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Fundamental flaw in Eye of the World

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Ok Rand is the flaw.


In the book when Mat and Rand escape from the people trying to kill them and Rand uses the One Power for the first time. He then gets sick because that is the norm with people who first use the one power.


Problem with all this is that he already used the one power before when they were raising out of the two rivers. He wished that Bela would be able to keep up with the rest of the horses. Now there might be an out here but I don't think it happened this way. When he wished for it he said he felt a chill through his body. Which might mean that he felt a woman channel. Which means either Moiraine or Egwene. Now since Moiraine was surprised that Bela needed less healing then the others that would through out those two. Because that meant that Moiraine didn't heal Bela and she didn't feel Egwene use the one power. And besides Egwene didn't get sick later on in the story. Why didn't Rand get all sick and week in the knees on there way to meeting Min in Baerlon?

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