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  1. Is it any wonder I pick Illian? It is home to the largest port town in the (known) world. Its hot and swampy. Also, with the constant battling between the king and the nines - most people can get on with whatever they want - so it has a bit of a rough edge to it that I enjoy. Fortune Favor You! Oh and its home to the Great Hunt of course.
  2. keep the spoilers to a min. please!!!
  3. Haven't gotten to that point yet, myself. (again just on chapter 15 of book 4) Hop you might be right - after 10 more books of this I may, too, start to roll my eyes over the basis of Rand. To this point - I agree with your comment on , he is my favorite. Only one that I sometimes cannot stand at this point is Egwene and that's only recently. She is getting far to full of herself.
  4. Again- using my other examples ( Harry Potter, Jesus, let's say Frodo.....I'll throw in Tom Sawyer, Robert Langdon of the Da Vinci Code series, King Arthur, David of the Old Testament..... etc) All of the great stories usually (though not always, obviously) have a main character or at least supporting character that has been given a charge without their really wanting to be that, or through various events not of their choosing - are held responsible to carry out some sort of mission. I just don't know why you guys are so upset to the point of sarcasm. I'm not going to act like my fellow Dragonmounters who frankly I am very embarrassed of for acting they way they are on this thread, but at the same time I just have not seen a real honest reason to dislike the character. I guess..... how would you prefer he be written? I say that in all seriousness. I am genuinely interested.
  5. It's a neat thought. I like that idea - however I am always a bit hesitant to accept anything that wiki says. As anyone should be.
  6. I have commented on how I believe Rand is part of an archetype. An archetype that is very common in the Fantasy Genre. Before you rip on how fantasy will never be taken seriously as a Genre - I would be very interested to see how you define a genre that is "taken seriously". Fantasy has always and will always have a dedicated fan base - regardless of how popular media feels about Fantasy - which if you haven't noticed has really gotten on the bandwagon in that regards. Also, as I stated earlier archetypes are common throughout all genres not just Fantasy. In fact all great stories have threads of commonalty within them. I just don't understand your disdain for the character because he is invincible. Although to be honest - he isn't at all. Rand is ( I have only read to book four at the moment)..... stubborn to a fault causing him to be highly suspicious of other characters for not real reason. He is unsure of his abilities in a sadly tragic way. He is scared and terrified of what his future may bring. And yet - to me - completely missing the point that because although prophecy says he will be a certain way, nothing is written in stone - he doesn't realize he is free to make choices - he is not a slave to some prophecy. He has faults. As any character in any book and any story has. He struggles with his power that is - yes, powerful and almighty - this is custom to any book....... any persons real life. In the end, isn't that what anyones reality is - learning, struggling, and finally believing in ones own powers? I don't understand your disdain.
  7. Way to admit I was right about your hero. Here, have some flaming ninja swords :flamingsword: :flamingsword: :flamingsword: :flamingsword: I mean..... Look, if you really don't like the character and would like to engage in a semi-formal debate (and perhaps less sarcastic) slash discussion then by all means lets discuss the finer points of said character. I mean heck - there is an Anti-Egwene thread around here somewhere. If your attempt was to stir the bee's nest you won't really find much here. To me Rand represents the tortured hero/savior. Just as I think Jesus was illustrated in the Bible, just as I think Harry Potter was in his series. It is an archetype. Its not garbage. But I would love to hear your perspective - albeit a bit more pleasant.
  8. My own interpretation of the ying and yang would be a representation of the evil and good within all of us. Wether its an equal battle or one side trumps another, I think is different in all of us. To me the simply illustrates the choices that we make and the struggles within our own heart to do what's right. Personally I love the simplistic nature of the symbol.
  9. But see this is where I would start trending my thoughts towards being completely against the "channeler population" numbers being discussed above this post. I understand where you are coming from saying that channeling is just a genetic trait no different (or at least as you say similar) to those that have left handed, or creative, or extremely good memory. However, channeling is not just another trait. To group it with left handed (freaks that they are ) people is not correct on this point. Channeling is a scripted, definable trait ADVANTAGE. Those that can channel - live longer, heal wounds that would never be able to be by the general population, can be used to get out of tough situations (deflecting Trollocs and Deadmen namely), among other physical, mental, and emotional advantages. I wouldn't juxtapose that trait with those that are left handed. I would tend to compare those that can channel with the modern homo sapiens and those that cannot channel as Neanderthals. Its a bit archaic and rough, (not to mention kinda Red Ajah-ish) I know, but I only mean to point out (at least to my mind) how much more of a physical, mental, emotional advantage I believe Channeling to be. Especially if its a genetic trait I just don't see how there would be such a low population of channelers.
  10. This whole debate of the 1% feels like residual Occupy Wall Street talk. Also- I am midway through book 4 and guys (gals) having never met anyone that even knew about the books I am absolutely blown away with the enthusiasm for just my silly little question. This is awesome! Having said all that - I feel very underprepared to comment on any of this with any real confidence but perhaps.... and maybe this is kind of a weird comment to throw out there.... but as I understand it the number of respectable channelers .... no, even just channelers in general..,during the books is dropping very oddly at this point. So my question centers a bit around this comment made above by Quiet Aiel Without any spoilers if possible - is channeling a genetic "thing"? And if so.... shouldn't most of the population of Randland BE channelers? However, they fall on the scale or not..... natural selection would eventually (over a 3,000 year period maybe not so much) overcome. Those that can channel have an obvious advantage of living longer, healing deeper physical wounds, etc.
  11. Again - whatever theories, comparable historical contexts, and common sense we can deduce on our own, whatever RJ says about the land is law. At this point though, I think there were two conflicting sources as to the population totals....?
  12. yes the dark is tempting but life is to bright to give in. A wise man once told me " You don't know the power of the darkside!". And then proceeded to choke me. So..... I mean.....be careful what ya say - there be darkness all about.
  13. Having read the last few posts to my previous comment - I see where you guys are coming from and I think several great points were made supporting the numbers (or at least the disparity in numbers). Still doesn't seem right to me. I have no problem believing Andor has a much larger population then just about any other nation(s). But I have a hard time believing that much more. Of course..... I'm only up to chapter 4 in book 4 so I am a bloody ignorant lad and will defer to the more educated and more traveled brothers and sisters here.
  14. Its not so much that 10mil for Andor is strange in of itself - its more that the 10mil juxtapose with the surrounding nations of Tar Valon with 700k and the "other larger nations" hovering around 500k at best , seems such a huge disparity in numbers that one would have to ask how could Andor have such excessively high numbers whilst neighboring countries do not even top 1/10th of that? Is Andor that much more technologically advanced?
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