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  1. i thought this book was great, plenty of action, nearly all the characters from the series got a part and Sanderson did a good job tying up most of the loose ends. Well done Sanderson.. my only regret is that they are saying no outrigger books... BULLSHIT, pay Sanderson more and get some outriggers going!! i need more Wheel of Time!
  2. My sister is claiming that she heard or read somewhere that they are considering releasing the book pre-christmas... has anyone else heard or read such?? am very excited by this possible development... as i am very impatiently waiting a copy of the final book being in australia i have been unable to purchase the prolouge as it is not available for sale here can any aussies out there that have been able to purchase said prolouge print it out and send it to me??
  3. i haven't yet been able to buy the prolouge, being from Australia (this website won't sell to me), but still can't help myself from reading all the new topics with spoilers... damn i need a yankee or canadian friend to buy it for me and email it to me... or copy it onto a disk and send to me. i haven't been able to find it on other sites for sale yet... will try fishpond again later today... keep those posts coming people, need something to get me through till Jan when the book goes on sale.
  4. i will be shattered if there isn't a few outrigger novels to tie up all the loose ends... hell if Sanderson won't do it then get someone else too.... wheel of time is too good to let die... i'd like to see another 15 books... LOL
  5. nevermind, i found it... http://fawm.org/songs/28759/ feel free to delete these posts admin... thanks anyways guys.
  6. recently i found a link on here for the song dance with jak of the shadows.... and i can't find it again to get a copy... can anyone remember who sang it or what the link was? if so drop me an email at dazparra@live.com.au thanks all... (it's not on youtube, have looked... at least not the copy i am chasing)
  7. i agree with earlier posts... knocking off a book in a day is normal enough for avid readers... i know when i get a good book i won't put it down till it's done.
  8. i disagree with this theory and say that u are basing ur presumption upon very little evidence. while it may turn out that u are right, u have no supporting evidence for your theory as yet. Personally i think Demandred has taken up residence in Shara it would make the most sense as he was allied with Messena and Semirhage... Semihage comes from the west with the Seanchan, Demandred from the east with the Sharans and Messena plots herself in the white tower to weaken them and prepare them for the strike.
  9. Personally i think that Graendal will now be another of Moridin's servants... leaving only Demandred free to plot. i'd love to see Demandred knock off Moridin and take over as the Dark sides main dude. He has been thinking about how to knock off Moridin in a way that he can't reborn, as we saw from his POV in earlier books.
  10. What will Graendel's punishment be besides Shadar Haran?? what will her role be in the last book?
  11. Will the Seanchan Ogier be able to show the Seanchan prophecies are incorrect?? it is a lot less generations for the Ogier since the prophecies were made and they seem like a likely candidate to correct the flawed Seanchan prophecies any thoughts?
  12. i think we are all forgetting that AMOL isn't going to wrap everything up. Yes Perrin may die by the shadows hands, but that could be well after TG. After all we know the fight against the shadow is going to last long into the future with mins viewing that rands children will be important in the fight against the shadow... so the fight with the bad guys is going to last another 20 years yet. once the bore is sealed there will still be millions of trollocs, thousands of fades, draghkar, etc to kill. there will still be darfriends running around fighting the light and each other for power.
  13. i found a stasis box in my backyard.... got some zomora out of it and use them as slaves.
  14. and in regards to those two dorks talking about harry potter... Snape was a great character that kept us all guessing until the last minute...
  15. i would very much like to see a few DF's or Chosen desert the side of the shadow and return to the light. however i doubt very much that this will happen, as Demandred and Grendeal are too self-serving and desire too much for their own power . i thought Semirhage had been considering abandoning the shadow, after she started to question the dark ones actions and the possibility that all the chosen were to be sacrificed in a false attack on Rand. No chosen will desert to the light, and i don't think any DF's will either... am looking forward to a fast paced last book, full of action, battles, betrayals, and one power duals. bring on the last book.
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