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MyndJack Radio Idol - Season 4


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For those of you who don't know me, I am a jack of many trades and a master of none. I've drank Oosquai and Danced the Spears with the maidens, performed before my fellow Gleeman back when the Illuminators were of their own caravan, and drank with men and women who would make the Gambler himself blush. I've also been known to dabble in the backstabbing art of mafia scum a few times.


For those of you who do know me, well your humble Gleeman wishes to entertain you all again!


Among my endeavors is that of a radio show which I host with some others whose names once gleaned more than a smirk around these parts. We have a lot of fun chatting up with D list celebrities, exchanging adolescent jokes with each other, and monkeying about with our listeners.


Each summer, we open up a contest to our listeners called MyndJack Radio Idol, which is a karaoke challenge set up very similar to American Idol and those other singing competitions. Listeners submit mp3s of their best singing. Good, bad, and delightfully terrible. Its all in good fun and the winner does get a nice trophy including a CD with all of their performances on it. Each week, their performances will be played before a celebrity panel of judges, many are well known within the music or comedy industry.


We are now currently accepting auditions, with the first round kicking off May 29th (Tuesday). If you are interested in more details, PM me your Email address and I'll pass on the audition info to you. You can listen to our show Tuesdays and Thursdays on the All Digital Radio Network. Its good for a laugh or two, and in some cases, might be just the non-alcoholic buzz you need to cap off your day, or forget it all the same.


Any questions? Feel free to ask them here!

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This sounds fun actually xD Eum, a question. Does it have to be a song you made yourself, or is a cover sufficeable?


Oh, covers all day long. In the past, some contestants made some pretty awesome parodies Weird Al style, but we expect covers. In fact, we give out a song list of preferred songs each week during each theme.


Here is a link to the podcasts from last year's contest: MyndJack Radio Idol Season 3 <----scroll down a bit


Email me at MJRI4@myndjack.com for details!

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