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Cheesy video


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I posted this in Wolfkin earlier...but it pertains to this thread also. I found a free movie maker with preset backgrounds, characters, and music. Its crazy cheesy but I made a DM movie with the Black Tower in it. So check it out...it's not good trust me hahaha. if I had the materials and people I could make a good video about DM. this is what I got for now.




Go to link, can't post it on the thread itself :P

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yea like I said, if I had the equipment and people I would make an awesome video. I used to do it a lot in high school, when we'd get projects I'd ask to do a video. Then I'd round up all my friends and their friends and make a video. Always got me an A.


This thing was so cheap though, the music repeats, and the mouths don't follow the words....Its just funny to me.

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