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To break the silence (Open)


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((Lets hope I still remember how to do this xD))

Winter and Forest Shadow sat beneath the boughs of a pine tree, quietly resting after an afternoon of cutting wood to be used for various things around the Stedding. He was still a Pup among the Pack here, having not actively gone out and attempted to gain a rank or a higher place amongst the Wolfkin. His sister Forest, who was in fact a wolf where he was human, told him that such things were needed sometimes. So long as he helped and was useful then he did not need to challenge anyone for their rank.

This was of course not how things worked among the Wolfkin, as with many human societies, but Forest still enjoyed using wolf-like proverbs. For the time being Winter was happy doing odd jobs, and would fill a roll when it was required of him.

Besides, doing odd jobs left him time to sit there, in the shade, with his sister's head in his lap while he absently rubbed behind her ears. Something that she enjoyed immensely.

Before too long he would have to deliver the wood to the Hole in the Wall, as well as to the Healers at the Infirmary, where they made bread and other such things and possibly even some to the Rangers' Barracks. Then, it would be back home to clean and perhaps cook for himself or go hunting to augment the supply of meat he had stored away.

At the thought of his and Forest's home he opened his eyes and look over at the modest house they occupied which sat a small distance off. It was not the grand manor house he had lived in back in the Borderlands, and for that he was happy. He did not wish to be reminded of the life he had been so violently tossed from, nor the family that had so casually and so callously branded him a Dark Friend and called soldiers down on him.

The flair of negative emotion gained him a prod from Forest's paw and a worried sending from her.

Winter Winds no longer needs to worry about his former Pack. He left them and has found a new one. Her 'voice' held a tone of worry and of comfort. She had watched from afar and seen the way his family had treated him. To ease her, he lightly patted her stomach.

Forest Shadow does not need to fear for her brother. He knows she will protect him.

The sending was more comical than anything else, but it had its desired effect which was a snort laugh from Forest and the feeling of her relaxing back down against him again.

He relaxed as well and returned to absently petting her behind the ears. She wouldn't admit it but Winter knew that she enjoyed it almost as much as a domesticated dog. He closed his eyes once more and continued to sit there.


A long time doing nothing.

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