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Dreams of home, ponderings of new lessons to learn


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The wait seemed endless, Fiona sat in a wooden chair, her legs moving over the carpet that lay just in front of her. Her toes lifting the carpet a bit, then dropping it again. How long had she been here? The Aes Sedai had told her to wait, the Mistress of Novices would send for her and discuss her arrival. Until then, Fiona had to sit and wait. She thought of how she had gotten here, the long travel, the long nights she lay awake pondering if this was the right decision to make.


Well, it was not even her own decision. Apparantly the Aes Sedai had found an ability to learn in her that Fiona could not fully understand. Her father had understood, her sister had told her to be good and they had sent her off. Just like that, go train in the Tower child, become an Aes Sedai one day yourself. Fiona shook her head, this was nonsense, of course this had to be a mistake.


She was disturbed from her train of thought by a lovely face, big blue eyes that shone with a pride that Fiona recognized from her sister Erina, the day she married Tendor. That feeling of accomplishment, of knowing this is where you belong. Fiona recognized that glimmer and hoped she could mirror that, but knew that right now she was mostly showing uncertainty with a hint of fear.


“Please come with me child,” the woman said. Fiona stared at her, then rose from her chair as there was no point in stalling. She would do her best, behave and see where this lead and when she would be able to go home again. The woman was wearing a lovely white dress with bands of color, seven colors Fiona noticed, she was in fact staring at the woman’s dress so much she missed that the woman stopped in her trail. Fiona nearly bumped into her, then was shown to a large brown wooden door. “Please enter, the Mistress of Novices is waiting for you.”


A short knock was followed by the word, “Enter,” and Fiona stepped in, looked around and then announced herself with a curtsy. Not sure what was expected of her, she remained standing in the spot right in front of the door. “Hello, my name is Fiona Ashlyn,” she said and waited.

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The day was cool and Valeri pulled her fringed shawl tighter about her shoulders, and Accepted entered the study with a tray. "Mistress Laras sends you lunch Valeri Sedai," the girl said with a neat curtsey. "And there is a girl waiting in the antechamber for you."


Valeri took the tray, "Thank you Mailee, can you fetch the lass here for me please."


"Yes Valeri Sedai" she said with another curtsey and hurried out the door.


Valeri set the tray on her desk and lifted the covering, a bowl of steaming soup with chunks of meat and vegetables swimming in it and a few slices of crusty bread spread with real butter. That Laras truly was a gem. Replacing the covering cloth she pushed the tray aside, it would stay warm until after she met with waiting girl. For now though she brewed a fresh pot of her favourite Saldaean blend of tea and set it back on the table with a pair of Seafolk porcelain cups.


There was a knock on the door and Valeri bade the visitor to enter.


“Hello, my name is Fiona Ashlyn”

"Come in child," Valeri said as she poured tea into the cups, "You may sit there". She indicated the straight backed chair across from her own.

The child was dark-haired and pale skinned - she looked Cairheinin, a little taller than average though. "I am Valeri Kinaea. Mistress of Novices at the White Tower. You may call me Valeri Sedai. How may i help you today child?"

Valeri Kinaea

Mistress of Traditional Novices

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