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One power detection and obfuscation


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I asked the following questions in the "simple" thread and got no answers.

So here we go.

Saidar channellers can 1) completely conceal their ability to channel 2) throttle back and give the impression being weaker channelers than they are.

Examples, Graedal at the LCeansing, Mesaana in the WT and Semirhage with the Seanchan.

They can however, be detected by tools like Nyn and Cad's ter'angreals.


Saidin channelers cannot apparently be detected from jst being in the presence of another channeler.

So the masking as such is not necessary.

A saidin channeler who's not holding OP cannot be detected.

Nor can their power levels be gauged except by a "sense of strain" if they're holding saidin to the limit of their ability.

Men can be tested for saidin ability using a resonance test as demonstrated by Taim.

There is a weave recently developed, which lets a saidar channeler detect what a saidin channeler is channeling (spirit, fire, etc).

They can also be detected in a drastic way by the a'dam since it sets up a life threatening short-circuit.


Can a saidin channeler deliberately fail the resonance test?

Can a saidin channeler throttle back and give the impression of being weaker by faking a sense of strain while holding saidin at below capacity?


Can a saidin channeler detect if there are several channelers operating against him at a distance? (Maradon/ Grady at the battle on Jehannah rd/ TFoH Saamael ). How does he gauge strength and numbers?

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I'd say they can guage the strength of the weaves and differentiate between who is producing the respective weave. At Maradon the Ashaman Deep (sp) could tell there were a number of male dread lords and guage the strength of the weaves to produce what knocked down the walls (and left me wondering how a number of men would work in concert) to know they were doing something big.


Grady also noted the strength of the single male channaler by the power it took to bring in the trollocs.

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