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Dragonmount Election (Just for fun)


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So, I got a little bored tonight and reading through the D&D board I though "Hey, what if we had a Dragonmount election?" So that's pretty much what this is. Post your nominations, and get the nominee be seconded, then they have to accept. Then I'll add them to the poll, and we can see how well they campaign and who wins.

The winner will be named the honourary arch-prime-premier-president-monarch-dictator of the Grand Unified Republican Kingdom of Dragonmount.





I'm not even sure if anyone is actually going to be interested in this...

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hello Starrik.


every year we do hold nominations nad elections for various awards/categories here at DM called the "Empy Awards" generally the nominations start up around mid march and the voting lasts until mid April; with great write ups by various members and award siggies for those who win their categories. :wink:

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