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Bios for Intro to RP Characters - October '12 WT


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Here are the completed bios from the Intro to RP characters so far:


Re’ara Atarin - Warders



DM Handle: Sakaea

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Re’ara Atarin

Nationality: Saldaea

Age: 21


Physical Characteristics: Re'ara is 5'8", with short, shaggy black hair, and striking blue eyes. She has a small scar under her left eye, and a somewhat larger one on her right bicep.


Personality: Re'ara gets along well with men, but not so much with women. This is why she wants to get away from Saldaea, and become a Warder. She learns well, but needs to work on taking orders.

Special Skills: She is very athletic, and learns weapons theory naturally.

Knowledge Weakness: Acting like a lady. Knows the theory, can't seem to put it into practice.

Physical Weakness: Is right-handed, needs to be able to fight left-handed also.

Personality Weakness: Doesn't react well to authority.


Personal History:

In Saldaea, Re'ara was expected to be a lady, learn to dance, politics, the fan, etc. as her father was a minor noble. She has no interest in such things.


When her mother died of a breathing sickness when she was 11, she lost all interest in trying to pretend that she wanted to be a lady and grow up to marry some lord. Her father had known she was unhappy for some time, and did not approve of ""un-ladylike pursuits."" While Re'ara loves her father, she considers him much too old fashioned.


After her mother died, she befriended various men in her father's employ, mostly guards and stableboys, and persuaded them to teach her anything they knew. She learned endurance and speed by chasing horses with the stableboys, strength by helping her father's blacksmith in his shop, and military intelligence from the commander of her father's guards. While she showed ability to learn strategy, she isn't very good at it yet.


She was taught to fight with sword and a dagger by some of the guards, but lacks skills with a shield. She learned to fight with her hands and feet by brawling with the stableboys, and the servants children. She fights dirty, and tends to fling wild punches when pushed to spar.


All in all, she was much happier doing all of this than doing anything her mother had taught her. When her father despaired of marrying her to any man, Re'ara left, at age 18. Her father was not happy, but let her go, in the hopes she would find happiness. She traveled around, earning money as she could. She was hired as an assistant bodyguard to a wagon train, but left when one of the other guards would not respect her wishes to be left alone.


She was then a knifethrower for a traveling show that was in Cairhien where she did well, but decided to move on to see more of the land. She was a farm hand when she needed moeny (where she did well, thanks to those stableboys), and a gambler for a while after that, but when she lost all her money to a man with the Dark One's own luck, she moved on again.


After traveling for 3 years, she went to the White Tower to become a Warder. She had decided that since she enjoyed fighting and traveling, that becoming a Warder could combine both traits and give her something satisfying to do.




Leysade Turund - White Tower



DM Handle: blank

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Leysade Turund

Nationality: Andoran

Age: 17


Physical Characteristics:

Thick dark blonde hair, reaching down past her shoulders, usually kept up in an untidy bun unless she’s trying to make an effort. Eyes are light blue, she has pale skin, rosey cheeks and a little snub unturned nose. She is below average height, just topping 5 foot and is quite plump.


Personality: She’s naturally very bright and friendly, one of those people that get along with others instantly. She has a soft spot for underdogs and works hard to treat everyone fairly regardless of circumstance. As the daughter of a merchant she has a head for numbers and can easy extrapolate budgets and understands the nuances of finance well. She has a hard time trusting people who don’t come at face value, what you see with Leysade is what you get which makes her open to being manipulated.


Special Skills: She is good at making everyone feel welcome. Treating everyone as an equal regardless of social status. She is good at mathematics and how it relates to the economy.

Knowledge Weakness: She is utterly hopeless at the Game of Houses. Significant looks and subtle nudges are wasted upon her.

Physical Weakness: She has a fondness for indulging a little too much in food which makes her not as fast and as physically fit as she could be.

Personality weakness: Loyalty to a fault. Once she likes you then whatever you say/do becomes fine in her mind. Therefore once you’ve won her she’s very open to manipulation and opinions of others. If she is ever in a role of power it is likely that she could be swayed by her friends.


Personal History: Leysade was born in Andor, the first child of an Andorian mother and a Cairhienin father. When Leysade was four her mother dropped dead from a suspected heart attack. Though Leysade is sad she never had a chance to know her mother, her father did the best he could to fill the gap in her life and Leysade loves him very much.


As a cloth merchant in Andor after his wife’s death he slowly found his contacts drying up and moving their business elsewhere, so he packed him and Leysade up and moved to his native Cairhien when Leysade was 12. His business, through contacts of family and old friends flourished and Leysade was quick to make friends with other merchant’s daughters and lower nobles. This was where she learned that she was no good at the Game of Houses and could not keep up with the changing allegiances. Luckily she formed a close group of friends anyway and she was infamous for social gatherings at her father’s house.


She was also well known for using her father’s money to give to the local soup kitchens and every year at the turning of the cold weather there would be a large donation of blankets and heavy jumpers made to the soup kitchen to give out as they saw fit. The last few years in Andor Leysade and her father lived off very little money and was given in food and blankets from kind neighbours and she never forgot that.


She was not a bad child but there were a couple of years between 13 and 15 when she was friends with another merchant’s daughter who had a penchant for trouble. Leysade thought she was the funniest person in the world so went along with almost everything this girl suggested and a couple of times ended up embarrassing her father and his contacts.


When the girl and her family moved on Leysade became a bit more sedate and started pulling her weight within the household. Starting to mature she realized that she was the woman of the household so she began to learn the basics of running one. Through this she realized her gift for mathematics could be put to a practical use within her father’s business so she began to apply herself.


She still had time for her friends and low-grade mischief though and when some of her friends heard that there was a visiting Aes Sedai in town looking for girls gifted in the One Power her friends thought it would be hilarious to go and get checked and compare notes on the mysterious Aes Sedai and testing afterwards at Leysade’s. Out of all of her friends Leysade was the only who proved to have the ability.


At first she was reluctant, mentally adamant that she loved her life here in Cairhien but she began to think how she didn’t really fit in, how she made her friends laugh, but if they had a serious problem they’d talk to someone who could understand the nuances. How small her efforts to help the poor actually were. How the idea of marrying some guy in a couple of years and changing everything just to live with him and be his wife repulsed her.


After discussing it with her father, who was sad to see her go they both decided that this was actually perfect for Leysade, she would be able to use her gifts, both in the One Power and her intellect, to help people more than she could as a merchant’s daughter from Cairhien. She set off to the White Tower.



Jace Maren - Wolfkin



DM Handle: WolfbrotherKronos

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Jace Maren

Nationality: Andor

Age: 24


Physical Characteristics: Jace is 5'10'' His hair is a dark brown and his eyes are hazel. He is not a big man, but by looking at him, you can tell he has done much manual labor. His hands have callouses showing that he has spent much of his life using farm implements. He is not fully bearded, but often has a five o'clock shadow type of stubble.


Personality: Jace tends to not say much. He says what needs to be said and nothing more. To others, sometimes this makes him seem "put-offish" but most find that after they get to know him and is a really nice person. He tends to listen, only chiming in when asked or when he feels his opinion needs to be heard.

Special Skills: Archery and tracking

Knowledge Weakness: He knows very little about the customs of other areas.

Physical Weakness: He is a terrible swordsman and is really bad at gambling.

Personality Weakness: He has a relatively low opinion of himself and has an addiction to gambling


Personal History:


Jace entered the family home after plowing the field for this year's crop. Growing up as a farmer, he was slightly more built than most people of his age. Jace lived there with his mother and younger brother. Since his father died a few years ago from a sudden illness, the two brothers had been able to keep the farm running.


As he entered the kitchen, his mother glared at him.


"You need to go hunting so we have enough food for the week. I was going to go into town and buy some, but your trip last night put an end to that idea."


Jace hung his head in shame and acknowledged his mother's request with a nod. It was true. Jace had a gambling problem and to make it worse, he was bad at it. His father had the same problem before passing and Jace seemed to have inherited it. No matter what he tried, the dice kept calling to him back to the table and no matter how much he lost, he just kept putting more money into the pot.


"My brother is the better man and is old enough to care for the mom and run the farm," Jace thought as he strung up his bow and slung his quiver over his shoulder. "Maybe it would be better for them if I left."


As he entered the woods, the thoughts of his gambling addiction left him. The peaceful trees made him think instead of the dreams he had been having lately.


The dreams were becoming more frequent lately. Dreams of wolves. Always of wolves. Wolves that were chasing their prey. He never saw them catch their prey, but always knew that they did. Other strange things have been happening too. His senses seemed keener. At the edge of the woods, he could still smell the bread his mother was baking in the house. He could hear things he could never hear before - men in taverns whispering to each other and animals moving through the woods.


He eventually arrived at the river and bent down to wash his face and get a drink of water. As he raised his head, he noticed his eyes were no longer hazel, but they glowed a golden hue instead. He closed his eyes and looked again, but there was no change. He wondered if the stress was finally getting to him, or if he was just going insane.




Maud Risath - Darkfriend



DM Handle: Cyan

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Maud Risath

Nationality: Altaran

Age: 17


Physical Characteristics:Taller than most her height, Maud has wavy dark brown hair which comes up to her shoulders. She has dark brown eyes and olive skin. Her rather delicate build frustrates her to no end as she hates being weak. Many consider her beautiful despite her lanky appearance.


Personality: Being an introvert and suspicious by nature, she has never had many friends. She can’t stand being around people for very long. Despite her tendency to come across as a weak, innocent girl, that is simply a mask she likes to wear. In reality she is extremely stubborn and manipulative, however she prefers subtlety to direct confrontation. Certain events have made her extremely hard, emotionally if not physically. She tries so hard to keep her feelings out and never show weakness, yet sometimes it all just overwhelms her and she has to retreat into dark to cry her heart out before she continue.

Special Skills: She is very good at blending in to her surroundings and remaining unnoticed. She is an excellent liar and actress. Her preferred weapon is a knife, though she also has some skill with a bow.

Knowledge Weakness: While good at playing the part of a merchant or crafter, when it comes to politics, she is completely ignorant. She can pull off the airs and speech of a noble if necessary, but if the talk turns to politics, she soon finds herself in hot water.

Physical Weakness: In a fight, her physical weakness is her main disadvantage. She is neither fast nor strong and must rely on her ability to blend in to keep her safe and make her kills. She prefers to kill from afar if it’s at all possible. She also gets sick rather easily.

Personality Weakness: She is stubborn, far too stubborn for her own good. If someone says that she can’t do something, she’ll do it, no matter how crazy it is, just to prove to them that she can. Once she finds something she wants, everything else goes out of her mind and she becomes obsessed with doing/getting it. But if it takes too long, she’ll get bored of it and find something else that catches her fancy. She forgets but never forgives.


Maud has a soft spot for young children, especially girls. While she sees this as a weakness, and in her line of work it can be considered one, in reality this is one of the few things that keeps her from turning into a heartless monster.



Personal History:


Maud’s mother is an innkeeper. She, along with her brother, helped their mother run the Snake’s Barrel, a tavern in village near Ebou Dar. Their father left when she was eleven. She cried for weeks. Despite her mother’s assurances that it wasn’t her fault, she couldn’t make herself believe that. Maybe if she had just been a little more...something...he would have stayed. Her brother claimed he was a horrible person and that they were better off without him. It didn’t help.


One day the neighbor children saw her crying outside and guessed the reason why. They laughed and said her father ran off with another woman. They called her weak for crying. She didn’t believe it, but it still hurt. After that, many of her supposed ‘friends’ started teasing her and calling her names. She didn’t mind terribly at first, as she preferred to keep to herself anyways, but after a while it began to get to her. She started to withdraw from the world, burying herself in her studies. She rarely left the inn except for errands. Her mother was worried about her, but didn’t have time to do anything about it. Her brother was a hothead, and she knew if he found out about it he’d likely murder the brats who were teasing her, so she made sure to keep it hidden from him. But they continued on.


Once she asked them why they insisted on torturing her so for something that happened months ago. The one who considered himself their leader responded quite simply, he enjoyed causing pain. Soon she realized she hated them. Their mocking voices echoed in her head. It was driving her insane. Pretty soon darkness became her only refuge. It was the only time the voices stopped, the only time she could think and be truly alone. She began to spend many hours roaming the streets at night, alone, telling neither her brother nor her mother. She had always been good at sneaking about, so it was rather easy to make sure they never found out. For two years she did this without incident. By then the boys had stopped teasing her about her father, but the hate they shared for each other was still as strong as ever. They still jumped at any opportunity to cause her anguish.


One fateful night, someone stopped her in the street. Although the figure’s face was covered with a hood, his twisted smile marked him out as one of the boys who so often caused her grief. She turned to run, but he grabbed her hair and dragged her off down an alley way. He pressed her against a wall and leaned forward, as if about to kiss her. She didn’t even realize she had a knife in her hand until she felt it slide into his chest. His eyes widened in shock, but it was too late. He coughed up blood for a while, before he shuddered and lay still. The thrill of that moment has haunted her ever since. She felt powerful for the first time. It was wonderful and sickening at the same time. A shadow moved a few yards away and she realized that someone must have seen what she did. After a moment of indecision, she grabbed the knife and the deadman’s cloak and started off towards the gates. She knew she couldn’t go back home, not now that she had murdered someone. She thought sadly of her mother and brother, but figured they would be better off if she left without saying goodbye.


Several days later she stumbled half dead into a village and went straight to the nearest tavern. After a drink and meal she sat in the shadows, examining her small knife. A woman, who introduced herself as Xeria, approached her and, after a bit of talk, asked her if she’d gather some information for her in exchange for money. She accepted, but refused the money and instead begged the woman to take her with her when she left. The woman, who turned out to be a Darkfriend, agreed.


As she traveled with the Darkfriend, she found herself slowly starting to trust Xeria. The ‘jobs’ she helped her with made it easier to take her mind off of her hurt, and she began to heal. By the end of the year, Xeria was the closest thing she had ever had to a friend. She taught her how to use the bow and daggers to both defend herself and kill, and Maud soon realized she had a natural talent for it. Later she went back to her home village and killed every one of the boys, now grown men, who had taunted her, leaving their bodies in a heap in the same street she had made her first kill what seemed like ages ago.


All the anger she had been holding in for the last few years bled out of her as she watched their faces pale and their hands go cold. She still felt the same thrill every time she made a kill...and the same, if less intense, sickness in the pit of her stomach, though she would never admit that to anyone. Having dealt with what had been bothering her for years, she was finally ready to move on. She left Altara for good, promising herself never to go back.


She moved to Andor and tried to start a normal life again. But the Pattern seemed to have other plans for her. She found she wasn’t content to live a regular life anymore. She missed the power she felt when she held lives in her hand. Finally she couldn’t stand any more of it, and she left to seek out Xeria, hoping to find what she was searching for in the service of the Dark One.




Valeria Alterra - White Tower



DM Handle: Valeria al'Terra

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Valeria Alterra

Nationality: Murandy

Age: 17


Physical Characteristics: Valeria is a short Murandian girl, who stands roughly 5’2 with a slim athletic build and lightly tan skin from working many days of labor on her families’ farm. She has long wavy brown hair that comes just below her shoulder blades, with a single streak of pure white that falls over the right side of her face. Framing her light blue eyes. She would best be described as cute, not overly beautiful but certainly not ugly. With a nose that might be slightly too wide and lips just a tad too small, a natural beauty.


Personality: Valeria is light hearted and optimistic, she is always seen with a slight smile on her face as if she knows a joke the world does not. She enjoys being rebellious when she can, and thinking outside of the norm.

Special Skills: She has a keen mind and enjoying thinking outside the box, as well as having a artistic eye and enjoys drawing,painting etc.

Knowledge Weakness: There is many things Valeria Alterra does not know, growing up in a small town she knew very little outside of farming and a basic life.

Physical Weakness: She is fairly short for her age.

Personality Weakness: She is rebellious and has trouble hiding her emotions. Also due to her accident before coming to the white tower, she is dreadfully afraid of storms, specifically lightning. So much so that seeing lightning can cause her to physically lock up.


Personal History:


It was a summer afternoon and the Alterra family was working hard, finishing up what had to be done on the farm. It was the first day of the summer festival and Valeria was excited about getting the rest of afternoon off to dance and party. Yet work came first, and there was still much to be done, before she could be set free, even more when you lived in Treestone, a small town in the far outskirts of Murandy.


Valeria parents were molded from hard working sorts, who came from even harder working parents. Anyone and everyone who was an Alterra was a farmer or laborer of some sort. Astala Alterra looked down at her daughter with a hard gaze.


“Certainly not, Valeria!” Astala roared at her daughter, planting her hands firmly on her hips. “You may go to the festival AFTER you picked up the new tools from the smith...and don’t let me catch you trying to sneak out in your party dress. I will not have you ruining it by picking up all sorts of dirt from the smithy!” As she spoke, she waved her finger like a dagger toward Valeria.


Valeria moaned a bit, but she knew better then to try and win a fight with her mother. That was a lesson she learned quickly when she was younger, and she certainly did not want to end up cleaning the hen coop tonight instead of dancing at the summer festival. Swallowing her pride, she put on her best smile.


“Ok, mother, I’ll head to Hugo’s right away and pick up father’s order,” she said meekly.


Astala smiled and prepared a satchel and cloak for her daughter. “Now head straight back once you're done, if you want to have any time at the festival tonight.” Astala spoke in a lecturing tone, helping her daughter up onto one of the family horses.


Waving good-bye to her mother and making sure she was well enough away, she snuggled the cloak close to her body. All Valeria could only do was roll her eyes, mumbling under her breath. “I don’t see why I can’t just go to the festival first…then pick up the flaming tools on my way back…now I have to make two flaming trips to town!”


She grinned, knowing if her parents heard her speak this way she’d have her mouth washed out with salt water. Her rebellious mood was cut short as the sound of thunder in the distance fought for her attention. “Oh, that’s just flaming bloody luck…that storm better hold off…I will dance tonight, I will!” suddenly, Valeria burst out laughing, thinking of the fun she was having cursing where no one could hear her..after all a lady should never curse, or so her mother taught her.


It was only a few hours ride into town, and the sun was beginning to set. Valeria knew she had to hurry if she wanted to have any fun tonight. Arriving at the Smithy, she saw Hugo Bendruan hard at work at his forge.


“Aah, lil’ miss,” Hugo’s thick Illianer accent rolled off his tongue like an ox rampaging through a ceramic worker’s shop. Hugo was a short squatty man with arms like great tree trunks and a long black beard. To say Hugo was an ugly man would be a compliment.


“Ye’ be pickin’ up yer father’s order I be guessin,’” Hugo beamed a goofy smile towards Valeria, showing off missing and rotting teeth. Regardless of his looks, Hugo was a good man and a grand smith, and Valeria liked him. He was always kind towards her and her family, always willing to help out if they needed it!


“Yes, Mister Bendruan, I do hope it is ready!” Valeria said, nearly bouncing out of her saddle.


The smithy laughed loudly. “Oh aye, ye’ don’t want ta’ miss the festival do ye, no worries I have it right here lil’miss,” Hugo said, waddling his way over to a bundle of freshly smith tools. He carefully helped Valeria place the tools in her satchel which now hung from her horse’s saddle.


With much haste, Valeria quickly paid Hugo, not bothering to count if she accidentally over paid him, then turned her horse to gallop away. Hugo yelled out with a wave. “Eh now Lil’ Miss, ye’ be careful-- sounds like a storm be brewin’!”


“Thank you Mister Bendruan, I will!” Valeria shouted back, rearing her horse into a nearly full sprint out of the town, frowning at all the lights and decoration that the townsfolk had put up for the festival on her way out. “I will dance tonight…I will!” she said to herself.


Yet the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, and a storm was indeed brewing and quickly grew in strength. Soon Valeria found herself in the middle of it. Lightning crashed and thunder roared, and the family horse grew frightened. Valeria clutched to the saddle, the only thing preventing her from falling off. When suddenly, just a few feet in front of her, a bolt of lightning exploded, causing Valeria’s horse to rear up, flinging her and the satchel of tools to the ground.


Landing with a loud thud onto the wet muddy ground, all Valeria could think about was the tools. “OH nooo, oh noo, mother and father will kill me if these things are broken. She pulled the cloak’s hood from her head and watched as the family horse sprinted away.


“No, no, come back!” She shrieked after the horse, fumbling and dropping the tools all over the wet ground again.


“OH BLOODY LIGHT..just FLAMING BLOO…” Valeria’s sentence was cut short as another bolt of lightning shot out from the sky, but this time to strike her! Her body violently shook as the power of lightning coursed through her veins. Everything seemed to slow, it felt like an eternity and her body was wracked with pain. Valeria could only stare upwards as rain poured into her eyes – her heart beat faster and faster to only get slower and slower as time drew on. Her breaths were becoming less and less. She was going to die, she was going to die and all she could think of was how she did not get to dance with some cute boy at the festival.


""How pathetic..” Valeria thought and her vision blurred. Yet some yellow blob suddenly blocked her view and the feeling of being lifted overcame her before she passed out completely and the world turned to black.


Valeria was abruptly awakened, feeling as if someone dunked her into a tub of ice water. Her body squirmed uncontrollably, and she felt a urge to take a deep breath as she suddenly bolted up right. Nearly knocking something over in the process, it took Valeria awhile to figure out that thing she nearly knocked over was a woman.


“Oh(,) you have awoke child, good, good,” said the woman in a motherly tone.


Valeria took a few second to look around; she was in a small cabin sitting in a stranger’s bed. Hanging on the cabin walls were various herbs and flowers, the cabinet held jars upon jars of strange ingredients. Books and scrolls were sprawled all over the floor, and candles flickered in her peripheral vision.


“You should thank the Light that I was wandering by when I did. I do not think you would have made it if I hadn't,” said the woman, and Valeria jumped, realizing she was ignoring her. This was the time that Valeria actually got a good look of the woman. She was a tall slender woman with a slightly curved nose and dark black hair with a bit of grey streaks in it . She wore a plain woolen dress with a yellow shawl around her shoulders. She was a young woman.. No Valeria thought, not young, but also not old. Valeria was not certain really, there was just something odd about this woman’s face.


“Staring is rude child, now tell me, what is your name?” The woman said with a warm smile as she approached Valeria handing her a cup of tea.


Nervously, Valeria took the cup of tea and sipped before answering. “Valeria Alterra, Ma’am.”


The woman was still smiling as she took a seat in a chair next to the bed. “That is a beautiful name Valeria, I am Talyn a’Meshinal, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah.”


Valeria nearly dropped her cup, her eyes widened, looking towards Talyn with utter disbelief. Valeria had heard of Aes Sedai, or at least stories from merchants who came to Treestone from time to time. She had never in her wildest dreams thought one would live here. An Aes Sedai, a woman who used the One Power, women who pulled strings of king and queens! Women who not only pulled strings of kings and queens but controlled them! Controlled them with the One Power! No, all those stories could not be true…could they?


Valeria’s mouth must have been hanging open, since Talyn broke in, cutting off Valeria’s train of thought.


“Close your mouth child, or you’ll swallow a horse fly,” said Talyn in a amusing tone.


“Uh..uhmm sorry, Aes Sedai!” Valeria said quickly, dropping her eyes and bowing her head.


“Now, now, none of that child, you should rest. It is not every day you get struck by lightning and live.” She said, beaming a smile toward Valeria. “You have a strong will--my healing is only as strong as the person I heal, In the end it was you who kept yourself alive. Have you ever considered becoming Aes Sedai yourself child, I feel you may be able to learn--” Talyn had piercing green eyes, and those eyes seem to penetrate Valeria. Calculating her every move, which only made Valeria feel extremely uncomfortable , Aes Sedai could not read minds could they?


Valeria would have jumped after hearing Talyn’s question, her mind raced and her eyes fought to look around anywhere but at Talyn. It was then she noticed a mirror hanging on the wall. It was then also Valeria noticed a bright white streak in her dark brown hair did the lightning do this? Playing with it, nervously Valeria state, “Wha…me become Aes Sedai…I no…er” her face flustered from embarrassment, what should she say, what could she say!


Talyn laughed lightly. “Oh now child, why don’t you just rest – that tea I gave you had some herbs to help you sleep.” Talyn stood gracefully with the serenity of a queen and gently pushed Valeria down onto the bed, tucking her in. It really did not take much, with Talyn’s question and the herbs working, Valeria fell back like a sack of potatoes.


Valeria did feel tired and rest seemed like the best way to get her out of this odd situation.


That night, Valeria had strange dreams, dreams and nightmares, dreams of becoming Aes Sedai, even when she did not know how one goes about doing that and nightmares of the storm. Both kept her from a sound sleep that night. Yet some time during that night she decided she wanted to become Aes Sedai.


Valeria awoke the next day to the sound of a boiling pot. Her eyes slowly focused, Talyn was hunched over a pot in the corner of her cabin. Without even turning around she somehow knew Valeria had woken up.

“Sleep well Child?” Talyn spoke in that motherly tone of hers and yet somehow retaining a regal quality fit for a queen. Valeria only stared at Talyn, trying to get her jaw to work. However it just did not want to work! It was as if someone glued it shut when she was sleeping that night.

It was then Talyn turned around, those green eyes of her calculating Valeria again. It had made Valeria’s skin crawl “Well, after some tea we should get you back home child.” Talyn said.


“I WANT TO BE AES SEDAI!” Valeria shouted out, realizing how rude she had sounded she turned her eyes to the floor. “I mean, I want to become Aes Sedai. Miss--erm Talyn Sedai.” Valeria said in a meekly tone.

As if that is exactly what Talyn wanted to hear she had moved towards Valeria with surprising speed and grace. A wide smile had formed just below that curved nose of hers, her hand outstretched towards Valeria. On Talyn’s palm was a small smooth grey stone. Talyn spoke with that regal motherly voice of hers “One must first walk before they can run child.”


Valeria somehow knew too pick up the stone, and found herself disappointed when she did, it was just a normal stone or was it. Valeria eyes looked toward Talyn questioningly as Talyn wrapped her hand over Valeria’s palm that held the stone.

There was a small tingle that is all Valeria had felt, yet Talyn’s smile only widen. “Ah yes, it is there” said Talyn. “What is…?” Valeria blurted out suddenly. “The Ability to learn child” mused Talyn.


Valeria felt very guilty, for she convinced Talyn that telling her parents would only make things worse, that they would never approve of her running off and becoming Aes Sedai. She was surprised her convincing worked, no one convinces Aes Sedai of anything, they are the convincers. Or that is what Valeria had heard, at least. Either way, Talyn agreed to take her to Tar Valon, to the White Tower!


This was all that mattered, she was alive and was going to become something greater than just another farm girl whose life highlights entailed dancing at a town festival. This is where Valeria’s story truly begins, where she spoke with Talyn Sedai about becoming Aes Sedai, where she began her journey to the White Tower.





Oren Rennal - Warders



DM Handle: Lenlo

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Oren Rennal

Nationality: Shienar

Age: 17


Physical Characteristics:

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: A top knot, but the rest of his hair has yet to be shaved.

Eye Color: Green

Height: Average, about 5'9"

Build: Lean and muscular.

Regular clothing: Farmers garb. Thick, sturdy pants, jackets and farmers boots.


Oren has callused hands from his farm work and some scars from childhood antics and some simple farming mistakes. Things that every boy gets when working on a farm.

Personality: Oren is brash. He follows all of the customs of Shienar, such as being polite to everybody, but he also speaks his mind whatever may be on it. He will not tell you what you want to hear but what you need ((Or what he thinks you need)) to hear. He is not rude when doing this, he just isnt very tact. As one would expect this attitude gets him into alot of trouble and has helped to give him a confrontational personality. We wont go out of his way to start a fight but doesnt shy from them either. Fights happen, he tries to win them, then moves on. All-in-all he is very open about how he feels and doesnt try to hide much. When hes angry, he looks angry, when he is sad he looks sad and when he has something to say he says it.

Special Skills: As a farmer Oren knows how to hunt and shoot a bow in a limited capacity. Like all young men in Shienar though, he has been taught how to use a sword and is quite good with it for his age.

Knowledge Weakness: He has no idea how to act around Aes Sedai and Nobles. He knows to treat the politely but that is it. He has never met a Noble, an Aes Sedai or anyone of very high social standing. He is also not the best at reading and writing. He can do it, but is slow.

Physical Weakness:

Personality Weakness: As I said before, he is very brash. He says whats on his mind and doesnt sugar coat it. If you screwed up and he thinks you need to know, hes going to tell you.


Personal History:

Oren was born in Shienar to a farming family. He was born as the eldest son to his family, with an older brother coming before him and a younger sister after. Life went normal in the Borderlands for this family, a Trolloc raid every now and then coming into the area and being swiftly dealt with by the Shienaran forces.


As he grew up Oren learned how to hunt and how to use a sword from his father. His skill with a bow was sufficient to bring in some food, but where Oren really showed his strength was his swordplay. He was skilled for his age and would have gone into the Shienaran military if his sister hadn't been so special. Skilled enough that when he spared with some Shienaran recruits he managed to land afew blows, though he still received more than he gave.


Around the time Oren his 17 his sister learned that she could channel. She had broken into a fever or had gotten chills for many months now, but it was now when everyone finally learned she could channel. She knew that she had to go to the White Tower, so Oren was chosen to travel with her.


Oren took his sword and wore his farmers clothes on the trip to Tar Valon. They traveled with a Merchant caravan out of Shienar and went south uneventfully. It was during this trip that Oren thought about what he wanted to do with his life. He decided that if his sister was going to be an Aes Sedai, than he should become a Warder. What better way to fight the Shadow Spawn and their master than to become a Warder and fight with the Aes Sedai? And where was he going to find a better place to train in arms?


It was these thoughts that passed through his head as they entered the city. It was these thoughts that made Oren went to become a Warder, for better or for worse.




Shaia Trakand - Wolfkin




DM Handle: Wildfire Sedai

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Shaia Trakand

Nationality: Andor

Age: 16


Physical Characteristics: Her dress is always dirty. Her hair is usually disheveled. She is 5’6” tall. She is athletic as she spends most of her time outdoors with the horses and dogs. She has golden eyes (they used to be blue) and mousy brown hair. She is pretty though not beautiful.


Personality: Likes to scream when she gets angry. She also has a soft side to her. When not being made fun of or her temper aroused she can be the most down to earth person, very kind, modest, polite, and very loveable.

Special Skills: She is good with hoses. Even the most tempermental horse will calm at her touch. Same with dogs.

Physical Weakness: She deosn't have any weapons knowledge as she leaves the castle. She gets some on her journey to Tar Valon but did not have enough space to write in her stories while traveling.

Personality Weakness: She has a bad temper when aroused. Will scream and even punch someone if she knows she can get away with it. She also curses when angry.


Personal History:


Shaia, the daughter of a minor lord of the House Trakand, was 16 when the howling came upon her. It all started when she could hear her older brother making fun of her from down the hall:


“Shaia is so clumsy and her hair is a mess,” Kotari, her older brother told a maid he was courting.


“Your right, my lord,” the maid whispered. As Kotari was about to make another comment…


“I heard you, Kotari, and I am going to tell mama on you!” Shaia yelled from down the hall, as she was running to confront her brother and the maid.


Kotari replied, “That’s impossible. You were all the way at the other end of the hall and I was talking to the maid, not you.” “


I heard you loud and clear. You said I am clumsy and my hair was a mess,” Shaia shrieked as she got to her brother and the maid, punching him in the stomach.


“oommmfffhhh, what was that for,” he grunted.


“Burn me. That is for what you just said,” she replied. “And you, wench, wait till mama finds out that you are messing around with my brother!” Shaia yelled.


“I’m telling mom that you are swearing again and you are going to get into trouble,” Kotari replied.


The maid tapped him on the shoulder, “Why don’t we leave before the screaming brat brings your mother.”


“I am not a screaming brat!” Shaia screamed. The two lovebirds left Shaia screaming at their backs as they hurried away, whispering.


“I can still hear you!” Shaia screamed, then turned and ran back the way she had come.


Shaia has a bad temper and acts more like a boy than a girl.


“Shaia is always out with the horses and dogs getting her pretty dresses so dirty,” the wash mistress complains to Shaia’s mother.


“I know,” her mother sighed. “She loves those animals so much. I can’t deny her, her one happiness,” her mother replied.


The wash mistress sighed, “I know ma’am but however am I going to get her dresses cleaned?” she said.


“Just do your best. I will not hold it against you if you cannot get them totally clean.”


“Ma’am, what about your lord husband? He will be angry with me.”


“Let me deal with my husband, you just deal with the dresses.”


“Yes, ma’am,” she said, as she curtsied out of the room.


Shaia was always getting into trouble, either for her mouth or for what she “claims” to have seen. One thing that she claims to have seen is the murder of a stable man. She had sneaked outside one night to see the stars, she loved the stars they were so bright in the sky and she was learning their names in her lessons. So she was walking along the battlements, saying hi to the guards as she went by. They all loved her cause she wasn’t always screaming and yelling. They knew the nature of Katori and felt sorry for her. They also knew she wasn’t supposed to be on the battlements at this time of night:


“Hey, young lady. What are you doing out here so late at night?” the captain of the guards asked her.


“Oh captain, please don’t tell my father. I just want to see the stars.” She pleaded, as she batted her eyelashes at the captain.


“Don’t you be using your wiles on me, young lady,” he said.


She batted her eyelashes at him again and said, “Puhleeeaaase, captain. I won’t be long I promise.”


“You know your dad would have my head if he found out,” he said as he looked at her face. Then his breath caught in his throat and he gasped.


“What’s wrong captain?” He managed to choke out, “Your eyes, they are gold.”


“You’re always flattering me captain,” she replied. Seemingly non-plussed but still nervous just the same. “I will go inside captain. Please do not tell my lord father that I was out here. It’s probably just the moonlight reflecting on my eyes.”


So on her way back to her room she heard a shuffle. When she looked down she saw a light in the stable and two men wrestling in what should have been dark for her but she could see it very clearly. What she saw frightened her for one of the men had a knife and slit the other man’s throat. Shaia let out a small cry and rushed back to her room. She is pretty sure she was not supposed to have seen what she did and that she couldn’t have seen what she did cause the stable was across the yard and the door was semi closed.


So she went back inside to her bedroom and sat at the big mirror, her mother had gotten for her on her sixteenth name day. She rarely looked in the mirror because she was always being told that she was dirty, clumsy, and ugly. She brought her candle over to the mirror and set it down. Then she really took a good look at herself, like she hadn’t in years. The face that looked back at her was not ugly at all. Her cheekbones are high and she has a pouty mouth that turns just a little bit at the corners. Her hair is a mousy brown and though it was disheveled, it added to her beauty, not take it away. The last thing she looked at was her eyes. They were a golden color, when last she knew they had been blue.


She thought about the murder she saw that night and her hearing and everything else weird that was going on. She decided that this murder was the last straw, as she had seen her brother, Katori, sneaking around with a maid. She had heard her father leave the bedroom he shared with her mother and so had followed him to the wash mistresses room, where she heard things she was not supposed to hear. Her mother had taught her about coupling, however she never thought that she would hear her own father and one of the servants go at it.


There were a bunch of other things also that made her take stock of her situation: hearing conversations she shouldn’t have, not including the one with her brother. She felt she had a right to hear that. Seeing things she shouldn’t have seen like couples kissing in the dark, scullions stealing meat pies, and the murder tonight. She knew her father wouldn’t believe her cause the killer was one of his favorite guards and she was afraid if he told her father that her father would make her tell the killer and then the killer would be after her. So she made the decision to leave home and travel on the Caemlyn Road for the first few miles then turn off at some point and travel through the woods towards Tar Valon.

For she thought: If anyone can help me it will be the Amrylin Seat.


She figured she could steal enough food, if she was stingy with it, to last her for a few weeks. She would also be stealing her favorite horse, a red stallion aptly named, wildfire. Nobody could understand it but she was the only one who could ride him. Her father taught her with his sons on wood lore. For he thought that he didn’t want his daughter to be helpless in these unruly times and she loved it. Her father was a noble man, however his father had sent him out on his own to survive in the forest for month, to toughen him up. Because of this he taught his children everything he learned in that month to survive.


Once her mind was made up, she got into action. She packed a bag with as many sets of clothes and undergarments that could fit; her hair brush, cause you never know who you might meet on the road; flint and stone; and other necessities. Then she went down to the kitchen to steal whatever could fit in her other bag, making sure she had enough for at least two weeks. She didn’t want to go to the stable, afraid of meeting the killer in the dark, however if she didn’t want to walk she would have to. Another hour or two and it would be dawn. She had to get moving if she wanted to get to the city gates by dawn.


On their sixteenth names day, her father had told all his children about the secret passageway in the stable that came out somewhere in Caemylin. It was big enough for a horse to be walked through. So she sneaked into the stable with her two bags and went to wildfire, saddled him, put her rolls behind the saddle, took a scarf from her bag of clothes and tied it around wildfires eyes. At first he baulked, however she soothed him with quiet words, double checked that no one was in the stable, and opened the secret passageway. She led wildfire into the passageway, squeezed around him and shut the passageway door then led wildfire down the passageway.


The secret passageway led to an inn’s stable in the center of town. She cautiously peeked through the peep hole, didn’t see anybody in the stable so she led wildfire out and out of the stable. She passed a sleepy stable boy who started rubbing his eyes when he saw her. She said, “You are dreaming go back to sleep.” So he went back to sleep.


By this time the sun was rising and the gates would be opened soon. She set wildfire to a brisk walk and when she got to the gate headed towards Tar Valon, it was open and she left her home forever. She had many adventures on the road to Tar Valon but that is for another day.

However there was one person she met on the road, who was not repulsed by her golden eyes…



Qual - Band of the Red Hand



DM Handle: _CLOUD

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Qual (last name unknown)

Nationality: Ghealdan (birthplace unknown)

Age: 15


Physical Characteristics:

Height: slightly above average for his age

Hair: short and spikey white hair

Eyes: dark green

Build: boyish, but muscular

Characteristics: lots of scars around his body from all the fights he was in while living on the streets


Personality: Qual started out as an introverted person, but he slowly became to understand and like the mercenaries who had adopted him. He is kind to people and trusts them enough to guard his back.


Special Skills: Qual has only ever remembered being good at one thing: fighting. He has been on his own for a very long time, fending for himself at an exceedingly young age. For the last few years, he has fought alongside the mercenary group and has so learned to defend himself. Recently, he became known among the mercenaries as 'Qual the Typhoon' because in a recent battle, he overpowered an adult man that was near twice his age, leaving only a dead body to tell the story. Qual seemed embarrassed by the attention given to him after this feat; he knew it was only by luck that he had won. His physical strength is nothing out of the ordinary, but his level of technique is something that is rarely seen in a boy of his age.


Knowledge Weakness: Everything about the outside world. Qual only hears bits and pieces about politics from the mercenaries and most of those are just rumors that have been retold a hundred times over.


Physical Weakness: He can't stand spicy food. He has other, more personal weaknesses, but those are yet unknown to the reader since it would spoil the plot.


Personality Weakness: He is a bit shy around strangers, as he isn't trustworthy by nature. Even though he is well known among the mercenary group he never brags about his accomplishments. He oftentimes even can't stop blushing when his friends, sitting around the big campfires at night, tell the tale about his first solo kill from the recent battle. That blushing mostly gets him more laughs and pats on the back than the story itself.


Personal History:


(As told by Danaban Bel’tas, soldier of The Hawks.)




Mercenaries thrive in them. Spinning fabrics of time and space that even gleemen would envy. What was there for a man who died only for the shine of gold other than to be remembered in song and tale? Hehehe. I guess I can tell you a story, so lean back and enjoy your ale while it lasts. I will tell you the story of a child. A child who has been wrought by the hammers of battle, cleansed by the blood of his allies and ultimately defeated by flowers. The story of the Dark Child, the story of the Typhoon.


I remember it like it was yesterday, though it has been three years, near enough. The aftermath of a skirmish in Ghealdan was the bloodiest I have ever witnessed in my old life. We lost a lot of our troops there, but we still managed to win, a slim victory it was however and not one I'm fond of remembering. The valley lay bewildered with bodies of my friends, my enemies and the people we swore to protect.


There was also a particular thing in the middle of the battlefield you see, a tree. Not a normal tree like the one you climbed into when you tried to get away from your mother after stealing a freshly baked pie, a red tree. The men feared it, saying it was an omen from the Dark One himself, cursing the battle that had been fought. Our commander, a stubborn man named Rovesyer "Goldenteeth" Kaidor, ordered me to burn the tree down, saying it will bring bad luck to The Hawks. Hah, as if we can have any more bad luck as it is. You see, I was just a common soldier back then, so I had no place to undermine a simple order like that. So I gathering some friends from The Hawk and set out towards the red tree with a small vat of oil and a bunch of burning torches.


We were hesitant about the order, neither of us believed in silly old wife tales, but nonetheless we felt there was something wrong with the place. When we arrived at the red tree we saw the most unexpected thing you would see at such a place, a white haired boy of 12 resting on top of one of the tall branches while eating an apple. He turned his head towards us, looking at us with green eyes that strangely held no sign of fear or anxiety, they were tranquil. He smiled and tossed the apple to me. I caught it, but immediately dropped it with a shock, it was drenched in blood. The kid smiled again, a smile someone would call joyous at first sight, a smile filled with happiness. But I saw something else, I saw something dark.

Emarys Toveya - White Tower

DM Handle: Daruya

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Emarys Toveya

Nationality: Andoran

Age: 16


Physical Characteristics: Blond and pixie-ish, with a gamine face and mischievous grin. Her eyes are usually gray but can reflect the color she’s wearing if she wears blue or green. She’s on the short side of average height and is very slender. Her hair is golden blond and she has a medium-fair complexion. She also has dimples that are often in evidence.


Personality: Emarys is mischievous but shy, until she gets to know a person. If you are a close friend, she'll prank you but never anything vicious. She tends to feel inadequate because she doesn’t have the dressmaking skills her mother has (or the patience to gain those skills) and she isn’t as hard a bargainer as her father would prefer which means she doesn’t get to help much in the shop. She has a soft heart and is drawn more to helping people than to making a large profit. She once sold a length of expensive fabric to a poor family as “it’s flawed, so it’s deeply discounted” so the daughter of the house could have a lovely wedding dress. She has ruined more than one dress by tending to an injured animal or carrying water to thirsty teams whose drivers thoughtlessly didn’t think to water them after a long haul. Injustice rankles her very being. Once, she was so enraged at a teamster who was beating his horses that she yanked the whip from his hand and started to use it on him, till her father took it away from her and advised the teamster to leave and, “oh by the way, if I see you beating your horses like that again, I’ll be the one using the whip on you.”

Special Skills: She has an eye for color and style. She also has an affinity for some metals and can tell if jewelry is genuine just by feeling/weighing it.

Knowledge Weakness: She knows a little about a lot and a lot about little. She has been sheltered and has a lot to learn about real life and hardships.

Physical Weakness: She suffers from unexplained headaches on occasion.

Personality Weakness: She tends to be a pushover for hard luck stories and is naive enough to even believe some of them.


Personal History:


Emarys lives with her family in Whitebridge. She is an only child. Her father owns a shop that specializes in fabrics and her mother is a sought-after dressmaker so she is always wearing the latest in fashion (she ruefully confides in the few friends she has that she is her mother’s personal mannequin and walking advertisement). She has an eye for color and design so her father has started taking her on buying trips and allowing her to select specialty fabrics to be sold at the shop. As her parents are successful, she has never really wanted for anything, though her parents were always careful not to overindulge her wants. She was expected to help with the family business from the time she was old enough to see over the counter, even if it was just putting bolts of fabric away.


She has met Aes Sedai who have come into the shop for dresses and was always respectful but she felt that a few of them were much too supercilious or patronizing. Most were pleasant and once she even met one who laughed a LOT and engaged her in a rather lengthy and animated conversation. Emarys really liked her and wished she had learned her name; all she knew was that the woman was in the Green Ajah. Though she thought it would be wonderful to visit Tar Valon someday, she didn’t fool herself into thinking she had talents of an Aes Sedai any more than she had talents as a dressmaker. Still, it was nice to dream . . .


And then it happened. One day, her father decided they would travel to Tar Valon to check with a fabric supplier there. Emarys was beside herself with excitement. Imagine going to Tar Valon where anyone on the street (a woman, anyway) might be an Aes Sedai! After they had selected their fabrics and while her father haggled with the merchant in the merchant's stuffy office, she snuck outside to watch the hustle and bustle of the city. She wandered into a shop that supposedly dealt in "Treasures from Distant Lands" and was instantly drawn to an odd white cylindrical object - a thick white rod with intricate carved details. As she studied it closely, she heard the door open behind her but, focused on the carved rod, she did not turn around. Her hands itched to pick up the rod but just before her fingers closed on it she heard a sharp "STOP!" Two soft but firm hands on her shoulders moved her aside and she turned around to see a short woman wearing a golden silk gown and brown shawl. The woman had light brown hair and eyes and looked as if she smiled easily, though her ageless face now was solemn. "Shopkeeper, please wrap that rod and prepare it for me." Guiding Emarys outside, the woman smiled at her and said, “I’m glad you found your way to Tar Valon, child, but you’d have been better off going straight to the Tower.” Emarys was confused. “To the Tower? Why would I go to the Tower, Aes Sedai? We – my father and I – are visiting the city to buy goods for our shop in Whitebridge.” The woman shook her head. “No, no, that just won’t do. You are for the Tower, child. You’ll have to be tested first, of course, but after seeing how you reacted to the ter’angreal in the shop . . . no, I have no doubts you’ll find yourself in white before the day is over. Come. I will take you there myself.”


The Aes Sedai only allowed her a few moments to find her father and tell him good-bye. After a tearful farewell and a “please tell Mother I love her,” Emarys found herself whisked off to the White Tower. Before the day was over, Serra Sedai’s words proved true and Emarys found herself in Novice white. Emarys was bewildered with the rapid changes in her life but she was excited, too. As an Aes Sedai, she could do much to help so many people Imagine how wondrous it would be if she were able to heal people! Emarys was a good student, eager to learn and quick to apply herself. Her teachers’ only complaints were that she wanted to go too fast and needed to learn patience. So they set out to teach her patience. The lessons chafed on the new Novice until a sympathetic Accepted told her, confidentially, that if she didn’t learn the lesson and learn it well, she’d either find herself in Novice white until she was old and gray, or she’d find herself out of the Tower as unsuitable. Emarys took the advice to heart and started looking for another outlet for her energy. She found that outlet in mischievous pranks perpetrated on her fellow Novices . . . like short-sheeting Carlia and Nellis’ beds and putting a frog down Zania’s shift. She spent a good bit of time in the Mistress of Novices office and subsequently doing extra chores but her life was full and she was happy; happier than she could remember being in a long time.




Jayel Aledrid - Freelanders



DM Handle: The_Fnorrll_Reborn

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Jayel Aledrid

Nationality: Cairhien

Age: 24


Physical Characteristics: Jayel is average height for a Caierhien man, so short for anyone else. He is slim, youthful looking, and has short, dark hair and blue eyes.Generally wears a short dark coat slashed with green, with a grey hooded jerkin underneath and fingerless black gloves. Has his two mini crossbows slung from his belt down to his thighs and two long knives on his back under his coat. May carry additional throwing knives too.


Personality: Jayel is a very thoughtful character. He is ambitious, but tends to live in the moment, trying to do as well as he can and enjoy his circumstances without any real plan for the future. He is cool headed in difficult situations and tends to analyze all of the options.

Special Skills: The game of houses, knife fighting, stealth, flute, tumbling and juggling, Jayel is not an expert but as a bard's apprentice, knows more than the common man.

Knowledge Weakness: Jayel's education has gaps, since he learnt merely whatever random books he was able to read during the time he lived with various nobles.

Physical Weakness: Jayel relies on speed more than strength, being short and slim.

Personality Weakness: Jayel is touchy when discussing his house and family history. He proudly wears the stripes of a long gone house.


Personal History:


The Aledrid house was a fairly powerful house in Caierhien before the Aiel war. Jayel was the son of Maled Aledrid, head of house Aledrid. During the Aiel war, Maled and many of the noblemen of house Aledrid died, and the house quickly and suddenly fell upon much less fortunate times. Jayel was one of the few survivors. His mother was carrying what was to be Jayel's younger brother, but there were compliations and she and the child died in childbirth shortly thereafter, and the house all but disbanded.


Jayel was raised by Finn Coratin, an ex-gleeman who had been serving for many years as bard and tutor to house Aledrid, and Master Seladin, head of his fathers servants and household. They instructed him in a variety of skills such as juggling, tumbling, cards, stones, the flute, and of course the game of houses. Master Seladin taught him how to use bow and sword and how to ride, but Jayel was far better with knives than with the sword.


The trio made their living playing the game of houses. Finn Coratin had a solid reputation in the game and often advised those in difficult positions what to do. Master Seladin often acted as bodyguard to those who felt they were in danger whilst playing the game. Jayel observed and as he grew older, assisted in both roles, bard, advisor, protector.


It was a life of varying states- months spent in luxury if Finn managed to wrangle his way into a particularly noble house, where he would encourage Jayel to read as much as he could from the family's library, and months spent living in inns and taverns, gambling or even thieving what they needed to eat, where Finn's adventurous past helped him to teach Jayel how to survive.


The result was Jayel, who as he grew older was quick witted, adventurous, carefree, confident in a palace or a tavern. Jayel is street smart and quick of eye, hand and foot. Stealth and speed serve him better than strength or resilience.


An old friend of Finns once passed through the city, and Finn came away with two presents for Jayel- miniature hand sized crossbows which the blacksmith had made but not found a general interest in. Their small size means they can be easily cranked back by hand, but all of this means a real lack of power. They cannot knock an armoured man off his horse, but in a back street or alley way, they will kill a man at shorter range, and they can be fired very quickly. Jayel learned to fire them quickly and accurately with either hand and they are his first line of defense.


Master Seladin was the first to pass, but old Finn followed not too long after. At this point, Jayel was alone, to play the game of houses and the game of life on his own.


At first Jayel kept to the street life, but he soon realised he missed the higher life, and began to try to work his way into the graces of various houses, as a bard, as a player of the game, sometimes as a young lover, whatever would work.


Jayel still wears the striped coat of his house with a quiet pride, despite sometimes facing ridicule because of it. He was taught by Finn who his family were, and where he feels he belongs. His ambition is to one day re-establish house Aledrid, by hook or by crook.


Aldeyza Imon - Wolfkin



DM Handle: Leala Gymorraine

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Aldeyza Imon

Nationality: Taraboner

Age: 19


Physical Characteristics: Aldeyza is about 5’6” tall. Before her eyes turned gold, they were brown. Her hair is honey-colored, like many people from Tarabon, but she no longer braids it, keeping it tied back. She never really was one for frills and dresses in shirts and trousers. She carries a knife and a pouch full of stones and a sling-shot, both of which she uses to her best abilities in any way possible.


Personality: Even before she became a wolfsister, Deyza preferred animals to people, and the outdoors to civilization. She is kind and caring to animals if she is not hunting them. A part of her would rather not hunt and eat animals, but she realizes that it is for survival for her as well as her prey. She tries to be respectful when she hunts. Around people, she is quiet and standoffish, but this is from trying to hide her awkward, socially unskilled side, although she will speak if needed, or when spoken to. She believes that while she can’t make friends, she could at least try to be polite.

Special Skills: Aldeyza is good at setting traps and has good aim with a sling-shot. She has a sure cut with a knife, but does not throw them.


Personal History:


Deyza’s family lived a part of Tarabon far away from the coast, toward the north. They lived in an isolated and wooded part of the land, a few miles away from the small town that furnished their needs and business. Her father was a woodsman who provided meat for the butcher and other paying clients. Her mother was a happy homemaker, happily preparing and cooking the meat that was left for the family. Deyza was the first-born of the Imon family. Her little brother was born when she was ten, her little sister when she was twelve. When she was about fifteen, her father took her out to hunt. She never quite liked cooking or cleaning, but she loved the outdoors, so she happily agreed. Her father taught her how to set traps, how to shoot stones from a sling-shot, and why aim is so important. She did not like the lesson he taught of when to take an animal out of its misery, but that was why aim with an arrow is important. Her hunting lessons caused her to be a bit conflicted. She loved animals, but killing them seemed so cruel. Her father explained that animals killed other animals to survive, and what they did was no different. It took a while, but it finally settled in.


Deyza’s life began to change when she was eighteen. She and her father had gotten up early to check the traps. It was winter, and game was scarce. When they had all but given up, Aldeyza spotted movement. Then she remembered a trap she had set farther into the forest. She must have forgotten about it. Her father couldn’t see it, and he couldn’t hear the sounds of the animal moving, either. He turned to go back to the house, but Deyza took his arm and marched him over to the trap. He was absolutely amazing that she could see the movement of the by now slow-moving bird, but also hearing its tiny cries for help. Both perplexed, they cut the bird’s suffering short and headed back, game in hand. As time went on, it seemed that it wasn’t a fluke. Deyza really could see and hear better than she could before. Her father couldn’t explain it, but he didn’t mention it to her mother, either.


After a while of this, Deyza began to hear voices and see flashes of things in her mind that she couldn’t explain. Some even seemed to talk to her. She didn’t tell her father, and she certainly didn’t tell her mother. She kept it to herself, just hoping that it was not madness or some sort. One day, she looked in the mirror and saw that her deep brown eyes seemed lighter in color. She wrote it off as the light reflecting strangely and went on with her life. But shortly after that, her mother stared at her from across the kitchen like she was a stranger. When she asked what was the matter, all her mother could do was point to her own eyes. Deyza rushed to the mirror and saw that her eyes were golden. How under the Light had that happened? Her father, still trying to be the peacemaker, convinced both Deyza and her mother that it was only a part of growing up. But Deyza knew that it wasn’t that. She still heard the voices, she knew that people didn’t suddenly acquire better sight and hearing. And lately, she had stumbled upon dreams where she could have sworn she ran on four legs and hunted with wolves. With her family, in the dying winter, she was fine. They could believe anything they wanted to about her. But she was dreading the thaw, when she would have to go out into the village with her father to sell his game.


The thaw finally came, and she had to accompany her father, who went by himself in the winter, to town. She kept her hood up, not needing any nudging from her mother, and cautiously entered town. At least she still had her father. They met with the butcher, and everything there seemed to go well, even though she felt as tightly strung as a bowstring. They met with other customers with similar results, her heart seeming to beat faster and faster with every encounter. When they were done and began to leave town, it happened. Someone saw her golden eyes, the one thing that she could not hide. These eyes were not light brown or green; they shone with a golden hue, even in the dark shadow of her cowl. As she and her father retreated, she heard accusations, insults. Darkfriend, Shadowspawn, hand of the Dark One. She even thought she heard someone call her a Trolloc!


When they came home, Deyza sat outside and pretended not her hear her parents fighting. She did not cry, keeping it all in. But she could not when her brother and sister asked what had happened. Her sister Rodrin seemed concerned about why she was sad, and her brother Elicin volunteered to seek vengeance. All defenses down, Aldeyza held her brother and sister as she wept. After what seemed like hours, she let them go, reassuring them that she would be fine after some time. They went back into the house, because it seemed her parents had finished fighting, and her mother wanted the little ones in the house. Her father came out and sat next to her. He said that he and her mother had decided that it would best if she didn’t go out to town. They were so afraid of outsiders or anything different. She wondered if it was the same in big cities. He said that she would still live in her family’s home for as long as she wished, though. It seemed although she was changing in some unknown way, at least her mother still claimed her as family.


Over the coming weeks, however, she knew this arrangement would not work. By that time, she had put together the voices with the eyes and the dreams. The voices were wolves speaking to her and other wolves. Her eyes had changed to match theirs. The odd dreams were where they roamed even more freely then in the day, even though she avoided them for their realness and its oddness where she could change something in an instant quite on accident, and where she had four legs. She did not understand the dreams. She tried to keep it all at bay, even the voices, but she could not hide her eyes that her mother still glared daggers at every day. So, for the continued happiness of her mother, the future of her siblings, and the continued success of her father, she left her small world.


Aldeyza cried whenever she stopped to rest for a long time, even past her naming day, as she wandered farther and father east. Her future had seemed so set. Now she didn’t know what had happened to her, or what would happen after that. But she knew she had to continue on, if not for her father.



Edena Rhoswan - White Tower



DM Handle: Misheru Sedai

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Edana Rhoswan

Nationality: Andoran father, Cairhien mother

Age: 19

Physical Characteristics: Slight built, about 5'6 tall, pale, deep red/auburn hair, storm gray eyes, lots of freckles, a very sweet and innocent face by first glance, but if you truly look, you'll see the calculating look in her eyes.

Personality: Although she appears to be charming and sweet, Edena has a very dark side, and she's not too good at hiding it in the long run. She's jealous of those who's led an easy life and hasn't been trough what she has,


Special Skills: Good with poisons

Knowledge Weakness: Has grown up in court as a spoilt noblewoman, and knows little of real life outside of court.

Physical Weakness: Edena is tiny, she has no physical strength, only enough to be able to to the fashionable court dances.

Personality weakness: She doesn't trust anyone, and thinks everyone will turn on her sometime.


Personal History:


Edena grew up in Andor, the daughter of a minor noble house. Her mother was Cairhien, from a house of middle worth. She was an only child, and very spoilt. Edena's story begins when she was twelve. Her father had been quarreling with a neighbour for years over parts of his property. They had even taken it before the Queen herself, who judged the property to belong to Lord Rhoswan. But the neighbour, Lord Carrick, was not happy. One day, the Dragons Fang was scrawled on their door, and the rumors started flying. Lord Carrick was one of those shouting loudest, claiming Edena's father had threatened to kill him to keep the property, and that he had started the fire some weeks past that burnt down one of Lord Carricks barns and killed half his livestock. The villagers was in a uproar and wanted blood. The Queens Guard was called to the town to make judgement, but before they arrived, someone sneaked into the Rhoswan manor and killed Edenas parents in their sleep, making it look like her father had killed her mother and then himself. The community took this as proof that they were Darkfriends; no-one who walked in the Light did such crime! Everyone agreed though that Edena was too young to have been turned from the Light, and none of the suspicion her parents had gotten was put on her.


After the funeral, Edena's mind was filled with the need to find out what happened. She more than suspected that Lord Carrick was behind the whole affair. She knew her parents, and knew they were good, honest people who walked in the Light. So one night she set out to spy on Lord Carrick. He was known for spending a lot of the nights in the servants buildings, drinking with the men and fooling around with the women. His wife was the laughing stock in the village over this. After a few nights of futile attempts, she found the right building. She stayed all night, straining her ears to hear anything that might be an admission of guilt. In the wee hours of morning, then countless wineskins had been shared, the Lord started boasting openly of his plan to get the pesky neighbours killed. He even went so far as to regret he hadn't gotten "the girl" killed while he was at it.


Edena saw red. She attempted to set fire to the manor, using an oil lamp and hay from the stable. Lord Derricks men got hold of her, put of the fire, and brought Edena in front of the Quens Guard that was still in town. Edena tried to tell them what she had heard, but she was in such emotional distress that they thought she had gone into shock after her parents deaths. She was brought to Caemlyn to get the Queens justice. Edena was deemed mentally unstable due to shock by the Queens Aes Sedai advisor, and her land was taken from her and given to Lord Carrick. Edena herself was to be sent to Cairhien, to be a ward to her aunt.


The Lady Amarie of House Moseneillin gladly took in her niece. She had lost her husband in the Aiel War, and had no children of her own. She decided that as soon as Edena was over the worst grief-period, she would receive the very best worldly education a lady could get. And so their life on the road started. Not that on the road ment the same to them as to most folks; they travelled in luxury coaches or by big ships. Due to her aunts rank and network of acquaintances of nobles, they were welcome at court in most of the big cities.


Edena, who had been such a bright and bubbling child, became a darker person. What happened to her parents, had indeed made Edena turn from the Light. Seeing how easily manipulated the people had been, how quick it had been to tear to shreds innocent peoples lives, had made her loose faith in humanity and the Light. On the outside, she seemed as lovely as ever, at least at first. She was good at charming people when she met them; but in the end she always ended up being shunned by her peers. Although she was good-looking, , had a fine singing voice, a keen sense of fashion and a sharp wit, her wit was almost always mean-spirited, and she was moody, petulant, sharp and demanding. Her impatience with the spoilt, sheltered nobility always shone trough in the end. She spun nets of intrigues where ever they were, spreading misery. And so it was that they never stayed anywhere long. The usual time in one place was about a year. The only person Edena could spin around her little finger, was her aunt. When Edena was being spoken badly about, her aunt always defended her. When Edena said she wanted to go somewhere else, they did. By the time she was 18, they had been in Tear, Illian, Altara, Tarabon and Arad Doman. The only place Edena refused to go was Andor.


One weird quirk of Edena's was that whereever they lived, she always sought out a local Wise Woman. On the outside, she seemed like she had a great passion for herbs and healing. What she secretly was after though, was information about poisions. She always carried a puch with herbs around, and tried her "healing powers" on sick or injured animals and birds she happened to come upon. That's what she led others to believe anyway; in reality she was experimenting. This quickly became one of her favourite ways to torture those she was jealous of. She tried to be careful not to kill anyone, but an upset stomach at the wrong time was still a great way to cause trouble for others.


In Saldea, the winter Edena was 18, she met an Aes Sedai at court, and asked her to see if Edena had the ability to channel. Edena's house on her mothers side had always been very positive to Aes Sedai and several had gone to the Tower for training; one of her distant great-great-aunts was Aes Sedau now. So when Edena learned from the Aes Sedai in Saldea that she had the potential to learn to channel, she decided that was what she had to do. As Aes Sedai, she could not be chased away from courts. All those who had talked down to her, or had the life she wanted, she would beat them all. Somewhere deep inside she knew it was petty, but she wanted to be someone who was feared and respected, and she wanted the ability to manipulate and ruin. She was out for revenge for her family, and the whole world was her target. What better way to do that, but then as an Aes Sedai? And so she started the long ride from Saldea to Tar Valon.


Note: Edena is not a Darkfriend, at least not yet. Her pettiness and penchant for torturing and manipulating others stem from sociopathic urges, not from serving the Dark One.


Jendha of the Shaido Aiel



DM Handle: Panchi

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Jendha

Nationality: Aiel

Age: 21


Physical Characteristics: Jendha is tall as any Aiel. She has goldenish red hair. The hair are red but during the day the light makes them seem more golden than red. Jendha has deep blue eyes. She has scars on her whole body. The most prominent scars are on her left ankle, right elbow and on her forehead. Her scar on forehead is almost invisible until someone comes close, closer than she lets people come.


Personality: Jendha is quiet. She is not much social and usually stays away from crowds. She is a weaver and enjoys her work. She has dreams of visiting wetlands which she hides from others because they might think her strange.

Special Skills: Jendha has some skills with spear and knives but her special skills lie in weaving. She is a good weaver, not the best but tries to work hard.

Knowledge Weakness: Jendha is informed about Aiel customs but she knows little about wetlands. She wants to visit wetlands and know more about them but she is afraid to ask anyone lest they think her strange. So, she remains ignorant about wetlanders and their customs.

Physical Weakness: Jendha is not as strong as compared to other Aiel. She knows how to fight but tends to avoid them. Her skill is not as good as most other Aiel with weapons even if they are not warriors. As a weaver she does not have to fight often.

Personality Weakness: Jendha could be a little too-absorbed in herself and not notice others. Others may think she is not paying them attention because she does not offer much in a conversation.


Personal History:


Jendha's mother, Mendhea, had been a weaver of rugs. As a child Jendha used to help her with weaving. Since she was little, she used to watch her mother weaving. As time passed she understood little weaving herself. Then her mother had told her about further details of weaving. Jendha had started weaving by helping her mother. She would weave while her mother rested. At first, it was for a minute or two but slowly as her skills with weaving grew, she would make whole rugs by herself. While Jendha liked weaving rugs, she was more interested in weaving the algode cloth. Her mother had woven algode cloth sometimes. Seeing that Jendha was interested in it more than rugs, her mother let her weave algode cloth whenever an assignment for algode cloth came. Jendha was a good weaver, maybe not the best but even people from nearby holds knew about her and her work.


Jendha's father, Rudhan, had worked as a guide for Treekillers. He had once or twice viited the wetlands for helping the Treekillers with the trade. After Laman's sin he worked as a guide for peddlers and gleemen who entered the Three-Fold Land. He talked to the wetlanders and his knowledge was based on the talks. He would tell about the talks to his two daughter, Jendha and Melea. Melea had decided to become a Maiden of Spear and was not interested in these talks. Jendha was and her reason was simple or so it seemed to her. She was getting strange dreams about strange lands, with so much water in one place that one cannot see the far end let alone cross. It seemed like the wetlands her father spoke of and she wanted to know how much it was true. Jendha wanted to visit wetlands and see how much true her dreams were. She was not as interested in meeting wetlanders as she was in knowing how true her dreams had been. Her father had never went far into the wetlands and so he did not knew enough to satisfy her. She would not be satisfied until she learned enough about wetlands to know if her dreams had been true or false.


Jendha had been noticing Wise One lokking strangely at her. What she didn't knew was that they were wondering if she was a Dreamwalker or one of the people who touch the Dream World in their sleep. They were thinking that she could be a Dreamwalker but they were not sure.

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