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Does anyone know if there is to be one final Great Hunt?


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This from Brandon's blog:


Also at Dragon*Con I read a new excerpt from A MEMORY OF LIGHT. There will probably be three excerpts released after this, before the book comes out. I'm guessing they'll arrive in October/November, but I don't know for sure. As with previous volumes, the prologue will be released as an ebook. Tor.com will likely put up the full text of chapter one, and chapter two will probably go up in the audio form. The three segments that have been released so far, you can read on Tor.com now: the first scene of the prologue, a short clip from chapter one, and a scene from chapter eleven. You don't have to worry about the chapter eleven scene spoiling anything that goes before it. The hardcover book will be released on January 8th.


He doesn't mention a Hunt, but maybe that is the third excerpt?


I don't Hunt, but I do enjoy watching it unfold.

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