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N00b lurker finally deciding to join up

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Hi, my name is Sam and I have been a fan of WoT since 1996 I think.

I've lurked on forums like this and TL for a long time, to learn new information and enjoy some of the lively debates.

I'm not that good though at debates and theories so mostly I'll say my opinions, put my two cents in, and maybe ask some questions.

Hopefully posting here will be a lot of fun. Also I eat up anything Terez posts, she is sooo smart :smile:

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Haha, welcome Samwise, I think you will like DM. It seems like you have been spending a lot of time on the general wheel of time discussion which is fun. Nice that you already know Terez, yeah she is really good at finding information and having a good point. You may also want to try the general board for some debates & some mafia games. Also, there are some great social groups that you can join and some rp things you can do.

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oh my god yes, there are tense moments, we al try to be as passive as possible though.


Speak for yourself buddie. ;]



It does irk me when a debate hijacks an interesting-sounding topic.


I'm talking more about the ignorant, not a little bit crazy, right wing extremism you might come across. Unless that's your cup of tea, then you'll probably fit in a lot better than I do. : ]

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