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Approved Freelanders bio: Esyndor Renethil (Freebooter) - Resubmission, no CC needed


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Division: Freelanders

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Physical Description: 5'10", 175lbs, short wavy brown hair, blue/green eyes

Place of Birth/Raising: Andor, near Caemlyn


Character History: Esyndor was raised in a small town outside of Caemlyn. His father was a blacksmith in the emply of an Andoran noble, and taught him much of the trade. His life was uneventful up until his sixteenth year, when the noble's involvement in the great game ruined Esyndor's life. For reasons Esyndor has not yet been able to figure out, his parents were killed

by Cairhienen assassins. Esyndor escaped the same fate by luck. He was in Caemlyn buying supplies for his father's forge. When he returned, it was all over.


Searching the ruins of the forge where the bodies of his parents had burned to death, Esyndor found a finely crafted long bladed dagger which his father had been crafting for his employer. Taking it as his own, he set out on his own to avenge his family.


The next year didn't go as planned. The Andoran noble his father had worked for refused to speak with, or even acknowledge him. With no leads whatsoever, he was forced to search among the city low-lifes for his information. In his continued searching he became involved in the workings of these people who took him in, after a fashion. In short time,

Esyndor the blacksmith became Esyndor the rogue. A cutpurse on the streets of Caemlyn, ever on the search for information on his families murders.


The streets were not a kind place, and Esyndor barely scraped by. Eventually he came across a peddlar named Dilora Fashelle, who assisted him in his search. She took him to Murandy, where he was able to find work and improve his living situation. He also had access to some of the Murandian nobles, who needed only an excuse to delve into the affairs of the Andoran nobility.


After three years he finally caught a break which sent him back home to Caemlyn, then quickly on to Cairhien. A servant of the noble who had abandoned Esyndor to his fate came to him with information, and a name. The name of the Cairhienen noble who had ordered the attack. Esyndor arrived just before the Aiel attack on the city. Through a strange series of events, he managed to enlist the aid of an Aiel clan chief in his hunt for Lord Esanoma. With the Aiel's aid, Esanoma was brought to justice, and Esyndor's five year quest was ended.


The last few years have taken a toll on Esyndor's personality. He was once consumed by revenge, but now that it is over he is unsure what to do with himself.

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