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By Grace n Banners Fallen


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i haven't yet been able to buy the prolouge, being from Australia (this website won't sell to me), but still can't help myself from reading all the new topics with spoilers...


damn i need a yankee or canadian friend to buy it for me and email it to me... or copy it onto a disk and send to me.


i haven't been able to find it on other sites for sale yet... will try fishpond again later today...


keep those posts coming people, need something to get me through till Jan when the book goes on sale.

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Since you don't seem to mind being a little shady on the legality side, if you clear your cookies and sign up with a new account, you can buy it from here by putting in anything you want in the billing information as long as the country is one they can sell to (USA is easiest). You might need a valid zip code as well, but they don't use credit card tracking so it won't say you can't buy it based on that.

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