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Where me fellow Illianers?

Noah Ruan

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Very new to the whole Wheel of Time world. I have just started reading the books (currently on book 3 so no spoilers please!)


I am absolutely blown away with the series so far - so much depth. Thought I might share in the excitement and love of WoT.


So.... hello friends!


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Hail Gudrean!


So far I have really enjoyed Perrin. I am not sure how his talent for talking with wolves will play out - but I am always interested in his way of seeing things and at least up to this point of "The Dragon Reborn" he is very loyal to Rand.


Also, since we are on the subject of book #3 - I have been kind of disappointed in the way that Mat has started to become. The first two books he seemed the comedic relief, now he seems to be much darker (of course its because of the dagger) but still.....sad.


Same question to you - any favorites?

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Good Day Noah, I would have to say my faves are Aviendha and Nynaeve because I relate to their personalities or rather I "resemble" hehe And Mat I LOVE him all around.


Yes Mat is a bit Dark due to the Dagger at this point. No spoilers so thats bout all I can say right now except you will most likely end up loving him too. Lets chat some time soon about what your currently reading. Gud :aessedai:

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