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Approved WK Bio Skylar - CC'd by FL Soulsuckers Rarrr


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Character Name: Skylar Rain and Cloud


Email address: gamecox5989@yahoo.com


Division: Wolfkin


Physical Description:



Skylar is only 5'4 and about 100 lbs. She is very thin and frail, but tough to the core. She has brown eyes and long dark brown hair. Her skin is very pale. Even her figure is small and trim. All in all, she basically looks like a child that has yet to bloom, even though she will appear to be a beauty once it occurs. Cloud is white/gray and is very small- he is just a young wolfpup of eight weeks.


Place of Birth/Raising: Arien, Andor


Age: 13 years and 8 weeks


Character History:

A clear sky shone over the trees, and yet the rain was relentless. How could it be so bright and blue when the rain was pouring hard enough to flood the ground she stepped on? Light, why did Master Erwin have to hurt his ankle today? Ah, well, it was just the work of a wisdom, and Alexeika never backed down from the challenges, be it from the body or the weather. Now, she was rushing back from his house on the other side of town to her small cottage with the warm fireplace and hot soup on the stove. Almost back, she saw a bundle in the road. A small bundle of red cloth- it looked expensive. Going to it cautiously, Alex forgot the rain around her as she heard a baby’s soft cry. Picking up the bundle, she pulled back the blanket to see a smiling face looking up at her, just a baby, practically new born. “What in the light?†Rushing back to her home, Alex pulled the baby from the blanket and began bundling her up in warm, dry blankets, trying to keep her from catching a cold. She had not known of anyone in town that had birthed a child, and the blankets with the monogram SKY on them certainly held a royal or noble appearance. The poor baby girl... she would have to ask around.


Alex asked around the next day, but no one knew anything. It was as if the child had appeared with the rain. “Skylar... Skylar Rain. That is what I shall call you,†whispered the wisdom as she set her in a cradle. “I guess I will take care of you...â€


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 years later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Alex certainly did try to take care of Sky, but she was more of a sister and friend than a mother. Once again, Sky was by herself, sitting by the stream near the village, just watching the fish go by. She had grown up a loaner in the town, teaching herself to read from Alex’s books and learning medicine, as she had nothing better to do. While other boys and girls her age were out playing, Sky just couldnt help but feel she didnt belong. She never felt she had belonged, expeccially not since she had found the baby blanket just a few days before. How could Alex keep a secret like this from her? It just wasnt right! And who had abandoned her? She had always known she was an orphan, but why would someone able to afford that quality of fabric just abandon a baby in a storm? Light, this was too much for a young girl...


Standing up from the stream, she smelt the fish behind her as they swam along. Mmmmm, fish... Light! What was wrong with her? For the past two months, all she could think of was meat. And she could smell it too. Why, even now, five minutes walk from the Wisdom’s house, she could smell the meet in the soup. Well, there was also potatos and carrots and fresh greens in the pot too, but it was the meat she was interested in. Well, it was getting dark, and she needed to start heading back. Looking around, she waited to hear for any strange noises before walking back. That was another strange occurance over the past month or two. She was slowly gaining better hearing. Not that her hearing was bad before, but she was now able to hear the floorboards creak even though they had never made a noise before. She could hear the mice running along the wall even when there was a roaring fire and rain outside. And her sight... even at night, she could see perfectly well. Perhaps she was cursed with the dark one’s own luck, but Sky couldnt complain. It was kind of fun, like her own secret. Pity no one else cared...


Dashing back to the house, she ran into Alex, who critiqued her for running in the dark. Dinner was lovely and meaty- just how Sky was begining to like it, and she went to bed early. As of late, sleeping was becoming difficult. She kept having these dreams of running with wolves and staring at the moon. Was she going insane? Was it just her own paranoia? Was this why she was abandoned? Perhaps tonight she would sleep in peace...


Closing her eyes, she drifted off to sleep, then heard a voice. ‘Help! Help!’ said the voice. Waking up, Sky looked outside, wondering where that had come from. And then she heard it again, in her mind. Someone was calling for help. Jumping up from the bed, she pulled on her cloak and ran out the door, a small basket of basic herbs and healing instruments just incase. She ran and was almost to the stream from earlier, and the voice was louder. ‘Hurry!’ “Where are you? I cant see you!†she yelled, unable to see anyone. 'Close', and Skylar squinted her eyes and then closed them, following the voice in her head. She suddenly felt something near her, and she opened her eyes and heard a small bark. Looking down, she saw a wolf. “Oh Light...†she whispered, then nodded to herself. He needed her help, even though he was a wolf, and she sank to her knees with the basket. Heal now, ask questions later.


“Where does it hurt?†she asked, reaching out to slowly touch the wolfpup on the head. He rubbed his ears against her fingers and whined softly. Suddenly, she felt as if she could feel his leg and see it, and she looked down, brushing her fingers over it. The leg was indeed bleeding, and there was a flap of fur off. “How did you do this?†she asked, and he whined again as she brushed her fingers over it. All Skylar got was a whine. She cleaned up the wound before wrapping it up. Collecting the wolfpup in her arms, she carried him back to Alex’s house. As they got near, the wolfpup stopped snuggling closer and instead wanted to fight her. ‘No,’ and she saw an image of a two-legger. Wait, no, a human. Skylar nodded, knowing that she honestly didnt want to go back in either. She never belonged in that place. “Then, I shall stay out here with you.†She sat on the ground and cuddled the wolfpup in her arms. “My name is Skylar,†she whispered, and she saw a picture. A bright white fluffy cloud. "Cloud?" The puppy snuggled closer in her arms, as if nodding, and Sky drifted off to sleep.


Awaking the next morning to licking on her face, Skylar giggled as Cloud was ready to bounce around. `Crazy pup`, she thought, and heard what sounded like a laugh. ‘Crazier two-legger.’ Skylar laughed until she realised that had been in her thoughts. `How?` Cloud just stared up at her. Skylar rose, setting the pup on the ground. `Family?` Cloud looked away and then took a few tender steps before laying down. ‘alone.’ Skylar nodded. `Same.` And that was when she made her decision. She was running away. `Wait here.`


Dashing inside, she saw that Alex was already gone, and Skylar began collecting her things. Grabbing a few herbs and healing items, she placed them in a small bundle. Changing her clothes, she wore her breeches and then pulled on her best dress. The shirt with the breeches was what she wrapped the healing items in. A knife she wore at her belt, and she grabbed a few coins from the desk, hoping Alex would forgive her. She wore her boots and tucked her slippers in the bundle. Now grabbing the baby blanket, she carefully folded it, then penned a note to Alex, saying she just had to leave.


So now, with only a few possessions and her new friend, Skylar set out to face a brand new world. A brand new world that only had opportunities.

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Hmmmm...i think Lei and i got our lines crossed on this.I thought she was going to post it, obviously she thought i was. Anyway i have posted it as approved and only needs ccing now. So yes we have two new members in the Wolfkin this week.



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ummm, ok! and i have to thank the lovely DL and my RP coord buddy, Shawn, for some awesome help on the bio! And I need to thank Andular, my wonderful Gaidin DL for kicking my booty to write it! And I need to thank my boyfriend for being my muse and giving me inspiration to write!


btw: im not a WK guru, so im gonna need ALOT of help on writing a wolfkin person

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