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All About the Children of the Light! READ ME!


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The Children of the Light is an RP Group from the Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World at Dragonmount.com.

We provide an opportunity for those interested in the Children to play as one through post-based role play. You write the story of your own character through your posts.


We are a growing RP Group, and are currently seeking new members. A temporary amnesty is in place, allowing any who join currently to be allowed to start at 2nd tier (Hundredman, Arbiter or Ranger) with a maximum Weapon Score of 7, so long as their bio reflects their history and training up to that point.


You are allowed up to 3 characters within the Children of the Light if you desire.



RP Group Leader: claireducky

Email: CoTLDiv@dragonmount.com

Website: HERE


Assistant Group Leader: Vacant (email us if you wish to apply for this position)


Bio Checker: Vacant (email us if you wish to apply for this position)


This thread is for general information about the Children, our History, Beliefs, and More.  Hopefully this background information will assist you in RPing as a Child of the Light. Click on any of the links below for more information:


Our History

Icons and Signatures

The Fortress of Light

Ranks and Divisions (from the Books)

Protocol and Practices

Beliefs and Sayings

Laws and Penalties


In addition to these information posts, you will undoubtedly be interested in how to Join the Children, How to Advance, etc.  Use the links below for more information:


How to Join

Bio Guidelines

Our Ranks & Divisions - Army of the Light, Hand of the Light, Eyes of the Light

How to Advance

Weapon Scores in the Children

The Dice System - A New (Optional) Way to RP!

The Amnesty - All New Characters Begin as 2nd Tier

Question and Answer Thread

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Our History


The inception of the Children of the Light dates back to the Hundred Years War, in which all lands fought for control of what remained of Artur Hawkwing’s empire. During that time, roughly 1020 FY, there was an order of priests from Amadacia, known simply as The Light. The knowledge of much of the order’s workings has since faded into history, but some is known about them. They were all pacifists, believing in silent meditation and prayers to the Creator above all else. They did not allow outsiders to enter their cloister, known as the Dome of Truth, and what they needed, they provided from within their own walls, becoming a small community unto themselves.


Lothair Mantelar, a vocal young member of the group, started preaching that the order of priests should become more active in the current troubles. He believed that by spreading the message of peace instead of shutting themselves off in the Dome of Truth, the priests could make a difference in the war. The older priests condemned Mantelar for his liberal thinking and were irate that a youngling would put himself forward as more wise than those members who had served for many years. The eldest among the priests wanted a reckoning, and the High Priest of the Light himself ruled on Mantelar’s case, banishing the boy from the Dome of Truth.


And so Mantelar left the Dome and Amadicia, but he was not alone. Many of the younger members of the parish, those known to be in agreement with Mantelar’s liberal views, followed the banished priest out into a war torn world. The group traveled northward, stoping often to preach to the crowds of war-ravaged cities and encampments of refugees, and teach the people about the value of peace. In some places Mantelar’s message was accepted, but for the most part the priests were chased from town to town, sometimes even being forced to flee from angry mobs intent on killing them. There was little peace for the weary travelers, and much bloodshed. Over half of the men that left with Mantelar died on the journey north, and those that lived were aged tremendously by the struggle.


A year later, Mantelar and the remainder of his group arrived in Andor, where instead of being chased off, they were welcomed by the Monarch. Queen Ishara ruled Andor at that time, and was widely known for her desire for peace. She accepted the men in to her homeland, and allowed them to preach behind the safety of Andoran guards. The priests became known as the Children of the Light, as they were literally young men cast out from The Light. In time, the priests became a powerful entity, Led by Mantelar, the group preached all throughout Andor. At that time, Mantelar also began to write a book based on the virtues put forward by the Dome of the Light, adding to it the beliefs he held.


Though the priests were safe in Andor, Lothair believed that his true calling was to preach around the world. For this reason Lothair and a now expanded group of priests, proudly calling themselves the Children, left the relative safety of Andor, and traveled east. The group planned to march from Caemlyn to Tar Valon, stopping to preach peace at every small hamlet they entered. At all stops Lothair would speak to the people that had inevitably gathered to hear him preach, he also added a small segment to his book at each stop. He developed a following unmatched by any one of his era, and the Children of the Light grew. Because of the expanded size of the Children they could not go anywhere peacefully. The large numbers attracted bands of warriors as a midden drew flies, and the Children’s trek to Tar Valon was streaked with blood. At first the priests had refused to commit acts of violence, but as they traveled and lost more and more men they became less reserved.


Eventually the Children did reach Tar Valon, and by then they were being followed by one of the largest armies to gather since the death of Hawkwing. The army of Cairhein was neither small, nor particularly pleased by Lothair’s passage through their land, and they followed the Children to the island of Tar Valon. At that time, because of the war there was only one bridge remaining into the city and many Aes Sedai guarded it. The Aes Sedai refused Lothair entrance into the city, claiming that he was stirring up dissension in the world. As a result of this act Lothair and most of the Children of the Light were killed as the Cairheinen assaulted them from behind and trapped them with their backs to the river.


Some Children managed to escape, one being Lothair’s servant Arslan, who carried with him a copy of Lothair’s book. Arslan and the remainder of the Children returned to Andor, where they once again received shelter. Arslan took Lothair’s book named ‘The Way of the Light’ and released it to the masses, bringing new interest to the Children of the Light. Over the following years the Children grew and expanded culminating in an organization that was a full-fledged military unit by the year FY 1111. This time around though, the Children were warrior’s first, peacemakers second. They also hated Aes Sedai, and preached against them, blaming the Aes Sedai for the death of their founder, and claiming that such an act against peaceful missionaries named them darkfriends.


For a few decades more, the Children worked hand in hand with the nation of Andor, with designs on bringing peace to the rest of the world, but the alliance was not destined to be permanent. Betrayal by the Queen led to bad blood between the fledgling Military group and the great nation that still has not been resolved.

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Here are some icons and signatures pictures for Children of the Light:


sunburst.jpgrecruit.jpgchild.jpgchildren.jpgarmyofthelight.jpg eyesofthelight.jpg handofthelight.jpg     


Signatures and Icons by Nynaeve:








Many more icons are available on our website, HERE.


Please make sure that all personal icons and signature pictures you use adhere to the rules and regulations at DM.

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The Fortress of Light


The Fortress of Light is our headquarters, located in Amador, Amadicia.  From within it’s strong walls, we lead the way for those who have lost the Light and turned to Darkness.


The Lord Captain Commander, High Inquisitor and many other high-ranking Children spend much of their time at the Fortress. You can also find the Dome of Truth here, a gleaming dome 100 feet wide– it is our grand meeting hall and reserved for the most solemn of ceremonies.


You will also find the Hand of the Light stationed here– they are the Hand that digs out Truth, upholding the light through questioning those suspected to be tainted by the Dark.


More information will be added to this section as I do more research from the books.

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Ranks and Divisions (from the Books)


This is a description of ranks and divisions from the Books. To learn about the ranks we use in the RP, go HERE instead.


  • Lord Captain Commander – Titular leader of the Children, his word commands all within the organization.
  • High Inquisitor – Leader of the Hand of the Light, answers to no one but the Lord Captain Commander.
  • Spymaster – Leader of the Eyes of the Light, identity is kept a secret and answers only to the Lord Captain Commander.
  • Council of Anointed – A Council of the Lord Captain Commander, the High Inquisitor, and selected other Lords Captain. This council handles important policy rulings within the Children, while the Lord Captain Commander commands the Children on a day-to-day basis. The Council meets in the Dome of Truth or in the Lord Captain Commander’s chambers.
  • Lords Captain – Leads a Legion, four golden knots under Sunburst
  • Inquisitors – the basic members of the Hand of the Light
  • Senior Lieutenant – three golden knots under Sunburst
  • Lieutenant – two golden knots under Sunburst
  • Under Lieutenant – one golden knot under Sunburst
  • Hundredman – Leads 100 Children, silver lightning bolt under sunburst
  • Bannerman – Bears the standard of the Children, serves as an officer under a Hundredman, Under-Lieutenant, or Lieutenant.
  • Second Bannerman – Second to a Bannerman
  • Squadman – Leads 20-50 Children.
  • Second Squadman – Second to a Squadman
  • File Leader – a Child promoted to lead 10 of his fellows.
  • Scout – a member of the Eyes of the Light, his job is to not only act in a traditional military scouting capacity, but to liason with informers and gain other information useful to the Children. He reports to the Spymaster, and nominally to the leader of whatever detachment he is stationed with.
  • Child – a basic member of the Children
  • Recruit – a recruit of the Children trains with them, but is not considered a full Child of the Light until he takes the Oath and is anointed in the Dome of Truth.
  • Servants – servants of the Children wear livery of white and gold. You will most frequently find them in the Fortress of Light, although some serve as clerks, stewards and body servants for officers in the field.

A legion is approximately 2000 men, although this number can fluctuate by 1,000 or more.  The Children currently number around 10,000.

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Protocols and Practices



  • The camps of Children shall be clean, well-kept, and organized.
  • All camps will be guarded by sentries. Those Children on nighttime sentry duty shall say the following when meeting their counterpart during their rounds: (One speaks first, then the other repeats back): “All is well with the night, the Light illumine us, and protect us from the Shadow.”
  • Horses shall be tied securely in picket lines and guarded from thieving Darkfriends who may linger nearby.
  • All prisoners shall be kept near the centre of the camp, and guarded well. Prisoners shall be bound with rope at wrists and ankles, wrists shall be tied behind their back and securely attached to their ankles.
  • Lord Captains are entitled to a tent spanning 4 paces wide by 4 paces long, with a heavy ground cloth. Under captains may have a tent to themselves if supplies are available. All other Children will share a tent with 1 to 3 others of like rank.
  • All Children shall learn to ride well, guiding their horse with only leg cues. This will serve them in battle, when they may not have use of their hands to hold their reins.
  • Some Children may be tempted to loot spoils from the unenlightened. While not directly against our rules, it is a practice that Lord Captains and Banner Captains should discourage.
  • A recruit must take an Oath before becoming a full Child of the Light.
  • No one shall wear a sword in the presence of the Lord Captain Commander.
  • Once sworn, the oath of a Child is for life.
  • A Child of the Light may marry and have children.
  • While on patrol, each squadron shall have a list of wanted criminals, Darkfriends, and others sought for questioning, along with descriptions of the same.
  • Any captives taken must be returned to Amador, to be tried in the Fortresss under the Dome of Truth. Certain exceptions may apply.
  • Official written communication from a Child shall be sealed with a sunburst in golden wax.
  • A Child of junior rank may not offer a social invitation to a superior officer. However, they may accept an invitation from a superior officer.
  • A Child may confiscate books and other written material from the unenlightened, if the content is blasphemous.
  • If a criminal or Darkfriend is to hang, it is beneficial to build a scaffold and hold a public hanging. The punishment often proves to be instructive to the unenlightened. If multiple hangings can be conducted at once, that is recommended.
  • Standard military dress for a Child of the Light shall be as follows:
    • Chainmail undershirt
    • Plate armor breastplate
    • Plate armor conical helm with optional chainmail cap which drapes to protect neck
    • Ankle length white cloak (woolen in winter), fastened at neck with sunburst pin. The sigil of the Children, a sunburst, shall be emblazoned upon the left breast. Rank and division is indicated with embellishments to this sigil as follows:
      • Golden knots below the sunburst indicate rank
      • A silver lightning bolt below the sunburst indicates an underofficer
      • A red shepherd’s crook behind the sunburst indicates a member of the Hand of the Light
      • The High Inquisitor will have only the red shepherd’s crook, without the sunburst.
    • Lords Captain shall wear a white undercoat, and white and gold tabard.
  • Issued weapons include lances, swords, bows and crossbows. All Children are issued a sword, the other weapons may be issued according to the Child’s skill and division.
  • When in battle, officers and Children shall use horns to communicate battle orders whenever possible, to avoid written messages being intercepted by the enemy.
  • A Trial Beneath the Light is a form of trial by combat among the Children, which assumes that the Light will shine on the innocent and guide them to victory. While a sacred ceremony, its practice has lapsed and there has not been such a trial in over four hundred years. The accuser must bring his claim before the Lord Captain Commander, who may grant or refuse it. Once granted, the accuser must make a formal accusation, and the accused must deny it and accept the challenge. The highest ranked Child who is not involved, or a Questioner is designated the Arbiter and begins the fight with the words: "Under the Light, we are gathered to witness Trial Beneath the Light, a sacred right of any Child of the Light. The Light shines on truth, and here the Light shall illuminate justice. Let no man speak save he who has legal right, and let any who seek to intervene be cut down summarily. Here, justice will be found under the Light by a man who pledges his life beneath the Light, by the force of his arm and the will of the Light. The combatants will meet unarmed where I now stand and speak privately, for their own ears alone. May the Light help them find words to end this short of bloodshed, for if they do not, one of the Children must die this day, his name stricken from our rolls and anathema declared on his memory. Under the Light, it will be so."
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Beliefs and Sayings



  • When things do not go according to plan, we usually do not have to look far or hard to find the Darkfriends at the root of the trouble.
  • Wolves are creatures of the Dark One.
  • If someone is acting suspiciously, they are probably guilty of something. It is our duty to find out what crime they have committed, and bring them back to the Light, if possible.
  • If a town or individual falls victim to Shadowspawn, there is likely a Darkfriend in the town, responsible for bringing them there.
  • Aes Sedai (and those trained by them) are servants of the Dark One. Those who befriend, follow, or otherwise support the Witches and the White Tower also walk in Shadow.
  • The Aes Sedai seek to challenge the Creator through their use of channeling. Their extreme hubris and overreaching power games in the nations of the world are proof positive of their service to the Dark One.
  • The myth of the “Black Ajah” is a pack of lies and an attempt by the witches to hide the fact that they are all servants of the Shadow.
  • Women who practice healing arts should be viewed suspiciously, especially if their cures work too efficiently. Many are Tar Valon witches in disguise. The only healer you can trust is a hedge doctor.
  • The Children hold sway wherever people walk in the Light. Only where the Dark One reigns is the authority of the Children denied.
  • Children are also known as the “Anointed of the Light” or the “Anointed” for short. When a recruit graduates to full Child, part of the consecration ceremony includes Anointing the new Child in sacred oils. 
  • The Children of the Light follow Tenets
  • “No man can be a thief and walk in the Light.”
  • “There is no truce with the Shadow. There is no mercy for Darkfriends.”
  • “Repent, renounce the Dark One, come to the Light and confess your sins.”
  • “Does fear of the Light hold your tongue?”
  • “Walk in the Light.”
  • “The sins of the mother are visited to the fifth generation, the sins of the father to the tenth.”
  • “__________ has lost the Light.”
  • “__________ walks in Shadow.”
  • “No man is so lost that he cannot be brought to the Light.”
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Laws and Penalties



  • Anyone found guilty of being a Darkfriend shall be sentenced to death.
  • Anyone found guilty of accosting or killing a Child of the Light shall be hung.
  • Channeling is outlawed in Amadicia, and the penalty for breaking this prohibition is death.
  • Any woman who has trained at the White Tower, regardless of channeling ability, shall not set foot in Amadicia. Any such women shall be turned over to the Children immediately for trial.
  • Thieves cannot walk in the Light, yet we strive to give them a chance to return from the Shadow. A first offence shall be punishable by branding upon the thumb. A second offense is punishable by amputation of a hand. The third offense shall be punished by hanging.
  • Walls shall not be built around any village, town or city in Amadicia, with the exception of Amador.
  • Houses of noblemen in Amadicia shall be built from wood and not stone.
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