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Saladin Ahmed: Author Q&A

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Mashiara: That's tough. Of the 'big three' guys, it's probably Perrin. But some of my very favorites are second-string characters. Thom Merrillin, Bayle Domon, Aviendha, Rhuarc, Min. And of course Lan. Lan is like the Wolverine of WoT - who *doesn't* like him?


I think almost all of The Eye of the World and the Great Hunt is just jaw-dropping stuff, honestly. But as far as a single scene, it's hard to top the Die Hard-type ending of Dragon Reborn. I mean, to have transplanted the style of the action thriller into an epic fantasy novel so powerfully -- I don't think anyone did it before RJ did, and I don't think anyone's done it better since.


Finally, yes, I have several back-burner projects, some of which may end up getting written simultaneously as the Crescent Moon Kingdoms books.


Ireond - Yes, I do that a fair amount. But usually by the time I've revised and edited they become unrecognizable as in-jokes.


Pankhuri - that's pretty broad, so here are two random favorite writers I think people should read: Naguib Mahfouz and Fritz Leiber.



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Thank you, Mr. Ahmed for joining us. We really appreciate you making yourself available for you fans. And as Ireond said, please come back again!



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