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  1. .. Apparently I listen to "The Devil went down to Georgia" too often. Slightly different outcome..... To dance a jig and play the flute Is fun to do as a recruit But I've been challenged on the lute To play for Jak o' the Shadows If I can't learn to play real fast My time on Earth will soon be passed My life to end, talent outclassed And be with Jak o' the Shadows
  2. I am thankful for so much, though the quantity is few. Our economy here is not doing well, but hubby and I still have stable jobs with no layoffs in sight for the moment. We are healthy. We have a roof over our head and food on the table. I cannot ask for more. :)
  3. The Landsdowne Lass by Deanta... in the mood for some good reels.
  4. TY Thane :) Rashi *Hugs hugs hugs* ;) Thanks Ryrin :)
  5. You guys definitely bring a smile to my face :) This is my dog when I try to throw a stick: This is definitely me this morning:
  6. I have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humour. And being Canadian, we are very good at self-deprecating humour. :) As for what makes me laugh? As in out loud laugh? No idea - I haven't had a genuine out loud laugh in... at least 15 years. A smile or "LMAO" is about as far as I go ;) I still appreciate humour, I love being able to banter with people as sarcastic as I.. I love seeing funny videos (usually involving dogs), they usually make me smile.
  7. Thank you Panchi :) And totally agree random... LOL
  8. Nikon, thank you for your...advice. LOL. TBB, the community band scene is very strong in my city with 5 bands with good strong membership, then another with a much stronger feeder group. But either way, it is a fantastic scene here :) Me playing a stringed instrument would be scary, though I do know how to re-hair a bow (worked at a violin shop for a while). Wifi - Thanks for the welcome :) Blom - LOL, good to know my style of humour works well ;) For games, I love RPGs and MMORPG. I'm currently replaying skyrim with the rest of the world, my sub to WoW ran out recently though and I have to wait until January probably to be able to afford it again (the weak canadian dollar SUCKS). :) To read, my favourite is fantasy, second is sci fi. I'm currently re-reading Robin Hobb's Fitz series.
  9. I saw your post and was like "RANDOM!!!!!!!!!!" LOL. :)
  10. Hahaha, you guys make me laugh so hard :) I'm currently looking for a new tattoo design and came across this....
  11. Leyrann - Naw, not pre-2011... I was around until the end of 2013 when the kiddo took over my life. Now I need to take over something else.. *looks around all shifty-eyed* And thank you everyone :) Edited: LOL Songstress, no big deal.. I don't need anything to tell me that I'm older than dirt :( LOL.
  12. I don't think you did know that. Seriously, you are my sister from another mister or something... LOL. I still play in a community band (as mentioned), though I did take a good amount of time off between high school and picking up in a community band. And LOL, horses are awesome.......
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