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  1. Tamerya, accepted. It's been an ok year for me personally. Seems like a pretty craptastic one for the world though.
  2. Dear Reds, The time change kicked my butt. The dog woke up at 4:30 and woke up the kiddo at 4:45. So there was a huge lack of sleep for me. So i was pretty Zombie yesterday. But last night I slept like a rock and feel amazing. Good way to start the week. Tam.
  3. Dear Reds... As requested... http://vocaroo.com/i/s0Ra9WSdUqjw Note.. I hate my recorded voice. Tam
  4. Tamerya - Accepted It made me sad that the stores had Christmas stuff out 2 weeks ago. At least they waited until Canadian Thanksgiving was over. But yeesh, I can't believe it's already that time of year.
  5. Dear Reds, LOL! Who knew that my name would be so confusing..... it's actually Tah-MARE-eyah ;) The e on eyah is VERY short.. ;) I should record it. LOL
  6. Dear Moon Sedai, I am so glad to be back. It's amazing how quickly I've gotten back into things here .. it's almost like I never left. Except for the long gap in time... LOL. Tam :)
  7. Dear Elgee, Sadly the snow has all melted and we're hovering around normallish temperatures for this time of year (12C today). Hopefully it stays this way for a while. I can't wait to see pictures!! Dear Reds, My pupster had surgery on Monday and was really stoned and out of it on Monday night. Yesterday he was doing SO SO much better. Today he was wanting a lot of love and affection. Made me sad that I had to come to work and couldn't spend the day giving him massive amounts of love. Tam.
  8. Dear Torrie, I don't plan on going anywhere!!! :) Dear Reds, Does anyone want some lovely winter weather? It's only mid October and I'm already tired of snow.... Tam ;)
  9. Dear Reds... I am back.. I doubt many remember me, so I wanted to re-introduce myself to you all and get to know you all again. It is amazing how a human so small can suck up all your free time. Now I'm able to get some personal time again. Hooray!! Signed, An Aspie Back from the Dead... aka..baby stole all my time .. but things have settled back out, just took a while.
  10. I love love love Calgary!! It's a big city (over a million people) with a small town attitude. You go walking and people will say hi when you pass, ask how you're doing, etc. Most people are super friendly. We have mountains about an hour away and they're part of our skyline. When I lived in the US for a year, I missed them incredibly. Then there's the Stampede... a week full of free stampede breakfasts downtown and lots of fun to be had by all. Love my city.
  11. Tamerya, Accepted C... I have no wish to live chained like a dog.. and the rotting just doesn't seem to be appealing...
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