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Past member, new name.


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Hi folks,


I used to be a member of Dragonmount, not long before it changed it's appearance. I decided to change my name from Dabhand Dno. I'm chuffed to see that the RP forum is, well, attatched to this site! I had no end of problems posting onto dmpsw.com. I'd love to bring my (already passed) character into these new RP forums. Can anyone tell me if this is cool or not? :D

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I see no problem with that! You may want to check with someone in charge of RP Bio's!


And also, you need t resize your avatar! It is rather large for this site, and I would recommend doing it before the "Avatar Police Patrol" comes by! ;)

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Guest Egwene

Welcome Amalasan.... I think if you PM jasonr, james or Ata, they would be able to help as they are from the RP side.


And I should also mention that Corki is of that illustrous Band called the Red Hand. You should check them out too (you'll find them on the Orgs forum.


And on the book discussion boards there are some not to be missed WoT polls!!



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Hey there, thanks for your replys guys. I hope my avatar is a more satisfactory size corki? the other one did seem to take up a bit of space huh! Egwene, thanks for the names of the folks normaly in charge of RP. I sent my character bio off to be re-checked out by the Freelanders, I thought it was the best way (probably the only way) to secure my position in the roleplaying ranks properly.

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