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    Some of my fav books are, LOTR, WOT, A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, The Black Company, Dragonlance, Malazan. Anything fantasy or sci fi/fantasy.
    I love music, mostly heavy metal.
    I also love video games, xbox360 and WoW on the PC when I have time.
    And finaly, I love to draw. Traditional or Digital and play the guitar.
  1. Did I miss any mention of Elyas after he charged the Darkhounds with the rest of the wolves?
  2. Was Elyas' fate left unknown or are we to assume the Darkhounds killed him? Or did I just pass over that part to fast?
  3. I too would have liked to see a Rand/Lanfear pairing. And Faile/Berelain would have been....nice.
  4. Why did the WT have only one Forsaken watching over it while the BT had Moridin, Dem, Aginor, and Taim involved? I know the rest had some spies in the WT but I always thought it was strange that the DF Ashaman's that tried to kill Rand had the same orders from three different people. Isn't there even a line in there where the Ashaman thinks to himself that that was strange? I'm on one of my re-reads and just started PoD so maybe I'll catch something I hadn't before on previous runs.
  5. Taim is a character I hope we learn a lot about in AMoL. When he first arrived in Caemlyn he wanted to be Rand's 2nd, or a lesser partner, not to teach saidin classes. He is shocked when Rand almost destroys the DO's seal in front of him. And yet he shows concern when Rand almost loses it at the BT where Taim tells Rand "you must hold on" etc. I don't have my book with me right now to get the exact quotes. But why show concern for Rand after being so angry with receiving the Dragon and Sword pins?
  6. I started my re-read in the latter part of August. I'm about to finish up LoC now but I dont' think I'll be able to catch up before AMoL comes out. On my last re-read before ToM I thought the book was slowing down by LoC, but this time I don't feel that all.
  7. Those times when Ishamael told Rand that there where times when the Dragon served him in the different turnings of the Wheel instead of the Light, how come the Dark One wasn't able to break free then?
  8. Why is the rum always gone?

  9. Why is the rum gone?

  10. Very nice. DId you use pencil first then scanned it or is it straight digital?
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