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  1. Actually I'm starting to hate the books. I was walking around the library today looking for a series that I can dive into. And I kept measuring up everything I saw against the Wheel of Time and found them lacking. Most of the series out there are all the same. Elf, dwarf, orc, or some sub human race of people. Check Dragons. Check Everyone speaks the same language. (Well that is Wheel of Time but I lived with it) Check Zombie's or vampiers or some trendy paranormal creature. Check Ok lets look at science fiction. I would if people actually wrote Sci Fi outside of
  2. I always thought the story of why her country was never absorbed by Tear was kind of lame. "They don't take Mayene because Mayene only knows where the oil fish shoals are." Really just park a bunch of boats around Mayene and follow them. Or pay some dock worker to tell you where the shoals are. Or shove a red hot poker up a sensitive area. But back to Berelain. She is probably one of the strongest rulers in the story to be honest. Morgase then Berelain then a long gap and the rest of the world. Maybe Mat's queen in Ebu Dar. She seemed to have a handle on things until Mat showed u
  3. Ever wear a cloak and try and draw a sword or pull a arrow out of a quiver on the other side? Picture Rand walking around Fal Dara trying to get out of the city. Bag made out of a cloak over one shoulder held by bow (Huck Finn style). Sword on one hip. Wearing a cloak and coat. And no mention of Quiver. You would assume he would have one being he tells all the guards that he is going to hunt rabbits. Maybe it's a shoulder quiver. Then the cloak is really going to be a problem. First book. Rand walking down the road with his dad. Bow in hand with one arrow nocked ready to fly.
  4. Being that the main characters are all good with the bow. Why is it that nobody carries a quiver in the story? Everyone has a bow but now quiver. I don't recall any mention of one in the story but it has been proven that my memory of the story is flawed to say the least. I remember Rand, Mat, and Perrin often talking about fresh bow strings and having an arrow ready. But nothing about only having a dozen or so arrows left. Just seems strange to me.
  5. Jordan used more Norse mythology than Christianity. So I always thought the horn brought on Ragnarock. Which means a lot of the main characters are going to die. Why do writers get free passes when they sprinkle in religion in the story and film makers get the criticism.
  6. Millions of channelers sounds about right. Since there has been hints that the AOL was the Earth at present day. That number is actually low if you take 3% of todays population you get hundreds of millions. Figure the Male AS going crazy over a two hundred year period. It's amazing that anybody not a channeler made it. You would go to sleep one night in a wagon wake up the next day and everything is made out of cotton candy. Hey if your going nuts might as well go big right.
  7. True, but the new book has been written since then. So let us pray to the light that the heroes from the horn are not like a ghostly jelly that flows over the landscape at a high rate of speed.
  8. Now isn't Luc dead? I thought Slayer and Luc were one and the same. He isn't dead. Perrin didn't kill him in their last fight in TAR to destroy the dreamspike. Slayer and Luc are the same. They are a man of two souls: Isam (Lan's cousin) and Luc (Tigraine's brother). So tossing the dream spike into the nightmare and the nightmare going away with Luc inside isn't killing him?
  9. The portal stone thing is a difficult thing to base the Mat betraying Rand thing. Because if you look at Rands alternate lives it was clear that every alternate life he choose the wrong path and the DO won in the end. Does that mean that all the lives that Mat saw were of him betraying Rand in the end and that was the wrong path he took? I don't know but it has been hinted about for twenty years that Mat would betray Rand because of that part of the book. If this horn is retrieved and brought to the fight wherever the last battle is fought. Please don't let it be like the Lord of the
  10. The Ying and the Yang. Bela the ancient symbol of the AS.
  11. Now isn't Luc dead? I thought Slayer and Luc were one and the same.
  12. Is it bigger than the Pacific or about the same size? After reading about the Land of Mad Men. The numbers come out to about the same size in my head if not a little bit bigger. And the distance from Seanchan to Randland is about the same distance from New Zealand to Easter Island about 10,000 miles/16,000 km. Not a small thing to sail that far with a small amount of islands in the northern reaches of the ocean. The Sea of Storms comes out to be the size of the Indian Ocean. And I would assume that the ocean between Shar and Seanchan is the same size as the Atlantic. Once again
  13. I always looked at the Land of Mad Men as a chaos land. I have a feeling that the Wilders there would make the Red Ajah look like Tinkers. So chances of a male channeler living more than a week or so slim. Now if you are going there to look for female channelers, you might find a few that are strong. But they will all be crazy on a level not talked about in the books yet. Didn't the source for the Land of Made Men describe it as a wild land of active volcanoes and low resources. So Neanderthals with Wilders?
  14. Who is he going to fight to prove his worth? It would have to be a non channeler. So any Forsaken is out. He isn't going to fight his brother. He isn't going to fight Rand. He won't fight Lan because he is going to be a bit busy in the next book. Galad is going to be a bit tied up in the Caemlyn fight. I don't think that Galad will prove his worth in the next book if ever when it comes to the sword. As far as the most well rounded fighter would I would go with Perrin being a little bit better than Tam. Even though we haven't seen Perrin use a sword all that much. Perrin is good
  15. I don't think the horn is going to be used in the next book. If there is some obscure interview given that I haven't seen then so be it. The reason that I don't think it will be used is this. Even though the horn is only a gateway away. I find it difficult for the story to progress to that point. Mat still doesn't trust AS. Mor and Suin are going to have there hands full for a good chunk of the next book. So for Mat to get his hands on the horn will be a 500 page evolution. Anything less will kind of seem cheap. Plus isn't Mat going to betray Rand anyway? So him not getting the ho
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