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Hi there,


Just figured I'd introduce myself here since I've been stalking these forums for a long while. I got into these books about a year ago and finished them all a couple months ago. Also got my girlfriend and 3 other friends to read them all as well.


I'm in the process of designing a full leg piece (tattoo) dedicated to WoT and was looking for any input the lovely people of dragonmount would have for me. Obviously, the center piece will be the wheel, and my thoughts are to have asha'man on one side with the black tower behind them and aes sedai on the other with the white tower behind them and their magic going up the sides of my shin, also with implementing ravens, Perrin's hammer, Mat's silver foxhead medallion, and Rand's... Well that's what I don't know... What should I put for Rand as well as any other things you think I should include would be awesome input. If anyone has any for me, please let me know.


Again, it's great to be here. Hello again.

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