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New, Was at Toronto Book Signing


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I was wearing the shawl of the Purple Ajah if anyone knows that old Verin theory (basically a lightside version of the Black Ajah). I post on Tor.com under the same username. If anyone knows the guy who cosplayed as Mat, I found one of his daggers. I assume he wants it back.


I like theories. I dislike people bringing up clearly disproven ones. I will stab all who claim Olver is Gaidal Cain, with a sharpened book. My favorite pairings are Mat/Tuon, Androl/Pevara, and Moiraine/Thom. Honorable mention to Suian/Gareth.


Have lurked in the recent past.

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Hello! Welcome to DM :). I'm from Montreal myself, not too far from Toronto. Haven't been able to make it to a book signing yet though! Sounds like yours was a lot of fun, love the cosplay and costumes! :smile:


Do get involved in our social groups! I can advocate for the Black Tower and the Wolfkin as being awesome, and have recently joined the White Tower/Warder group myself!


Also, check the spoiler forums where some really interesting discussions are going on. Otherwise, be very careful with spoilers, especially anything with the last book, as many people here are at different stages in reading the series. However, spoiler to your heart's content in the spoiler forums! :biggrin:

If you have any questions feel free to ask! Welcome again :smile:

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