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Blood and Bloody Ashes!


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I'm reading the WoT series through for the second time. For some reason I'm getting more out of it this time than I did the first time! I've been sucked in...I knew it was bad when I started swearing in my head in the WoT fashion. I can't help but laugh when I realize what I'm doing...I finally had to create an account here so I could talk to people that love this series as much as I do.


I just read the prologue that was released this month and January can't get here soon enough! I'm on pins and needles!

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Welcome, Pepper! We have all been assimilated into the Wheel . . . resistance is futile! :biggrin:


We're glad you made it to DM! Be sure to check out all areas of DM, including the social groups. There is a lot of fun stuff going on here.


I mostly stick to the White Tower, though I do pop into the WoT discussion threads on occasion, and even more occasionally into the General Discussion area.

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