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Hey all :)

I'm new to DM, but not new to WoT or WoT communities in general.


Thought I might as well take the plunge and join in here as well (especially seeing how I have far too much time at work right now, so why not put some of that time to good use) ;)


A bit about me.. I'm 33 and work in IT .. I'm a gamer at heart and a self professed girl geek. Nothing I love more than delving into the guts of a computer (literally) .. I generally have one room in the house that looks like a computer graveyard with bits all over it).


I began reading WoT in '97 when I took a Fantasy Lit class in university and never looked back. I have not yet read ToM, but I'm working my way through a re-read that'll include that one (I'm currently on Winter's Heart... which is the book that always proves to be a hard one for me to get through).


And because people always ask in these threads fav characters and stuff, I'll start there.


Fav Female Character... Faile. I'm probably in a huge minority on that, but I know I hate it when someone won't stand up to me just cuz I'm a girl or treats me like porcelain.. ugh! I need a guy that'll stand up to me too, so I totally sympathize with her in that.


Fave Male Character... Probably Perrin... but not in the bit where he treats Faile like she'll break, but just the whole wolfbrother thing. I think that would be awesome (wolf is my guardian spirit IRL, so it would work for me).


Hmm, that's about all I can think about right now.

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Welcome to Dragonmount! I think Perrin is great too...I think I might use that name earlier on... I totally agree with you about guys who treat us like we're porcelain. (I can fend for myself, I've got my knives. I can still kick butt even if I'm not a Maiden anymore. ) Welcome once again! LOL

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To defend Perrin. He learned to treat everyone around him as if they would break, i.e. many references to having to be careful when you are bigger than everyone else. Is a natural disposition at this point.


I have to applaud the bold move naming Faile as a fav fem char! I think she is one of the most interesting of the female characters. I see her as an intrinsically important part in ensuring that Perrin is around for the events Min viewed where Perrin must be with Rand or he dies. He had to choose between the hawk or the falcon. I think the hawk would have been more interested in her own goals, but the falcon is dedicated to Perrin.

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Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, I love Perrin as a character as well, once he learns that Faile CAN take care of herself... I love every other bit of his story though. He has a lot of inner strength and virtues that are commendable.


I think they make a fantastic pairing :)


(And I admit, I was expecting a lot of "booo! hissss!" in naming Faile a favourite character since it seems there's a lot of bitterness towards her as a character).

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