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Special Message for Nya


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I would first like to say that I don’t post that often but enjoy surfing through

the various boards and trying to keep up with everything despite working all the time.

It was during one of these afternoons that I noticed a certain new little band of pranksters

had been unleashed upon all of these boards. One in particular seemed to come up with

the most random and hilarious things on a repeated basis. Now, I must state that I am horrible

at spamming and, until recently thought it was just so crazy and made my head hurt to follow. :blink:

In fact, I used to avoid places where there was a lot of spamming because A) I just couldn’t

keep track of everything and B) I’m lazy and just wanted to log on, check messages and

then go back to doing something else. That, like so many other things, would soon change

in my life for the better in my opinion. I decided to quit being such a stick-in-the-mud and join

in because if you can’t beat 'em then you have to join them, right?. I’m very glad I did. :happy:


It was becoming such a chore to visit and have the same cup of coffee every morning and do the same

old things upon visiting DM. Check the messages (which weren’t too many) and maybe post a few things and refresh the screen or go hang out on Facebook for a while until I decided to head back over this way. That was the daily routine and I had lost the “fun factor” of DM.


So, I said "What the heck? Let's start having some fun!" instead and we sure did. I started PMing and getting to know these pranksters and started becoming great friends with them. I first met little Nya during last year’s Feast of Fools event and slowly started to develop a very good friendship with her and the others. I got to witness firsthand some of the awesome things about her. I actually started enjoying a little spam myself (albeit while being completely horrible at it) and I began looking forward to spending more and more time with her and her merry band of pranksters. I think the two best examples of this craziness was when she (Nya) sawed through the ceiling, yelled down something to her fellow prankers and then she proceeded to slide on down the rope to come to their aid and, secondly, when she (Nya) was auditioning to be a Red pet thingy. :biggrin:


It was only later, in the Fall months of this past year, that I was able to really forge a deeper connection and friendship with this amazing little gal who always brought a smile to my face. I was able to relate to a very RL situation she was going through and that made me see a whole other side to this special little lady.


Not only was she able to make me laugh and appreciate the wonderful things life has in store but also I was able to see that she was so much more on the inside. She tends to see the good in just about everything like only a sweet little sister can. I keep getting older and sometimes forget about those things because I worry way too much and take things way to seriously. After that, I was able to see the heart of gold this screaming little trolloc possessed. She wasn’t all just laughs and giggles but an inspirational person that made me want to be a better person in my own right. Having gone through almost the exact situation, I instantly felt an even greater need to try and be a shoulder and/or an ear when she needed it and it turned out that she flipped it on me and helped me in so many ways. Here I was trying to help her and she wound up helping me. I realized so many things about myself as well due to her. I thought I was a fairly good person who had a good heart and she came along and shattered that image but in an awesomely positive way while not even realizing it. I recognized that I had a lot of work in order to be the kind of person that I know I can and should be. I deem her friendship and her place in my life to be irreplaceable and one that I always want to be there or life just wouldn’t be the same. She has one of the most genuine, caring, and innocent spirits that I’ve probably ever met and she has one of the most creative little minds of all the trollocs. Haha! :biggrin:


Never count her out for anything because she has an inner strength and outlook on life that comes from well beyond her years. I look forward to seeing her charge right through all the challenges that lie ahead in her life with a smile and a great big axe hidden behind her back. You see, she lulls you to sleep with the smile and then she stabs ya when you least expect it. :unsure::biggrin: That’s her special weapon…her adorable cuteness. :happy: She already possesses a special place in my heart and so I would be honored for her to have a piece of my soul as well. :wub: Thanks for being a big part of making this awesome place fun again and giving me a newfound appreciation of spamming and plotting to take over the world. You're a different cup of coffee every day of the week, Lil' Sistah. :happy:


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