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Mapping the White Tower

Guest GreenLeaf

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Guest GreenLeaf

Hello! Fresh blood to the forum here, been lurking some but never signed up until now.


Well yeah, as the description tells you, i am building the White Tower in this block based sandbox game called Minecraft.


Allow me to catch your interest by showing off my current progress.


Now please calm your inner WoT-Nerd. i am fully aware of my complete disregard for canon architecture and so is the artist who drew the fan-art that I've somewhat blatantly copied from. I'm sure most of you have already seen this fan-art I'm speaking of, but to you who hasn't here's his deviantart, you'll find the picture there. http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=wheel%20of%20time%20white%20tower&order=9&offset=24#/d1gksi0


There's no snake building i know but i reeeally like the looks of that tower and the wingbuildings.


Anyway. on to the matter at hand, what you see in my image is my current progress, it's nearly completely done, just got some minor details to add, but it's completely and utterly empty! there's no rooms, no halls, no stuff and no things. i intend to change this however and this is where i need help from a troop of true Wheel of Time fans. (so i signed up on this site)

Please share with me any information you can come up with regarding the general whereabouts of important rooms in the tower. tell me any description of halls and corridors.

I do have a list of a couple of must include rooms thanks to a dude on the minecraft forums.

1) Novice and Accepted Quarters

2) Individual Ajah Quarters

3) 2 Dining Halls

4) Amyrlin Study and Apartments

5) Keepers Study

6) Mistress of Novices Study

7) Hall of the Tower

8) Testing Chambers

9) Angreal Storage rooms


However, i know very little as to where in the tower these rooms are and what the look like, I got some information from looking up the wikia, but it is hardly enough.


Yeah! that's pretty much it, i greatly appreciate any help and info i can get.


Also, to any moderator grinding their teeth in furious anger right now, i was unsure where this thread would do best in, if you have a better place for it, please do move it there.

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As someone who used to be a Minecraft building aficionado, I'll say that it's pretty good. That said, you have a lot of plain walls and ceilings that could do with a bit of inlaying of other materials. The shapes are too simple, and the walls are flat. Try adding patterns of stone slab blocks, wood, etc. The main tower, which should be the center piece of the entire thing, looks a bit shoddy compared to the far better built domed buildings connected to it.

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