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Hi Everyone


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I've been reading RJ's books for years by now, even if it hasn't been easy here in Italy since the WoT's life has been far from reader-friendly (by now several books are out of print since a couple of years).

Still, I've always read them as they're meant to be! As RJ wrote them. No filter from translators! And now.... less than a week from AMOL!

So ... Hi Everyone, since we still have some free time!

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Hey Ostlander, welcome to DM! :happy:

Hopefully you will have a lovely time getting to know your way around here; if you feel like getting in a few theories before AMoL, be sure to check out the discussion boards. There's also all of the Social Groups, which is where people just hang out more (very fun), and the Role Playing section if you're up for that.

Any questions, feel free to ask :)

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