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  1. The rock group Queen had a nice take on this subject, "who waaaants to liiive foreva?" Anyway, If I could be immortal, I could definitely agro many more forums, ;p. Oh, and also I finally finish my epic saga entitled, "People Who Really Chap My Arse"
  2. Gah!! The death of Bella left me an emotional wreck for a week. At one point, I actually kicked my puppy then drunk called an old girlfriend to call her names at 3 o'clock in the morning, .
  3. I've yet to become familiar enough with mechanics of this forum in order to reply with quotes, but when I am, watch out! Somebody mentioned that crossing bale fire streams might have led to a body swap, and this has been bothering me greatly. First off, anybody who has ever watched Ghostbusters knows that crossing streams is NEVER a good idea; could lead to the end of the universe. There is no secondly because just needed to get this off my chest, ;p
  4. ROFL, Olver!! About my speed too, as his very existence lends me great motivation I love smiley faces ;p
  5. I really wanted to add to this topic but ...there is nothing to say, lol. Apples and oranges, sooooo .....BUMP ;p
  6. I agree that Rhuarc's death was treated more like an afterthought, I'd have much rather he had a more heroic one. I am left thinking the great commanders were treated abysmally (gotta gets rid of them somehow, ;p) But the death that upset me far more than any others was Bela, poor, sweet, Bela. So patient and just wanted a bit of grass and a nice rubdown. *choke* ...Sorry, can't type now, must leave keyboard. WHAAAAAA!!!
  7. I think you might be reading to much into his statement.
  8. I really misnamed this thread. I give the impression that I didn't thoroughly enjoy the book, AMoL. I just couldn't overlook a huge oversight in that if you are willing to open a gateway in order to fire cannons through, why wouldn't you take the next step by bombing through them? Way more effective. Edit: We are ALL stupid, ...just some moreso than others. Stephen Hawking might be pretty smart, if he was faking it, who would know?
  9. Hey, Suttree, I feel like we are old pals now, ;p Perrin was crafted to be a juggernaut from the beginning. Slow to start, conflicted, yes, but once started, impossible to stop. So disappointed with his role in last battle but that's another thread.
  10. Just knowing that your "art" lives way longer than your paycheck, does it make the paycheck any less important? There HAD to be immense pressure to produce a final book. Another book starting the last battle would pose the risk of losing fans/revenue. Brian Sanderson bowed to the realitiesa of publishers and shelf space restrictions. A big part of me can not blame him, yet my soul cries out for a less ignorant and less rushed version of what RJ obviously wanted to be EPIC. Edit: spelling
  11. I can really understand the route BS took. Doesn't make it right, but with publishers and your own career he probably felt like he needed to spit the last 2 novels out. After being a fan of this series for 100 billion years, spitting out the last novel was a disservice to publishes and fans alike. Ya, I was thrilled by last book, FINALLY, but now? dissappointed
  12. Small point here, captured channelers almost immediately become 'new" channellers for the Seanchan. Edit: Spelling
  13. SADNESS, I shall ever be known as the noob who couldn't spell Perrin, sigh, ;p
  14. Perrin, imo, was ...underdone. He has all of the makings to be a super awesome character, he talked to wolves, he COMMANDED them I suppose. I expected him to lead an army in the last battle, visions of wolf packs overwhelming trollocks and dreadlords. Alas, was not to be, Perrin was relegated to chasing down ONE, count 'em ONE, shadow merc and even then he got his ass kicked.....o.O Time was relative to the bore the last battle, so I suppose while Perrin was healing up, Slayer just took a paw and waited for him, after all, assassinating Rand wasn't a HUGE priority, ;p
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