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  1. You're kind of screwing yourself, man. Stormlight Archive and Mistborn are some damn good pieces of fantasy - assuming of course you break that I-don't-care barrier you find at the start of every fantasy book. One really cool thing about his stories is that they're all connected in an overarching universe, and one character actually appears in every single one of his stories manipulating events for his own ends. There's also, of course, the fact that Sanderson actually knows how to write a working magic system that's logical and not overpowered. Unlike a certain somebody we all know and love... EDIT: If you choose to do yourself a favor and start reading Sanderson, I'd recommend Mistborn first. Stormlight Archive is amazing, but it's also only two books in to a planned ten book series. I'd put off starting that for as long as possible to minimize downtime between books.
  2. Education has always been a bit wonky in Wheel of Time. The fact that Egwene learns how to be smarter and better at everything than women who've spent decades if not centuries plotting and learning, and in less than two years, should tell you that. Best way to look at it is to just accept that Robert Jordan left a few holes here and there. Also, "only 3000 years ago." lolwat?
  3. I hope all people who like Egwene get these tattoos. Fair warning for the rest of us. :P
  4. Not really. When I'm reading, I usually just read in my own voice. Olde, don't worry - you're mostly normal.
  5. Meh, they're just kind of boring looking. If you're self conscious about being seen reading a book with a merry band of adventurers on the front, just take the dust jacket off your hardcover and boom - mature, respectable-looking reading material.
  6. I think the hating Rand thing was actually rather realistic. It's hard to let something go when you've been holding onto it for so long. Hell, it's the same reason that when people are presented with contradicting evidence of their beliefs they don't immediately drop them. You keep believing what you believe because you're used to it. Eventually Gawyn was hating Rand simply because Gawyn hated Rand - his mother was a thin justification. We all do it, it's just easier to recognize in others.
  7. Heh. My name's Nick Trano. And I wanted a typical fantasy name. We're all a bit narcissistic.
  8. Really? I'd see Bill Adama as being Gareth Bryne. Mat's totally the Starbuck from the old series though.
  9. Rulers expect to be obeyed in matters of state, yes. Good rulers don't expect even their closest friends to be slaves to their every whim and desire. There's a difference between Stalin and Roosevelt.
  10. Heh, the sheer number of LOTR movies and video games, as well as the fact that a giant chunk of modern fantasy literature is in some way or another derived from it makes it a bit difficult to compare with Wheel of Time. Wheel of Time is one series, Lord of the Rings is practically the entire fantasy genre. But even so, Lord of the Rings has had a ridiculous amount of new content added. And these forums are very slow.
  11. You know Randlander, I rarely find a man worthy of respect around here. You are one such man. I salute you. EDIT: Although I don't think Gawyn is so much stupid as experiencing the unfortunate results of his ridiculously retarded upbringing.
  12. I'll admit it was a bit of a hyperbolic term, but I think the argument in its entirety didn't really lean in the direction you were interpreting. *eye roll because I'm clearly the smartest guy in the room*
  13. Yes you did. See, I said most fan fiction writers, as they get better, move into creating their own worlds. What I didn't say, is "most current writers were once fan fiction writers but they got better." I don't think the difference is very subtle, but if you want I could go smack my face into a brick wall a few times and then come back to check. :P
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