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Approved Freelanders TTPC - Jojohn Carington (Arinth) - No CC needed


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Character will be used for the assassin RP. -Myst



Handle: Arinth


Jojohn Carington (TTPC)

Age 29

Born in Tear


200 lbs

Brown hair

Brown eyes




Role: Jojohn is a guard for a one of the Lords of Tear, Erlin Drock.


Jojohn was born an only child. His family served Lord Drock and as he grew he did too. He joined the guard at a young age. He worked his way up over the course of a decade until he was appointed as one of Lord Drock’s personal guards. He is competent with a sword due to his years of training but far from elite. The Drock favors him for his discretion and his willingness to get his hands dirty when need be.


He is one of the few Lord Drock trusts. He has been ordered to kill and dispose of bodies before and has done so without flinching. He loves the coin that he earns for his work and he loves to spend it at local taverns on both drinks and women.


He has a hard face and smile that chills people’s bones more than it appears welcome and friendly. He has obtained a few scars over the years. A deep angry scar where a dagger was stabbed through his hand and a slash against the back of his shoulder are the two more noticeable.


He enjoys serving Lord Drock. It gives him the ability to do things that he would be punished severely for if he did so on his own. He hopes to serve him for a long time, during which both men will prosper.

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