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Sound of 2012 - It's a Knockout (Winner: Niki & The Dove)


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I am combining the longlist of 15 artists as released by the BBC on 5th January 2011 with the Band's "It's A Knockout" contest for the latest theme. I have never used this theme for the contest, nor do I know what to expect from the 15 artists. So anything could happen! I am not going to post any details about the artists - just a link to one of their songs.


"It's A Knockout" will be of longer format this month. As there are 15 ties, the winning artist (Michael Kiwanuka) gets a bye into the 2nd Round.



"It's a Knockout" - Format

For those of you who have not been involved with a "It's A Knockout" thread before, the rules are quite simple. The Band of the Red Hand is DM's travel, music and eating out Social Group, and "It's a Knockout" is a knock out competition to find out the winner of any chosen category - this time, it's the artists to watch out for in 2012. Each day, 2 of 2012's biggest new artists will be posted, along with a link so you can listen to the song if you do not know it, and all you have to do is post which of the 2 songs you prefer. After a day, the votes will be counted, and the winning song will progress to the next round, until we only have 1 song left as the winner at the end of the competition - which will be crowned the Band of the Red Hand's best new artist of 2012! It's very simple, so I look forward to seeing you getting involved!


So without further a-do, let the competition begin!

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Please Note: The numbers in brackets refer to the top 4 seeds.


Round 1


1. Michael Kiwanuka (1) - BYE

2. Spector beat A$AP Rocky (4-0)

3. Flux Pavilion lost to Niki & The Dove (0-3)

4. Dry The River beat (4) Skrillex (3-0)

5. Azealia Banks (3) lost to StooShe (0-3)

6. Ren Harvieu lost to Dot Rotten (1-2)

7. Lianne La Havas lost to Friends (0-2)

8. Jamie N Commons beat (2) Frank Ocean (4-0)


2nd Round


1. Michael Kiwanuka (1) lost to Spector (1-3)

2. Niki & The Dove beat Dry The River (4-0)

3. StooShe beat Dot Rotten (4-0)

4. Friends lost to Jamie N Commons (1-3)




1. Spector lost to Niki & The Dove (1-4)

2. StooShe lost to Jamie N Commons (1-4)


3rd/4th Play-off


1. Spector beat StooShe (2-1)




1. Niki & The Dove beat Jamie N Commons (2-1)

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1. Michael Kiwanuka (1)

Chosen song: Home Again



2. Spector

Chosen song: Grey Shirt and Tie



3. A$AP Rocky

Chosen song: Peso



4. Flux Pavilion

Chosen song: Bass Cannon



5. Niki & The Dove

Chosen song: DJ, Ease My Mind



6. Dry The River

Chosen song: No Rest



7. Skrillex (4)

Chosen song: First Of The Year (Equinox)



8. Azealia Banks (3)

Chosen song: 212



9. StooShe

Chosen song: Betty Woz Gone



10. Ren Harvieu

Chosen song: Through The Night



11. Dot Rotten

Chosen song: Are You Not Entertained



12. Lianne La Havas

Chosen song: No Room For Doubt



13. Friends

Chosen song: I'm His Girl



14. Jamie N Commons

Chosen song: The Preacher



15. Frank Ocean (2)

Chosen song: Novacane

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Round 1, Tie 6




Ren Harvieu

Chosen song: Through The Night






Dot Rotten

Chosen song: Are You Not Entertained



Voting ends Tuesday 17th January 2012 at 9pm (GMT)

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