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  1. As the afternoon drew on, the sun began its diagonal decent towards the horizon. The streets dwindled with its industrial jangle, replaced with the slow increase of evening jingle as music began filling the air from the local taverns. Shops started bringing in their signs and outdoor tabletops of merchandise and laid back a little from the daily din, chattering to one another about how their day’s prophets have been; the streets emptied early today. Perplexed, Malic hadn’t really thought about where it was they were both to go, he figured it would be Dilora making the decision. He crossed his legs and held up his chin as his mind battled from the two thoughts of where he would suggest traveling, and just how soft her hands were! not to mention the way she just looked at me, mmm From the very moment the two met, Malic was aware of the powerful and very blatant spark between them, as well as the always present cutting edge of problematic circumstances to split them. Stories, music, Dilora and the world; this is an offer refusal had no part in, and Dilora knows that! Dilora had enough serenity to show an Aes Sedai the real meaning of the word serene, but no manor of her ways demonstrated the manipulative and holier than thou attitude that Malic hated about Aes Sedai. In fact, it would be no shame to ever come into contact with another one for the rest of his days, even if that was highly improbable. Back the thought in hand, Malic popped up his hand and began counting silently on each finger where he has been since leaving his home city of Cairhien. He had been as far south as Tear’s Haddon Mirk, and Tar Valon was as far north as he had ever been! Haddon Mirk was the first journey he made and the only one he made on his own. It was his way of finding the equilibrium and balance he needed to connect with nature, what he longed for all through his working childhood days as a novice entertainer. It was one of the best decisions he ever made, he never looked back; his only thoughts of home were his Mother and his master Gleeman. It was just outside Caemlyn when he first met Dilora on his way back up north from the forest land, someone to share things with, someone he could really open up to, someone to take the edge of the lonesome life of the open wilderness… being a gleeman was a bit of pain in many respects really, though he did love adventure, laughter, song and dance, which is what did make a true gleeman! He knew now where to go. Waiting for Dilora to finish her pie took many more minutes, but he sat patianly picking his nails with the occasional tune of hums that came into his head. “So, you’ve decided” she said while turning the last piece of pie next to her mouth “where do you suggest?” “Am I really that transparent my dear?” he smiled… always smiling actually! Respectably, it was very predictable that Malic was done thinking, “How was your pie?” “A bit stodgy actually, and a bit cold considering I asked for it hot, but ok”. She placed the last piece into her mouth and brushed together her hands habitually, with a sip of wine to wash it down with, “I think I could have made better”. True it was, Malic had tasted her pie before, and it was breathtaking! “How would you like to take your wagon west towards Arad Doman? I hear there are a few ways through the Misty Mountains passing the Two Rivers; I also hear many stories of that very area. It would be something to actually say you’ve been there wouldn’t it?” Grinning to himself, he knew of Dilora’s knowledge of that region and the stories surrounding it…
  2. As Mr. Wilk finally, but reluctantly, went striding back into his tavern, Malic threw his feet back up onto the chair and sighed in contentment with himself on this fine day. The hustle and bustle of the busy streets was always something that Malic disliked about city life. Putting down his drink, he perked up his left ear in an attempt to concentrate on what he could actually hear. Fishmongers wailing lies about the freshness of their fish, and blacksmiths trying to attract attention with more bash and clobber than a palace kitchen. I could never settle down in a city anyway! The country life, even just the magical thought, always made him smile. The sound of the streets were slowly drowned away, by the drifting dream that was his profound imaginary world; of green colours and the chirp of the summer birds singing in melody with his harp… Hello old friend… and Dilora was there as well, laying by his side, pressing herself against him and stroking his arm and… fishmongers, blacksmiths, Tavern, err DILORA?!… Jolted is a mild description of Malic’s trip back to reality. Flailing all arms and legs in an attempt to keep himself upright was futile; adding to the foolishness of his backwards descent to earth it did succeed in doing! Leaning from the head of her wagon, Dilora peered down through the dusty air kicked up from his impact, only just managing to contain her laughter. “I meant to do that!” he alleged after speedily picking himself up and dusting himself down. The effort of righting his grace again with a bow and a flourish was apparently a little awkward. Dilora being the beauty she was, looked very well, and as always once Malic admiringly locked onto the shine in her dark eyes, it was a big job for him to look away. “A delight to see you again Dilora, will you park your wagon and join me at this table?” Giggling, she accepted his offer with a nod and parked up, giving Malic the opportunity to fetch another mug and a pitcher of wine for the table.
  3. It was another fine afternoon in the grand city of Tar Valon, with the sun ever blazing down onto the dusty streets. An all-wooden Tavern by the name of “The Queens Crown” held a large crowd on outside tables; it was a favoured spot for gamblers of the noble folk. Malic did well at playing dice today, which the other four men around the table were apparently becoming very irritated with. He already spent all morning winning, and lost only two betting rounds, which sent three peeved men storming off dead broke. His luck was in just recently, being that he needed to build up a bit more cash for the long road ahead, this streak was timed nicely. He received a letter from the ever lovely Dilora, and it was just days ago when he replied accepting her invitation to travel the open road once again. He didn’t see much of her in recent times, catching up would be most pleasant; this specific tavern was actually the meeting place for the two. The game of dice finally ended mid-afternoon, with many disgruntled gamblers muttering their way home. Malic threw up his feet onto the nearest chair, only to be quickly knocked off by the passing tavern keeper, “Nice one on sending away all my customers AGAIN Malic… don’t get too comfortable”. “And a good day to you too Mr. Wilk, quite exquisite wine you got here sir!” Today could not be spoilt by anything… that is unless Dilora takes us through the blight. Destination was yet to be discussed between Dilora and himself. He knew all too well of her chosen occupation as peddler, so the decision would clearly be hers. ;D
  4. Tar Valon, a city that had long been a place of Malic’s imagination since he heard stories of it in his more youthful years, it sure stood up to expectations so far. There were many reasons for him to come here, and none of them were to mix himself up with Aes Sedai! But a handy Gaidon…he might have need for. But avoiding Aes Sedai while being around her protector? That would take some top class tumbling. Malic laid sprawled out on the grass under a clear, sunny mid-day sky, plucking away at his golden harp below a huge tree. The location had quickly become special to him since he arrived in Tar Valon. It was a large open symmetrical square, filled with four large trees, patches of grass, flowers and white tiling; centred around a gigantic fountain statue and bordered with the hustle and bustle of the inner city. The statue itself was an Aes Sedai holding open a stupidly large book, in awe of her own grandeur…that suited Aes Sedai ego very well Malic realised. While his mind wondered in and out of thought, his harp suitably reflected the mood he was in today, which was calm and happy to be alive. Just knowing that Dilora was also somewhere in the city kept his mood on a high most days; in amongst one of the great white domes or spiral towers, probably taking full advantage of the luxuries the lavish life this great city holds. Malic was staying at a rather nice inn called “The Captain’s Salute”, this being his fifth day. He paid his way by singing and entertaining each night, which was a usual way of life for him. This job gave Malic the day to himself, and today, he needed to visit the library for research. It was all well making way through life just entertaining where he slept, but there were other area’s of expertise that caught his attention. At the top of these area’s was history, or a more accurate description would be historical items, and more accurate still would be the worth and fame of such items. Squatted to pack away his harp, he heard loud shouting coming down the alley he was facing to the south, followed by the clash of steel. Interested in the commotion, Malic all but jumped up to his feet, it was odd for trouble to occur around these parts of the city. Forgetting to brush the grass off his backside he started off towards the fuss, when out of the alley came a face he recognised, all but leaping over people to evade half a dozen rather large ruffians armed with drawn swords. The lone flying man went by the name of Jaishoa Spitz, a roguish looking man with a very long beard Malic met in the inn. He could be the most remarkable man Malic had ever met; he was in fact an archaeological researcher. The stories he told were legendary and fascinating. As much as Malic respected the man, he wished Jaishoa was not leading the group of thugs his way Oooh, great. Here we go “Whoo Whoo, not so fast my friend whats...” “Don’t ask, just run…they’re going to kill me and they’ll kill you if you get in their way.” With that, Malic started off at a sprint with Jaishoa, Oooooh great!...
  5. This was indeed a fine place to camp. It was some distance away from the road and the foliage cover quite splendid. But not cover to where one could not stare up to the skies. The deepening sun, half moon and the stars out at once was a great time for Malic to admire, which has become one of his favourite times to think. What lurks out their in the dark, is not always so beautiful. There was no sense of paranoia present in Malic’s mind, but he knew there had to be a little care taken in such days as these. Malic sat cross-legged wrapped in his gleaming bright yellow cloak while the others rustled about the camp with whatever belongings they needed out from the wagon, he already had everything he needed unpacked just by the camp. With the campfire already made and the catch made over at the brook cooking slowly simmering into tasty chowder, he leant back deep in thought about how he imagined the sights of Tar Valon to look. He had never been there before, and from what he heard, the white tower could be seen many miles away from the city itself. He had no real interest in meeting an Aes Sadai, they weren’t particularly very great conversationalists, also from word of mouth. But still, it would probably be an unavoidable event seeing as though he will be roaming their beloved city! Does he intend to stay with this company after going the distance of this city? Where will he go next? These are questions he needed to share with another. Maybe he could be apart of this company permanently, but first he needed to get to know the company much better before he can make such decisions. He decided to keep such questions to himself for now, which was probably for the best anyway. Thoughts of bettering his skills with the five knives leather strapped to his waist nagged him also. This was something he intended doing something about soon. The battle he encountered on the way to Caemlyn was an embarrassment to him. There were many of the darkspawn set on chopping him up, which to most folk could be classed as a very good effort to have eventually overwhelmed them. The fact that he fell unconscious and split up from his company could have been avoided only if he was more accurate with his weapons. He had an idea, I must train, surely there’s one amongst this crew that is good with a blade. The one they called Thorfinn had disappeared into the woods perhaps an hour ago, apparently on the hunt for another meal, which would be a welcome addition to the meagre chowder that should be about ready – it would have to be rationed out considering the amount of folk about the camp. Malic jumped slightly as Dilora called out, "Who's for a drink?" The question had to be rhetorical. Malic was always partial to a drink, being brought up in an inn meant he had lots local to practice with! Jumping to his feet, he made his way over to her and the barrel. “Very kind of you Dilora, I will sample perhaps a little ” He didn’t even notice the newcomers while he poured himself a mug of apple brandy. They silently made their way into the camp, but of course Malic knew that even when Aiel were not even trying to move in stealth, they still managed it spontaneously. It seemed they were interested in buying from Dilora, who went off to talk with the Aiel clan chief. Malic had seen Aiel wondering his home city of Cairhien and so seemed no strange thing to have them visit. Malic had to keep to his priority’s though, looking around he attempted to search out the one called Rosheen…the heron marked blade she owns must mean one thing!
  6. The tenor tone humming that fluttered from the inside of the wagon brought a perfect symphony to go with the harp chords that Malic played. The sounds brought a dear warmth and lit up the area even more. No shadowspawn could have come within a mile of this light. When the light faded, Malic leaped off Munch, packed away his harp and left him to trot alongside Altie allowing them to do a little catching up of their own. There was no awkwardness between them as far as Malic could tell, which pleased him. It was apparent that Dilora had missed Malic as much as he had missed her. The multitude of questions that came his way was all very similar to his own. He answered them the best he could, but the question of him being with any women from the time of their parting did baffle. Explaining that he spent the majority of the time with a farmer and his wife only sparked a look of controversy on her face, but only for a split moment. The rest of the time he spent looking for her, which brought the smile back. Malic is a man whom is very in touch with his feelings and he knew very much how well the two of them connected, his feelings were giving him strength, strength enough to stand upright even after a few days of no sleep. Her eyes sparkled with desire like a rare flower waiting for the impending approach of the humming bird…he knew this was also as he looked, as he gazed deep into her eyes, checking out her fine figure and soft uttering of how well she also looked. It went on like that for what seemed to be hours, and probably was, he was lost in the long moment and didn’t want to return. “I would sing a thousand praises for this thread in the pattern which brought me back to you so willingly dear Dilora. But not all I have to say is so pleasant.” The mood within Malic had changed, and unfortunately did bring him back from his moment of ecstasy. It also hit home that he was almost ready to drop from exhaustion “There is a bounty set out on you and the crew”…Malic went on telling Dilora of his conversation with the inn keepers and his swift departure from Caemlyn. He truly did hope he was that good at being avoided. OOC: Looking to get Malics Weapon score up. Perhaps Rosheen could help out with some training?
  7. Ha! I’d say the only way this horse is still on his feet are those breadcrumbs that Altie is leaving him behind! Many breadcrumbs Dilora...many. Come to think of it, I don’t think the folk up ahead could hide a needle in a haystack! Malic smiled, more than just his usual fixed grin, this one almost stretched from one ear to the other. His exit from the city seemed to have gone unnoticed, but he did have a strange feeling of being pursued part of the way. Ahead the mud track road to Tar Valon, were the outlines of a traveller’s wagon with a couple of mighty large humanoid figures rising above the height of the wagon, which could only be ogier. First thing he will do is warn the company of the dangers behind them and attempt to avoid them. Munch sprinted up the track at such a speed that now he was barely able to canter. Saying that, the two companions had travelled hard from four kings with only an hour or so to breathe again. But still, at this slow rate they seemed to be catching up, becoming more a familiar site and less of a distant dot over the hill. --- Back to earlier events of the Howling Monkey Inn, Malic couldn’t quite believe the sight he saw. He stood at the entrance with a gaping wide mouth and a sheepish look about him. The door to the place hung off just by a nail, which seemed to be a pointless attempt to fix it back into it’s framework. The destruction was so great that the only way it could have looked worse was if the entire building fell in on itself! There wasn’t a single chair, table window or piece of art still in one piece and the bar looked as if a very large person had been thrown straight through it. Only two people buzzed about trying to clear up the mess, they had to be the lord and lady of the house. After looking around astonishingly Malic knew he must have looked ridiculous, so righted himself and began wading his way towards them. “No...I will assume you have enough brains to notice that we are in no need of a musician...sir” The lady barked, covered in dust and wearing a face surly redder than the cold blood pumping through her body. Malic - even though disgusted with his welcome - still produced a short bow minus the flourish of his cloak, which also began collecting dust of it’s own. “Kind lady” he began, whilst brushing his shoulders off, “I am certain I have brains to know this fact, and without seeming over confident and cocky may I add...where exactly would I perform?!” The landlord in the corner stood from his crouching cleaning position, obviously overhearing Malics cynical question and approached with a grim look on his face. Malic continued, “I will not lie to you, news travels like a doves feather in the wind, especially in large cities like this one. I hear you have had ogier staying here, what happened exactly?” At first the pair would not share this information, but Malic’s powers of persuasion were fit enough to influence a wild bear into hugging him affectionately! He got a great deal out of them eventually, including a good description of Dilora, but curiously no good descriptions of the crew she was travelling with towards Caemlyn. Besides the obvious events (which we all know), mercs and the city guard showed up and left with the dead and unconscious moments before Malics arrival. The three mercenaries that came by rattled a bounty out of the inn owners for the carnage. It turns out that the owners of this particular inn are well-made and related to a high lord living in the city. This made Malic feel very uncomfortable all of a sudden, but he held his demeanour straight. The others must only be a couple of hours ahead, but light, I must leave and now...discretely. --- Malic approached the front of the slow moving wagon after regarding the couple of ogier travelling alongside. At the head sat a sleeping Dilora, Malic’s eyes lit up at the sight of her and sighed a breath of relief. Taking out his harp and playing a light chord, Dilora opened her eyes; this produced his best flourish and a nice smile of recognition from her. She looked ravishing to him . “And so we meet again my dearest Dilora”... OOC: Love the siggy silhouette!
  8. The afternoon was getting late, the slow falling sun dipping ever closer to the embrace of the distant horizon. The heat was still searing and no rain had fallen in a very long time. The now less busy street of Caemlyn’s new city looked incredible, and the stone masoned buildings that stood everywhere were always a sight to see, especially now against the orange sky. Malic sat atop his stallion at a standstill to admire the beauty that was Caemlyn, the heart of Andor. Trotting on slowly, Malic brushing his fingers through his long dark hair, patted his stallion with the other hand, whom he called Munch. The high-speed journey he embarked upon from four kings took just about a day, and surly left Munch feeling tired, but more likely hungry! He should make a stop soon. His aim at present is to search out the band of travellers that he accompanied to Caemlyn, whom he lost in a surprise battle with Darkspawn he had never encountered before. Drawing him away from the campsite, the hoard he was up against wounded him gravely; they took up much concentration and strength to get the better of. When the battle was over he collapsed and woke up in a strange house, with a farmers wife nursing him…there was no getting away, she insisted on Malic staying a while longer, and then a little longer after that…and so on! The farmer and his wife were very kind to him and Munch, but eventually he had to sneak out in the dead of night. Dilora…where are you? Following your breadcrumbs is proving to be a tough exercise…especially with Munch hovering them up as we go! In truth, if Malic never met Dilora, he would not be in Caemlyn. With he being a gleeman and Dilora being a peddler, they were able to talk sometimes the whole night through, exchanging stories and songs and showing off tricks and wares. After a week of travel there was definitely something there between them He vowed to accompany her to Tar Valon, so the guilt that ran through him now can only be remedied by the thought of sweet reunion. Three laughing drunkard noblemen began walking alongside him, muttering something that sounded like; “Ogier… fighting… and tavern… hahahahaaa!” Munch came to a halt, allowing Malic to flick back his cloak and dismount to the side where the noblemen were plodding, “Kind sirs?” he said during a short bow. Swaying, the drunks turned their attention to him, “Forgive me for eavesdropping, but I’ve just arrived in the city and need to gather a little street info. Did I overhear you mention something about a tavern brawl with a crew of Ogier?” “*hick* Hahaa, yes I was there myself last night” this man looked considerably higher in status than the other two, “and from what I saw the ogier and the folks they were with didn’t even have to break out in a sweat!” “and of what sort of folk do you speak of?” he asked while scratching his chin. “*hick* well it is a bit hazy, but there were a couple of warriors and a peddler I think *belch*” “Is that so? Thankyou, now could you point me in the direction of this tavern?” The men did point out the direction and better. The tavern was well far out of the new city so he made his way immediately, and knowing the name of the tavern was a great help. Well Dilora, if this is you I’m hearing about, I can’t say it was difficult finding your breadcrumbs now can I! And failing this attempt of finding you, I’ll have to hope Altie is still on heat!
  9. OOC: I regret to announce that I'm no longer going to able to commit Malics posts for quite a while folks. I've found a live-in job which I start this weekend, and once I get there, very little internet access permitted. I hope to be able to recommence posting sometime in september. To make the story remotely believable, it's probably fair to say Malic disappeared without a trace. Perhaps he was taken hostage by the undead roaming around! But don't worry, he can take care of himself for a while! Ciao for now :) (just when the story was becoming even more awesome too.)
  10. The journey was very pleasant indeed for Malic. The company he shared along the way, turned out to be better than he expected. Earlier in the days when he first acquainted himself with the original wagon crew, he couldn’t quite come to terms with the fact the crew was half made up of thief-catchers. Malic found his past experience with a particular thief-catcher that was intent on evil doings, to be a rare happenstance. Anton and Alianna turned out to be very different and Malic eventually came to like them, he might even go as far as giving them a small slice of his trust. The exception was Dilora, whom he found to be enchanting from the first minute they met. Malic’s initial plans were to go with the wagon half way to Caemlyn, then split away and make his way up North to Saldaea. Making mental notes along the way, he sat alone one night and listed the pros and cons of staying with the wagon all the way to Caemlyn. The pros highly outdid the cons and he decided to stay, which the crew approve of a well…as well as his stallion Munch. The romance blossoming between Munch and Altie was a little disturbing at times, especially during the times of shuteye when all you could hear were the crickets and heavy booming gasps for air coming from the horses direction. It would be more heartbreaking for Munch than it would have been for Malic. Back to the present time, He tied the stallion up to the wagon where Dilora decided to park and packed up a small sac of things from his belongings to take around the event that was going on. Hmm, perhaps I’ll manage to get a little high-wire practice done while I’m here. Malic threw his yellow cloak back on, hauled his small sac over his shoulders and spun to regard the rest of the crew, â€Ok, choices choices…so where first then folks?â€
  11. Malic leaned up against the head of the wagon, fingering his harp with his left hand whilst lifting a crusty piece of bread to his mouth with his right. The fact that Dilora hadn’t known the pair for very long was now obvious from the way she observed them in their friendly duel. Malic thought to admit, as he observed them himself; they are both pretty handy with those lengths of wood they possess. These thoughts made him grip the bread with his teeth and check his dagger pouch that he concealed behind his back…they were all present, it has been quite some days since I practiced myself. Malic took hold of his bread again and began looking round for a good tree. His thoughts of practice faded away as Dilora turned back and asked him about his first impressions of the duelling pair. Malic lent his harp up and put finished off the last bits of his bread as he looked up and wore his thoughtful face for a few seconds before answering. â€When me and you met just hours ago, it felt like it was already woven into the wheel of fate that it was meant for us to meet, for reasons I’m yet to figure out. I'm sure you know of what I speak Dilora. I felt a connection with you, one that I didn’t feel with Anton and Alianna I’m sorry to say…†Malic paused, he knew he had to be careful the way he worded his next statement, â€I don’t think it’s so much them as people, but it’s what they stand for that I just don’t trust. My first impressions of them were…well, mixed up. I had a problem in the past with a thief catcher, one that was very unpleasant indeed. Therefore forcing me to be a little cautious around others in future, that is all.†That is all? You just gave away weakness…are you getting soft? Said the little voice on his shoulder, as he palmed his forehead. :?
  12. Malic, breaking in with his little addition to the song that was so beautifully sung by Dilora, hoped it might impress her. The look that she gave him looked more on the lines of irritation, but as he went on, flipped upside into a more delighted and admiring look. This was more as he hoped. On his harp, Malic strummed a tune unknown by most people, one of his own compositions. All of major notes, a light tune that seemed to go well both with the cheery mood of the song and the life the flourished around wagon, the notes filled the air getting a few inquisitive looks from the birds in the trees. When the song finished, claps could be heard from two in the back. Resting his harp, Malic joined in the clapping and exchanged a bow with Dilora; still grinning he winked when he was sure she had locked back onto his eyes. â€A most delightful start to our journey Dilora, I hope you didn’t mind awfully when I butted in, you could say it was my natural reaction as a gleeman. I sense you enjoyed singing as much as I, we could make it quite a routine?†Travelling perhaps another hour down the straight road, the two at the head both exchanged a number of tales and other tunes they had heard along the open road, Dilora told Malic a few that he hadn’t heard and vice-versa. I’m impressed, she has an extensive collection indeed, my trip up to Saldaea does not seem quite so important anymore. I’ll have to think more on this. Mutters and the occasional cry of laughter were heard back from the wagon, showing that the two thief catchers were making light of the journey with their own forms of entertainment… whatever that may be! After the hour passed, a break to eat was decided. The words “eat†and “food†prompted a swift spin on the spot and a wide-eyed look of excitement by Munch. As he dismounted, Malic un-strapped his food pack and allowed Munch to converse with his new female friend, being Altie of course! Watching Anton disappearing into the trees, and Alianna busying with something elsewhere, Malic looked thoughtful as he picked out a chunk of cheese. He found an opportunity to question, but quietly, “So Dilora, what do you make of the two thief catchers? I have a few issues of trust when it comes to folk of that career path. Have you known them long? I mean, they come across as ok but I need your opinion.â€
  13. †I am pleased I can help Aliana. I cannot see we will have any trouble with brigands along the way, but one never knows. I am not as frail as I might look, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve if we do encounter trouble of that sort, along with my powers of persuasion! Once again it is good to meet you both, but if you excuse me, I’d better tend to my horse before he gets too friendly with Altie.†With that Malic stalked out and around the wagon. He was having second thoughts about joining the group now, he was beginning to get nervous knowing he will be travelling with one thief catcher, but now there were two? He didn’t like this at all. This confrontation in his mind was already beginning to get to him. They both seemed genuine and good people. I suppose there’s no problem with just being a little cautious, he thought as he took hold of the objecting Munch’s reins. Pulling the stallion to one side, he mounted with great agility. After that sprint from Munch, he needed to Re-adjust the placment of his harp that was clipped not very neatly around the pommal. He then spun around to talk with Dilora. Forgetting for now about the earlier anxiety, his smile grew once again. â€I will not hold you up any longer Dilora, I am ready to make head way when you areâ€
  14. Having got to the back of the wagon, Malic was met by the man that went by the name of Anton, who was already awaiting his arrival. As Malic ducked into the wagon, the first thing he noticed was the equal number of male and female travellers. He saw this as a good advantage for societal reasons in a group. The man in front took Malic’s hand with a good handshake, “you can learn a lot just from a man’s handshake†was only one of the wise teachings of his friend Cyric, back in Cairhien, which he found this to be quite true. “Quite the performance Master Deriz, and we only just met! Anton Averdal, thief catcher and itinerant wanderer.†“Anton, well met, it seems you heard my earlier introduction, that will simplify a few things then. I seemed to have evened the team out in numbers somewhat. I myself am a gleeman, young and relatively inexperienced, still I trust I will make good company and help raise spirits for you in these dark days.†Anton came across as one of the decent sort, but mentioned himself as being a thief catcher. Malic was no criminal, but to his experience it was far better to be very much on the good side of such in that line of business. He knew a thief catcher once that would do anything to get his filthy mitts on royal gold, including purposely arresting the wrong suspect, just to close a fast deal. Yes, Malic will be watching what he says for a time, until he feels can really trust Anton. Anton motioned towards the second lady of the team; Malic extended his hand with the impulse of kissing her hand. That idea was unexpectedly interrupted with a firm grip of the wrist, which did catch him by surprise. Hmm, how rather, um… masculine! â€Hello, Master Deriz. I'm Aliana Karalev, a traveller like all here†I think I better watch myself with this one too. After a bow, Malic attempted to straighten himself a little too much, bumping his head on the roof of the wagon, :x causing him to frown…which wasn’t all too often seen. "Ahum, I suppose that’s what you get for being such a bean pole. A pleasure it is to make your acquaintance miss Aliana, also well met. Please excuse my curiosity; I didn’t quite catch your line of business?"
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