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So, I've been a longtime WoT Mudder across a few different MUDs, and I've been aware of Dragonmount's existance this whole time but for some reason never bothered to sign up. Since I was bored one night and started reading through the disccusions board I figured I'd break my silence and join up.


Mostly I'm just here for the Discussions. The endless theorizing and speculating on RJ's work, influences, and the mechanics of how it all come together has been a passion of mine, and this seems the best place to do so. So cheers, folks, I'm looking forward to some intelligent debate.

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I put in a little time WoTMUD several years ago, a little at A Moment in Tyme and The Last Sunrise, and eventually settled on Prophecies of the Pattern, which was once (under different managment) As the Wheel Weaves. Been there ever since and can't seem to quit the place. MUD loyalties tend to run deep.

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