown. Not every Hero can be in the Horn. Someone has to blow it. Someone has to fight those battles before it's blown...etc.
  4. I believe Verin said there are 3 constants: the Creator, the Dark One and TAR. Isn't turning channelers a form of Compulsion? They can enter.They certainly don't seem to have minds of their own,
  5. Perrin lead the wolves in TAR, in their fight against Slayer.
  6. I think all of them were equally important, so I chose the hat.
  7. Oh well. I was hoping to read it. Maybe I'll find it someday in a used book store.
  8. I'm sure Lan would both sign and honor the Peace. I'm sure every signatory would welcome a new nation. But, if the borderlands started uniting together, under fewer crowns, others might say "Hey, why are borders changing?".
  9. I was thinking that he had Lan, Nyneave, Perrin, Faile and anyone else he thought might be running a kingdom sign it, but I haven't found that part again.
  10. Doesn't the Dragons Peace forbid the changing of borders?
  11. I've read these books many times, and I never thought of the Sharans as black. Tuon was the only one I remember being described as such. I even had to go back and see how other Seanchan were described. I guess I just don't pay much attention to such describers, although I do remember a couple peoples skin being derogatorily described as milk colored.
  12. The headaches were meant to hinder her dreaming. I'd have to re-read that whole part to see how effective it was.
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