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My name is teyosko, ive been a member before under the name ,'teyosco' but cant find my password so had to change names. anyway i love the books have read them at least 3 times and still cant get enough,.....and havent been on here for a few years but missed it terribly.... am a very dedicated wolf....and would like to be re-accepted to the wolfkin group...now just workin out all the changes to the site...wow lots has changed.......ill get back in the groove b4 too long.... a big hello to all old and new members, i look forward to getting to know alot of you... have a great day !!

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Hi and welcome back to DM :) Glad you re-joined!


I think you'll be accepted back to the wolves fast enough. We'll be happy to have you back :)


Who are your favorite and least favorite characters?


Feel free to ask if you've got any questions - DM has changed a lot. I hope you'll still like it here :)

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Welcome back to DM, Teyosko! Since you're a returning former member and a former Wolfkin, I'll skip my normal plug for the social groups as you obviously know how much fun they are :wink:


Absolutely poke around the place and check out the changes, and ask us if you have any questions -- there are a lot of friendly types who will be happy to help you sort things out. We look forward to getting to know you (again)!

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