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Approved WK Bio - Anwen Silme (CC'd by Owen)


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Anwen Silme



I am not a day over sixteen.


I am not a day over the loss.


I am not a day over the shame.


I am not what they say I am.


What in fact am I?


Sixteen years ago the spring brought the Silme family many needed gifts and fulfilled dreams. They bought themselves a bigger wagon for one, which was covered in hues brighter and more colourful than any of the others. Secondly, they had been able to buy themselves an impressive looking mastiff that had a sleek fawn coloured coat and deep brown eyes that were always brimming with love and loyalty towards it people. Lastly though and most importantly, Eva and Alanzo had had their first baby. Anwen; a plump healthy looking girl whose gurgling laughter brought her many a devotee. They cared for her with diligence that rewarded them well in the coming years, ever cautious, ever-present and ever giving. Joy had come! Joy had come to stay Alanzo told his wife one night as they both admired their sleeping baby. Indeed, the man was right. Perhaps it was mere coincidence that she was born at such prosperous times, or perhaps it was simply the Light’s will that every family have its own reservoir of happiness to swim in.


There is blood everywhere. I can’t remember where it came from. There is just too much. I can’t…bear…it. It’s making something stir in my memory, but what? Dreams, I’m having dreams. This is a dream. It must be. I tried to get to rid of the blood, but now it’s on my dress and hands. Everywhere.


Love gave into liberality and Anwen grew to be a cheeky little girl with twinkling green eyes and chubby cheeks that often turned pink underneath the sunlight due to her many walks into any nearby woods with Eva. She was often found questioning life and had an inquisitive nature that was bothersome when not charming. “Why are we travelers Mama? Why can’t we just stay here? What if we never find the song?†It was such questions that brought unrest to their family and such questions that were hushes instantly and slowly, Anwen learnt. With this learning and blooming came the paths of adventure and friendship, laughter and dance. Like all other Tuatha’an, grace came to her easily and dance and song became a necessity. A necessity which as she grew older became an addiction of sorts- for all her ease with words, she disliked confrontation and heated exchanges and it was as she saw more of these that she began to understand the way of her people. “You are growing into your own,†Eva had said to her one day with a smile.


Where is my mother?


I need her help with my dress. The stains wont go. Otherwise…people would…think the wrong-Oh light. I can remember…those eyes. No one had believed her. But she still had the dreams. She could still fly. Oh Light. Too many thoughts at once. Too much. Light!


It began with the dreams. Magnificent, terrifying dreams of things she’d never done and yet she knew them all, if only for the time she was in the dream. Everything had seemed so real, the fields, the poppies and the never ending glades. The smells. The sounds. She could feel the bruises from rolling in the grass days after the dreams and if she were to get cuts, surely enough, they would appear and be a part of her like any other reality. It disturbed her, but something of a deeper kind than her merry curiousity told her to keep shut about it. And so she did. It was in this time, that slowly, Anwen began to change. Her cheerful countenance lost its luster and her dancing she did alone. It worried everyone, but mostly, it was Eva who found herself lost by her daughter’s drastic transformation and even when Alanzo tried to soothe her, she slept little.

And in those sleepless hours, Eva learnt her share too. She saw her daughter walk through the nights, she saw her in the morn when she awoke with cuts and bruises. Anwen was drifting. Anwen was troubled. She knew her daughter.


Those eyes. Burnished gold like the sun, I remember. Whose eyes were they? I knew them, as if they were my own, as if they…


My own.


Sight unmatched making her able to walk through the blackest night like it any bright day. Hearing that forewarned her of many an event that she could. At first Anwen’s growing skills were welcomed warmly and Eva saw more of the child she knew and loved return in the wild black curls and vivid green eyes. It was this hope that brought her the strength to question Anwen about it one day. They were walking together as usual, alone amidst the trees when she asked. “Anwen. You would tell me if anything was the matter yes?†Eva had looked up at her with a desperate plea in her eyes only to find that Anwen had turned away upon seeing her face. “Course ma.â€


She could say nothing then, dear Eva, but later on that night, it came out in a quiet, despairing weep.


Golden eyes. I have golden eyes. Or do I? Is this a trick? Who’s playing with me!?


The dreams became worse. Much worse. Everything did really as the spring came. Sixteen summers past, Anwen had never seen a worst spring. Perhaps it was still as beautiful as any other year had been, but it had become agonizing. No one believed her anymore, not even Eva. Every night she would sleep and every morning she would awake to find dark circles and exhaustion as all that greeted her. She couldn’t think straight. There was just.too.much. And then that wolf that kept appearing. Everywhere she went, in her dreams, in her walks. What did he want with her? Why her? For once, her curiousity brought her no answers. Not even hushes to remain silent. She couldn’t cope. She couldn’t cry or laugh or eat. She wanted sleep. And felt like she was getting none.


It was between dreams that she decided she needed to leave. Her state was dampening the spirits of everyone she knew and the pretty blue wagon she had grown up in no longer seemed a welcoming sight. They had been in Andor at the time, roaming the tops and trees of Braem Wood when she finally decided to run for it. It was for the best, she told herself. Her parents would heal with time.


Would she?

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